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Raise wages for poor workers

April 27, 2014

To the editor: It seems that there are always those who begrudge the poor working class a raise, then give any number of false reasons as to why it doesn’t deserve one....

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May-06-14 3:08 PM

Other Effects of Minimum Wages The congressional Joint Economic Committee published a major review of 50 years of academic research on the minimum wage in 1995.33 The study found a wide range of direct and indirect effects of increased minimum wages that may occur. These include: Increasing the likelihood and duration of unemployment for low-wage workers, particularly during economic downturns;

Encouraging employers to cut worker training;

Increasing job turnover;

Discouraging part-time work and reducing school attendance;

Driving workers into uncovered jobs, thus reducing wages in those sectors;

Encouraging employers to cut back on fringe benefits;

Encouraging employers to install labor-saving devices;

Increasing inflationary pressure;

Increasing teenage crime rates as a result of higher unemployment; and Encouraging employers to hire illegal aliens

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May-06-14 3:05 PM

.... Evidence of employment loss has been found since the earliest implementation of the minimum wage. The U.S. Department of Labor's own assessment of the first 25-cent minimum wage in 1938 found that it resulted in job losses for 30,000 to 50,000 workers, or 10 to 13 percent of the 300,000 covered workers who previously earned below the new wage floor.

Nearly two-thirds of the studies reviewed by Neumark and Wascher found a relatively consistent indication of negative employment effects of minimum wages, while only eight gave a relatively consistent indication of positive employment effects. Moreover, 85 percent of the most credible studies point to negative employment effects, and the studies that focused on the least-skilled groups most likely to be adversely affected by minimum wages, the evidence for disemployment effects were especially strong.

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May-06-14 3:01 PM

core, I understand how people with no job skills and poor work ethinc would want to believe that a false minimum wage is good.

But it isn't true. Here you go, some great information. I must warn you, there is some math.

The Negative Effects of Minimum Wage Laws downsizinggovernment(dot)org/labor/negative-effects-minimum-wage-laws

The main finding of economic theory and empirical research over the past 70 years is that minimum wage increases tend to reduce employment. The higher the minimum wage relative to competitive-market wage levels, the greater the employment loss that occurs. While minimum wages ostensibly aim to improve the economic well-being of the working poor, the disemployment effects of a minimum wages have been found to fall disproportionately on the least skilled and on the most disadvantaged individuals, including the disabled, youth, lower-skilled workers, immigrants, and ethnic minorities.....

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May-05-14 9:01 PM

Oh I bet the whole city of Seattle will be broke and in desperation in no time flat.

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May-05-14 11:51 AM

I do also, May123. That's why my standard tip is 20%. For two people at $15 each, that's an additional $6 from one table. If the waiter/waitress has only 3 tables an hour, that's an additional $18/hr they can earn.

I do deduct for terrible service, and I have been known to increase that percentage for exceptional service.

If the restaurant charged more, the price of our meals would go up proportionally, they would get less business, and they would have to lay off wait staff, or possibly close all together, and everyone would lose their jobs.

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May-05-14 11:35 AM

I feel bad for the wait people in the restaurants. The owners of the restaurants count on the customers to pay the waitstaff there wages the owners pay very little

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May-04-14 4:27 PM

Why do those on the left argue that increasing the minimum wage will create more jobs, when the truth is the exact opposite? This from the administration's own CBO. You don't hear the Dems talking about this on the liberal news.

Raising US minimum wage 'would cost 500,000 jobs' telegraph(dot)co(dot)uk/finance/jobs/10647856/Raising-US-minimum-wage-would-cost-500000-jobs.html

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Apr-28-14 4:20 PM

Mr. Buck you don't make much sense. You first blame Reaganomics and say it doesn't work but in next paragraph espouse Reaganomics's trickle down economics. Make more spend more. You can't have it both ways. First thing you are wrong about is raising the wage and the time it takes for the higher wages to have an effect. Raising min wage has an immediate effect on the company.

Fast food jobs and other non skilled labor jobs are not meant to raise a family or live on they are entry level jobs so a person can learn then get the better jobs. Get real Buck. The only job I ever lost was when the Min. Wage was raised and I got laid off

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Apr-28-14 2:00 PM

tom, if $15 an hour is good, wouldn't $20 an hour be better? Or better yet, make the minimum wage $50 an hour. That would be great! folks would have lots of money to buy all kinds of stuff.

Humor and illogic aside, wages are determined by the market. If you don't want to work for Walmart at minimum wage (which is NOT the going Walmart wage, by the way), DON'T GET A JOB AT WALMART! Get a job somewhere else, or start your own business and pay yourself $25 an hour.

If your work ethic (we do know folks who lack that, don't we?), skill level and/or lack of education can't get you better, it is not right for you to dictate to those who DO have a great work ethic, who DID learned a skill, who DID get an education, who DID work long hours to build a business, how much they should pay their workers. Their workers are paid what their skill level is worth, and what the market bears.

If you don't like that, start your own business and pay your workers whatever you wish.

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Apr-28-14 10:00 AM

Justin, I have a good life, I can support my family, pay a mortgage, have a car, etc... I make Just over $20/hr. When you raise min. wage to $15/ hr. you have for the most part cut my wages to $12/ hr. How do you feel about that one. People with little or no experience should not make the same as good experienced workers. Justin, you obviously know noting about running a business, or how the economy works outside of a classroom.

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Apr-28-14 6:00 AM

$15 an hour is hardly a living wage, but what we pay now for minimum wage is a CRIME! Better the Waltons make many billions at Walmart on the backs of workers rather then pay a fair living wage. Not in my book - a living wage minimum wage is way over due.

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Apr-27-14 4:01 PM

Really, Justin, you make it seem so easy. Businesses are closing all over America, and raising the cost of their labor will only speed up that process. Even McDonalds profits are dropping, 5% in the first quarter of 2014. Just think what doubling their cost of labor would do? For one, they would have to lay off thousands of workers and raise prices, which would hurt the poor and those on fixed incomes.

Sears and JC Penney's are almost out of business. Raising the cost of their labor would probably close them down for good, costing tens of thousands their jobs. And that's just two companies and their employees who would suffer tremendously.

Unintended consiqeences.

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Apr-27-14 3:06 PM

I agree, Justin. Sounds wonderful.

Please start a business, pay top wages, free healthcare, great benefits, pension, no experience or education necessary. Pay yourself the same wage as your employees, to be fair.

Please post where and when we can apply.

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