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Second round of demolition bids opened

April 29, 2008
By DAVE GOSSETT, Staff writer
STEUBENVILLE — A local demolition firm was the apparent low bidder during the latest bid opening for the demolition of dilapidated structures.

RSV Inc., owned by Steve Vukelic, entered the low bid on nine of the 16 properties listed by the city for round two of the 2008 demolition program.

City Manager Bruce Williams has not yet awarded the demolition bids pending a review by his staff.

RSV Inc. was one of seven companies participating in the demolition bid opening recently.

The city opened and awarded demolition bids last month to have 16 dilapidated structures taken down.

Eight contractors entered bids for the March demolition projects.

The latest list of demolition projects include structures at 263 N. Ninth St., 218 N. Tenth St., 423 N. Fifth St, 319 S. Seventh St., 312 S. Seventh Street Rear and 314 S. Seventh St. Rear.

Also on the demolition list were 417 and 419 Smith St.; 1411 Plum St.; 363, 365 and 356 Summit Ave.; 707 Pine St.; 1437 and 1439 Pennsylvania Avenue; 1528 1/2 Euclid Ave. Rear; 446 Spring Ave.; and 1244 Sinclair Ave.

According to Williams, “this is the second year for the demolition program. I was instructed by City Council last year to borrow up to $1 million for a major demolition campaign. As we start this year’s demolition campaign, we have approximately $470,000 left for the work.”

“We already have more buildings to list for the next round. We will move forward on the next list,” said Jim Ferris, Steubenville’s building inspector.

“It’s good when there is interest in our program and some competitive bidding,” he added.

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