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Sterling banned for life by the NBA

April 29, 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation....

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May-02-14 2:13 PM

Greddysdead - The problem with your comment is that you are not holding anyone accountable for anything, just blaming one group (which you are obviously not). The lack of respect for each other (including race) in America is the problem. Everyone points fingers saying one group needs to change. ALL groups need to change and address the disrespect that has taken over this country. Obama being elected really brought out hidden feelings in some and ages of demonstrated racism/hate has brought it out in others. Just as you stated for blacks to open their wimpy mouths about ALL RACISM, don't you think that should stretch across all races.

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May-02-14 2:05 PM

Rsimpson - YOU come from that breed as sterling. YOU have your stereotypical opinion of blacks and try to defend this ignorance with your own. YOU only chose to interpret what you heard. He said BLACKS and not men. Now, you are outraged with Oprah and what she said. Are you EQUALLY OUTRAGED when Bill Mahr (WHITE), said that the flu would take care of the old racist. I am sure you know what the means. STOP trying to defend ignorance unless you are just like them. HOW THE TAPED LEAKED IS ANOTHER STORY. SOMEONE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT, BUT IT BROUGHT OUT A RACIST. We are in a different time where you can get caught saying what's on your mind through social media. Don't be stupid and fall for it. Just like the anti-American Cliven. I guess you agree with him too.

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May-01-14 12:02 PM

@Killaville If you had listened to the entire conversation then you would know Mr. Sterling was trying to reiterate to this girlfriend that she's reflecting poorly on him by bringing a parade of different men in front of his colleagues. The entire context of the conversation was aimed at her not portraying herself as a sl ut anymore at the games or online. This outrage from the community is laughable considering there's no outrage about the amount of gang violence in Chicago where hundreds of children are murdered because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was no outrage at Oprah for saying old whites need to die. There's no outrage when black celebrities make racist comments about whites. This is hypocrisy at it's best. Oprah belongs in the same category as Sterling, PERIOD! You're failure to realize this speaks to your hypocrisy. One racism against ALL races is brought up then it's a conversation worth having until then it's a joke.

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May-01-14 11:52 AM

@TOMSAYS Racism in ALL FORMS has no place in this country but those like yourself like to think blacks are the only race that faces racism. Realistically whites are victims of violent racism induced crimes far more often than blacks. Whites rarely, if ever, receive justice because the federal hate crime specification is rarely filed. How many white victims of the knock out game were there yet not one perpetrator was charged with a hate crime. One white boy does it and he's charged with a federal hate crime. Dozens upon dozens of white people were victims of violent racist physical attacks after Trayvon Martin's case yet the media barely touched it and not one was charged with a hate crime although the guilty parties specifically said they targeted white people. I'm so sick and tired of the "woe is me I'm a victim of racism? attitude from the very people excusing, minimizing, and condoning racism against whites. Unless you're ready to denounce racism against ALL then shut your mou

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May-01-14 8:03 AM

typical black double standard reactions, any black celebrity can say anything about any white and it means NOTHING , go to a comedy club and see a black comedian, it will be filled with the horrid N word, and put down on whites, No problem at all, if there's NO place for racism as these moronic comments insist, how about opening your wimpy mouths about ALL RACISM!

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Apr-30-14 8:32 PM

Simpson, he does indeed that the right to eloquently espouse stupid, hateful, racist speech. No one took that away from him, no charges filed, no court appearance. The organization, that he belonged to and made his bread and butter from, knows that racism has no place in it. Hence, he was banned for life. America's farmland, towns and cities, our clubs and churches and fraternities are pulling themselves up and out of the subtle and not so subtle race baiting pool. That kind of talk and that kind of attitude has no place in this country. It isn't illegal, but it is simply abhorrent. BTW, calling a woman a sl ut, is in the same category. That language is just like racism, in that it attempts to demean another just because of inherent differences. In this case those of gender. Put that word on Sterling because although Stiviano is single, Sterling is married. So who is the <---- insert derogatory word here.? It's a shame that Sterling's attitudes were tolerated by the NBA for so l

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Apr-30-14 10:04 AM

@Rsimpson43952 Please, So I guess Sterling telling his girlfriend not to bring Magic Johnson to any of his games reflects his fear of being victimized by "young black thugs" as you call it. Don't try to downplay and twist the situation. Sterling is a RACIST flat out. This is just the first time he has had to answer for his racist actions

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Apr-30-14 5:18 AM

Racism & Hate for Black people has no place in this country. Sterling got what he deserved. The whole Republican Party deserves the same treatment for their racist policies of voter intimidation to prevent blacks from voting. Sterling is one of their finest billionaire contributors.

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Apr-29-14 3:37 PM

I don't agree or condone what was said but he has the right to say it. I guess freedom of speech only applies when it goes along with popular opinion. Where was this outrage when Oprah said old whites need to die? From what I heard of the conversation it wasn't about Sterling having an issue with blacks but rather an issue with the girlfriend being a sl ut. The majority of violent crimes are committed by young black "thug" men so don't act surprised because society as a whole is cautious and weary around those who portray themselves as a thug. That's not racism it's looking out for your own safety. Blacks regularly target whites in violent hate crimes yet the media barely touches the subject. If a white person is a victim of a hate-crime the charge is misdemeanor ethnic intimidation, if anything at all, whereas if a black person is the victim it's a federal hate crime. Racism in any form shows how misguided and ignorant that person is but this hypocrisy is getting old.

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