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’Bears sweep relays as season winds down

April 26, 2008
By MIKE MATHISON, sports editor
WELLSBURG — As track’s second season begins this week with the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference championships at Shadyside and Bellaire, things started to shape up Saturday at the annual Wendy’s Brooke Relays.

Indian Creek senior Michael Smith took the boys high point honors with victories in the 100 (11.43), 300 hurdles (40.07) and high jump (6-feet). Steubenville freshman Taja Lawson and earned the same honor for the girls with wins in the 100 (12.87), 200 (27.05) and was a part of the winning 4x100 (54.54) and 4x200 (1:47.46) relay foursomes.

“Taja, once again, did a great job,” said Steubenville coach Jason Kernahan. “She’s amazing.

“Our girls ran great. One girls who I thought did a good job today was Quay Johnson. She had a great week of practice. She was sick early in the week, but came back and had a great day today.”

Oak Glen swept the team competitions.

The boys finished a comfortable 43 points ahead of Big Red while the girls slipped by Steubenville by seven points and Big Walnut by 17¢ points.

“I think our distance girls have really stepped up,” said coach Diane Wells. “It used to be where the pressure was on the sprinters, now it’s just a total team effort. I couldn’t ask any more of them.

“What we strive for and what we talk about in the big meets is not necessarily first and second, but third, fourth, fifth and sixth. We’re trying to score two girls consistently in each event.

“When it comes full circle as a team, we’re always in the hunt.”

Indian Creek sophomore Chelsea Furda gave another strong performance, winning the 1,600 (5:44.25) and came back to edge Oak Glen’s Annah Cashdollar in the 800 by 1.12 seconds when she was clocked in 2:30.75.

“I was able to challenge myself a lot at the end,” Furda said of her race with Cashdollar. “I like to stay behind girls, but I knew I had to get out because she’s a really good runner.”

Furda likes to hang back in the pack as a regular part of her race strategy. She had to change that in the 800 after she was boxed in during the third lap of the 1,600. As a result, her third lap was slower than the other three.

“It’s not good when you get boxed in,” she said. “I felt I should have done a lot better. My time could have been so much better because I felt good today.”

The OVAC Class AA/A championships will be held on Wednesday and Friday at Shadyside. The Class AAAA/AAA will be contested on Thursday and Saturday at Bellaire.

“I am really excited for next week,” said Furda.

“Our second season starts Thursday,” said Kernahan. “I think we have to make a couple of little adjustments on some things, but I think we’ll be OK.”

“The important part of the season is coming up with the OVACs and regionals,” said Madonna track coach Bob Kolanko.

“We have to fine tune some handoffs and work on some starts,” said Wells.

West Virginia will run its regionals the week after OVACs and will be in Charleston for the state meet on May 16-17.

Ohio will hold its district meets the week after West Virginia runs its state meet. That will be followed by regionals and then the state meet in Columbus June 6-7.

The Oak Glen boys continued its march toward competing for a state meet team championship by capturing the 4x100 (45.09), 4x200 (1:31.81) and 4x400 relays (3:41.29) and taking second in the 4x800 (8:42.33).

The Golden Bears should be atop the list in the West Virginia Class AA rankings with their 4x200 performance. They already have the best time in the state in their class in the 4x100.

Both foursomes consist of Ethan Smith, Derek Burch, Jacob Porter and Drake Compton, who won the 200. Oak Glen also got wins from Griff Halstead in the 800, Matt Ritchie in the long jump and Nicco Mills in the shot put.

The Madonna boys team scored 17¢ points.

“The boys are constantly improving,” said Kolanko. “They had a long way to go when they started and they’re getting there now. Most of those guys had never run track before. I am pleased with their progress.”

Big Red’s Teresa Kovach ran well in the 3,200, holding off Oak Glen’s Alex Hauser to win in 12:26.60. Teammate Arabia Littlejohn won the 400 in 59.74.

The Steubenville girls also won the 4x400 relay.

“Overall, the results were good today,” said Kernahan.

Oak Glen’s Heather Robb won the 100 hurdles (16.44) and Edison freshman Keely Drabick edged older sister Kara in the 300 hurdles by .04 seconds.

As is also the time of year, all teams are battling injuries that make juggling the lineup an every day occurrence.

“I am hoping these injuries we have aren’t going to be nagging,” said Kernahan. “Hopefully, we can get through them this week and be ready for Thursday and Saturday.”

“We have some injuries we’re dealing with right now,” said Kolanko. “Jessica Murray is out. We might have her back by regionals, which is what we’re hoping for. We’re having to shift a lot of girls around. A girl who has never run the 4x2 was thrown into it today and she ran it well. Our 4x1 has completely changed in the last couple of weeks because of injuries.

“What’s impressed me most right now is our shuttle hurdle team. We’ve put three new girls in their in the last couple of weeks and they’ve really come along well.”

Bellaire Relays

Catholic Central’s Dan Cook finished second in the 100 meters in 11.0 during Saturday’s 54th Annual Bellaire Relays, sponsored by the Big Reds Touchdown Club and Burger King.

The Crusaders’ Mark Gilloon took second in the high jump at 6-0. Danny Schlich finished fifth in the 3,200 in 10:29.0.

Central’s 4x200 relay team took fifth in 1:36.6 and its 4x800 relay quartet took home a sixth-place finish in 9:01.8.

On Thursday in the girls portion of the meet, Central junior Bernadette DuBois finished first in the 200 (26.4) and 400 (1:02.0) and was a part of the winning 4x400 relay team (4:20.3).

Teammate Jane Clare Vosteen continued her good high jumping with a winning 5-2 effort.

She defeated Harrison Cental sophomore Erika Skinner by missing less jumps. Skinner took first in the 3,200 in 12:35.7.

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Wendy’s Brooke Relays

at Brooke High School


Oak Glen 133.5, Steubenville 126.5, Big Walnut 116, East Liverpool 54, Edison 45, Brooke 43, Indian Creek 32, Madonna 24

100: Lawson, S, 12.87; Setiz, EL, 13.44; Johnson, IC, 13.58; Thompson, BW, 13.64; Trinone, OG, 14.09; Cowart, EL, 14.17. 200: Lawson, S, 27.05; Thomas, S, 27.29; Temple, OG, 27.89; Missman, BW, 28.29; Ustaszewski, BW, 28.54; Johnson, IC, 28.70. 400: Littlejohn, S, 59.74; Temple, OG, 1:00.30; Abrams, BW, 1:03.26; Deem, EL, 1:03.73; Ayers, OG, 1:05.52; Johnson, S, 1:05.97.

800: Furda, IC, 2:30.75; Cashdollar, OG, 2:31.87; Wise, B, 2:38.31; Bogantz, BW, 2:38.42; Ayers, OG, 2:43.50; Kintner, BW, 2:47.55. 1600: Furda, IC, 5:44.25; Brubaker, BW, 5:49.59; Green, BW, 5:50.17; Kovach, S, 5:59.41; Shaffer, OG, 6:01.48; McIlvain, EL, 6:01.71. 3200: Kovach, S, 12:26.60; Hauser, OG, 12:33.07; Shaffer, OG, 12:50.92; McIlvain, EL, 13:11.65; Bogantz, BW, 13:15.36; Schnurr, BW, 13:25.23.

100 hurdles: Robb, OG, 16.44; Biondillo, M, 17.16; Seitz, EL, 17.57; Sullivan, EL, 17.76; Haught, OG, 17.88; Yoest, BW, 18.01. 300 hurdles: Ke. Drabick, E, 51.76; Ka. Drabick, E, 51.80; Griffin, BW, 53.11; Pugh, S, 53.45; Mazezka, OG, 53.83; Beebe, IC, 54.31. Shuttle hurdles: Oak Glen 1:14.76; Madonna 1:16.05; Big Walnut 1:16.50; East Liverpool 1:18.01; Brooke 1:20.40; Steubenville 1:20.42.

4x100: Steubenville 54.54; Big Walnut 54.90; Brooke 54,84; Oak Glen 55.03; East Liverpool 57.43; Madonna 58.86. 4x200: Steubenville 1:47.46; Big Walnut 1:51.53; Brooke 1:55.25; Oak Glen 1:55.87; Madonna 1:59.55; East Liverpool 2:01.37. 4x400: Steubenville 4:17.63; Oak Glen 4:18.81; Big Walnut 4:19.92; Edison 4:36.63; Brooke 4:38.48; East Liverpool 4:41.00. 4x800: Oak Glen 10:24.25; Big Walnut 10:36.01; Brooke 11:01.10; Steubenville 11:24.16; East Liverpool 11:51.01; Madonna 12:18.73.

High jump: Kelly, BW, 5-2; Pendergrast, S, 5-2; Ke. Drabick, E, 5-0; Beebe, IC, 4-10; Seitz, EL, 4-8; Zak, BW, 4-8. Long jump: Evans, BW, 15-1; DeStefano, B, 14-4; Yoest, BW, 13-10.5; Crowe, S, 13-7; Orrico, EL, 13-6; Willis, S, 13-2.5; Westling, OG, 13-2.5. Shot put: Emfinger, OG, 33-1; Bake, E, 31-4; Woofter, OG, 30-7; Murphy, S, 28-9; Perry, EL, 28-6; Walton, S, 28-5. Discus: Woofter, OG, 108-2; Murphy, S, 100-1; Bake, E, 94-3; Emfinger, OG, 93-4; Beattie, S, 91-10; Dennis, B, 87-6.


Oak Glen 153; Steubenville 110; Edison 82; East Liverpool 81.5; Brooke 69; Indian Creek 54; Madonna 17.5.

100: Smith, IC, 11.43; Smith, S, 11.61; Burch, OG, 11.69; Deter, M, 11.88; Watkins, WL, 12.06; Quarterman, EL, 12.13. 200: Compton, OG, 24.08; Motley, S, 24.36; Porter, OG, 25.29; Kendrick, M, 25.42; Ludwig, WL, 25.42; Watkims, EL, 25.56. 400: Motley, S, 51.72; Halstead, OG, 52.25; Decker, E, 52.77; Taylor, S, 53.41; Ludwig, EL, 55.59; Webb, EL, 55.64.

800: Halstead, OG, 2:10.98; Provenzano, B, 2:11.41; Culp, EL, 2:13.61; Boyer, EL, 2:18.68; Gray, B, 2:20.85; Gaughn, S, 2:22.95. 1600: Provenzano, B, 4:44.99; Allen, E, 4:50.47; Boyer, EL, 4:51.06; Hines, S, 4:58.89; James, OG, 5:14.98; Thornberry, EL, 5:37.18. 3200: Allen, E, 10:55.02; Hines, S, 11:09.25; Densmore, EL, 11:18.89; James, OG, 12:47.15; Barnhart, B, 14:00.60; Delong-Ralston, E, 14:25.75.

110 hurdles: Nutter, E, 16.09; Szpyrka, OG, 16.50; Cutri, S, 16.52; Butler, EL, 18.00; Nixon, S, 18.29; Kocher, B, 19.59. 300 hurdles: Smith, IC, 40.07; McFarland, B, 40.37; Szpyrka, OG, 41.13; Wilson, E, 42.70; Butler, EL, 43.39; Mitchell, S, 43.42. Shuttle hurdles: Brooke 1:00.80; Edison 1:01.61; Steubenville 1:02.33; Oak Glen 1:04.86.

4x100: Oak Glen 45.09; Steubenville 45.18; Brooke 45.30; Edison 46.47; Madonna 59.0; East Liverpool 1:00.0. 4x200: Oak Glen 1:31.81; Steubenville 1‘:32.53; Brooke 1:34.67; Edison 1:41.41; Madonna 1:46.26; Indian Creek 1:49.59. 4x400: Oak Glen 3:41.29; Steubenville 3:45.69; Edison 3:45.83; East Liverpool 3:50.85; Indian Creek 4:16.48; Madonna 4:52.01. 4x800: East Liverpool 8:32.50; Oak Glen 8:42.33; Brooke 9:25.64; Indian Creek 9:33.51; Edison 9:42.80; Steubenville 10:03.45.

High jump: Smith, IC, 6-0; Ritchie, OG, 6-0; Morelli, IC, 5-10; Jones, B, 5-10; B. Wilson, E, 5-8; Butler, EL, 5-8. Long jump: Ricthie, OG, 20-1; Foster, EL, 18-8.5; N. Wilson, E, 18-2; Gilbert, S, 17-9; Smith, OG, 16-11.5; Morelli, IC, 16-7. Shot put: Mills, OG, 40-9.5; Mosser, IC, 38-8; Owens, S, 38-5; VanDyke, OG, 37-0; Strovilas, E, 36-5; Blair, EL, 36-4. Discus: Gregory, S, 147-6; Mills, OG, 112-0; Boyd, OG, 111-0; Mackall, EL, 109-4; Macon, S, 108-3; Strovilas, E, 103-3.

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