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Chaos Killed recording new album

February 11, 2012
By MARK J. MILLER - Staff writer ( , The Herald-Star

STEUBENVILLE -The members of progressive rock band Chaos Killed said writing new material for an album is not something they do in a day.

The band's material, with its shifting time signatures, organic, oddball and sophisticated harmonies and obvious influences such as fellow prog-rock bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, is making waves with its original vision. In an area filled with nu-metal bands, Chaos Killed is different, more like a West Coast band than three young men from Colliers.

Members Josh Revels, drums; Josh Jenkins, guitar and vocals; and Anthony Rees, bass, know they and their music is different, but they are determined to go their own way.

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The progressive rock band Chaos Killed has been busy in the studio recording its newest album “Singularity” at Mike Ofca’s Innovation Studio in Steubenville. The Colliers-based band includes, from left, Josh Revels, drums; Josh Jenkins, guitar and vocals; and Anthony Rees, bass.

"Someone called us pop-prog," said Jenkins, adding he thought that was a pretty good description of the band's muse.

The band has been busy recording its new six-song EP "Singularity" at Mike Ofca's Innovation Studio for the past week and hopes to complete and release the EP before summer. Jenkins said the three are musically in sync with another, as he and drummer Revels have been playing together for several years.

"Revels and I met back in middle school," said Jenkins. "I met bass player Rees through a cover band we were both in. It's been three years since we've been writing songs. We've already recorded an EP with six songs called "Blame it on the Birds."

Jenkins said the band takes a long time to compose its cohesive, complex songs, and the band's music sounds like it.

There are no wasted notes, no pretensions and the band's ensemble work is tightly knit. Crafted during weeks of revisions and changes, Jenkins said the band's first recording showed a natural progression.

"We would write a song, go in and record it," he said, adding the songs are a constant work in progress. "You could see the natural progression from song to song. We don't set out to do that with the songs- they just become that way. They are really flexible."

Jenkins said the band is especially excited about the recording of "Singularity," which they all said had exceeded their expectations.

"It's a concept album, but it also can relate to something in your life," said Jenkins, adding he thought the new material was "cohesive. That's what it's all about. We're hoping to record at least six songs every year."

"We just really want to make an impact," said Revels. "We feel we do have an original sound."

"I first heard them at the end of last summer," said Ofca, adding the band's lyrics were "deep and thought-provoking. I loved the band. They are a great live band. I'm glad they are finally doing it."

The band's newest material will be available on iTunes and For information, go to or e-mail

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