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Real Estate transactions

March 23, 2011
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Joseph Waligura to David Waligura, 90.601 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Betty Haught to Stacy DeNoon, 0.2621 acre, Salem Township.

John Saggio (deceased) to Mario Saggio, part lot 22, Beall & Steele Addition.

True Sun LLC to Karrie Kinest, lot 12, Hollywood.

Jay and Veronica Smith to Jay Smith, lot 2, Banfield Improvement.

John and Ruth Hellock to John Hellock, part lot 66 and lot 65, Forestview.

Fannie Mae to John and Theresa Dellar III, lot 74, Walton Acres No. 2 (survivorship).

Rev. Edmondo Stabene (deceased) to Frances Fante, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Dawn Smith to Bruce Smith, 0.181 acre, Warren Township.

Patricia Martin to Casimir Adulewicz, trustee, lot 174, Manhattan.

Madeline Bruzzese (deceased) to Joseph Bruzzese, lots 89-90, Manhattan.

Homesales Inc. to Dimitri and Frances Koenig, 0.2479 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Francis and Linda Wenthur to Charles and Theresa Moore Jr., metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Margaret Kolopajlo (deceased) to Paul Kolopajlo, metes, Island Creek Township.

Charles Soto to Charles Soto and Sharon Davidson, lots 6-7, Brady Estates (survivorship).

Michael and Donna Vanvoltenburg to Loren Cutri, lot 19, Bickerstaff.

Michael Regoli to Rosemarie Regoli, lot 1, Medilla Second.

John and Margaret Hinerman to Margaret Hinerman, 0.5 acre, Steubenville Township.

Homesales Inc. to Christopher Clapham, lot 41, Walkers Addition.

Jennifer Brown and Jessica Brown to Michael Piciacchio, lot 15, Co-Op Transit Co.

Rose Bottegal (deceased) to Marlene Bottegal, trustee, lot 189, Becker Highlands.

Marlene Bottegal, trustee to Marlene Dumbola, trustee, lot 189, Becker Highlands.

Betty Earley (deceased) to Ronald Earley Sr., lot 92, Dixon Heights.

Steubenville Board of Education to Benjamin Wade II, 8.26 acres, Steubenville Township.

Double M Tree Farms to Matthew Bordash, 3.0001 acres, Island Creek Township.

Diana Shelburne to Charles and Elaine Sciarra, lot 208, Becker Highlands (survivorship).

Anthony Mining Co. to David and Marilyn Mosti, lots 2-3, Cara Place Subdivision Phase 1 (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Louis Giannamore Jr., 7,040 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Aldo and Susan Canestraro to David Hazel and Xiao Huang, 0.3274 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

John Zmavec (deceased) to Dorothy Zmavec, lots 161-162, Medilla proposed.

Ruth Grunewald to Matthew and Alyson Burress, lot 21, Country Club Estates.

Donald Heiss and Robert Nicandro to Richard and Catherine Petrella, lots 9-10, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

Shirley and Gary Ogden to Hugh and Lisa Lasater III, part lots 96 and 98, Carr's Addition (survivorship).

Lloyd and Virginia Carothers to Christopher Sasak, 0.254 acre, Smithfield Township.

Margaret Staley to Eric Nelson, 28.286 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Joel Walker Sr. (deceased) to Shirley Walker, lots 8-9, Bickerstaff.

Rev. Edmond Stabene (deceased) to Frances Fante, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Jack W. Banyas (deceased) to Jack R. Banyas, 1.5 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Joseph and Christina Hillman to Phillip and Martina Herrlein, lot 37, Charlestown Subdivision (survivorship).

Bruner Land Co. to Andrew and Sadie Bungard, 10.381 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Howard and Mary Corder to Joshua and Margaret Corder, 15.6922 acres, Wayne Township.

Ronald and Penny Shane to Eric and Casey Griffin, lot 79, Upland Park Subdivision (survivorship).

US Bank to Housing and Urban Development, part lot 5, James Dawson Subdivision.

Fred and Sandra Deiderich to Thomas Hutter, lot N, George Myers Subdivision.

James and Delona Rice to George Williamson and others, lots 21-22 and part lot 23, Mariedale proposed.

Daniel and Claudia Abramowicz to Christin Jungers, lot 42, Parkdale Subdivision.

Janet Upchurch to Marion Smith, 0.0754 acre, Steubenville Township.

Barbara Menedez to Village of Mingo Junction, 0.018 acre, Steubenville Township.

Parkvale Bank to Antonio and Aurora Zaguirre, part lot 125, Robert Clark's Second (survivorship).

Linda Davis and others to J&S Rental Properties, part lot 12, Pleasant Heights.

Lynn Perry and others to James and Wilma Kough, 2.226 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Joseph Toto to Ruth Toto, metes, Smithfield Township.

Beverly Tkalcevic (deceased) to Steve Tkalcevic, lot 143, Westwood Estates.

Steve Tkalcevic to Bryan and Amber DAurora, lot 143, Westwood Estates (survivorship).

Shawn and Jodi Hughes to John and Terri Falasca, lot 179, Walton Acres (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to John and Barbara Walker Jr., 0.972 acre, Knox Township.

Fannie Mae to Harbour High Yield Fund, lot 159, Ross Park Realty.

CitiMortgage Inc. to Money Line Mortgage, part lot 82, Original Irondale.

Housing and Urban Development to James and Brenda Colabelli, 0.33 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Gary and Tina Weldon to Wells Township Board of Trustees, 0.3077 acre, Wells Township.

Russell Francis (deceased) to Collean Francis, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Jeffrey and Hope Williams to Robert and Rhonda Howell, lot 3, Glendwell.

Eugene Giannamore (deceased) to Norma Giannamore, lot 9, Country Club Village.

Fannie Mae to David Molesky, lot 68, Dixon Heights.

Donna Carnahan to Abby Biddle, lot 1, Maplewood Estates No. 1.

Robert and Penny Prolago to Dennis Robinson, lot 380, Wright Addition.

Carol Porter to Jodi Henning, lot 117 and part lot 118, David Spaulding Second.

Rose Klipich (deceased) to Babara Green, lot 2, Banfield Improvement.

Charles Allen (deceased) to Linda Tubbs and others, lots 5-7, Banfield Improvement.

Louise Hairston (deceased) to Mary Hairston, lots 299-300, Silver Stream Knolls Addition.

Mary Phalen to Lee Ann and Matthew Adamsky, lots 142-143, Upland Park First Allotment (survivorship).

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