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Belardine sentenced to 10 days

April 23, 2014

STEUBENVILLE — Matthew Belardine, who was indicted by the special grand jury investigating aspects of the Steubenville rape case, was sentenced to 10 days in jail on Tuesday for allowing underage......

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Apr-28-14 11:54 AM

Seriously Colkrause, yes I am puking, you continue to go and on forever. Take a look at your daily comments. Also, please take my advice and get a life. It appears that this rape story is the only thing going in your miserable, stinking, existence. ROLL RED ROLL

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Apr-24-14 4:25 PM

If you are puking right now..............................

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Apr-24-14 4:24 PM

Guess what Rape is a crime, etc etc etc.

You suggest I get a life. I live a good life. I have paid my dues as a child, a parent, worker, and now I have an opinion about this case and whether any of you like it or not; I don't care.

Two teens who were convicted, faced their music; you adults( I presume) refuse to see that the teens were victims of the stinking attitude that some in the area have. To suggest that people are picking on poor little Chicago because they cannot beat them in a silly sporting contest is nutzo.; and Mr. Belardine is paying by sitting in jail ten whole days?????? WOW!!!

Adults were totally the blame here

Who needs to get a life here? Sit at your computer in front of a mirror; look yourself in the eye and honestly tell me that adults DID NOT mess up here.

If you can do that; you really need help.

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Apr-24-14 3:31 PM

TomSays is a scumbag. Please tell me what causes a person to sink to such a low level?

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Apr-24-14 10:17 AM

@greddysdead--Really, ppl are jealous of Big Red football? Get over yourself. FYI, the other cases you mentioned had people charged for their rape and, unlike the Steubenville case, no one lied, or tried to cover-up evidence. Adults in the Steubenville case failed. Period.

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Apr-24-14 7:08 AM

Amazing how the neighboring areas of the city all so eager to point fingers and call names, and are so sympathetic for poor little innocent jane doe, when an infant contacted a sexual disease from an adult , it barely made the news, why? because the whiners couldn't blame it on steubenville. a girl got raped near Wintersville Stadium , DID you see and scum bag remarks to Wintersville? if rape is rape? what happened to either of these two rapest? you don't know do you? could care less because they can't give you a chance to run down the city. your all hypocrites, I don't even live in Steubenville, or went to Big red, but it's so obvious the mouths are from school areas, as Brook, wintersville, that because they can't beat big red, in football they can nerve up and ridicule them with childish comments. even though none of you have the guts to admit you could care less about jane doe, you want to destroy Big Red ,No, I am not going to read your stupid gutless reply's, !

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Apr-24-14 5:18 AM

Matthew Belardine is a Stupidville Scumbag! The judge should have given him the maximum sentence for supplying the alcohol to the Rapist Big Red Football Scum to show this dead jobless economically depressed city who's only outlet is their Big Red Rapist Football Team what "Rape is Rape" means. Jane Doe deserved better justice then what she got.

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Apr-23-14 9:39 PM

With that smile on his face I'm thinking he's probably thinking "whew" that wasn't so bad..The whole mess just makes me sick. I think there's a lot of people that said "whew" we got away with that one.. But karma will win out.

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Apr-23-14 5:25 PM

I gotta agree with automan260 here. If I see Colkrause's comment on more time, I am going to puke. Get a life.

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Apr-23-14 5:18 PM

The first comment made IS the problem.

Rape is a crime.

Contributing is a crime

Perjury is a crime.

Obstruction is a crime.

Who would be envious of Big Red? I admit sports maybe important to some people; it really isn't to most.

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Apr-23-14 5:14 PM

First off, if I was accused of any crime, especially as dumb as this one; I would never ever smile in a court room, especially if I could see a camera aiming at me. Just saying.

Next of all; you are right it is not able Big Red as a school; it is not about the darn good kids that go there; its not about the kids that have made mistakes; I believe its about the stinking attitude of people who think the system was after them.

Its about adults who refused to face the music. Adults that allowed their children to duck their responsibility. No one wants their kid in trouble, but when they are bailing them out is the last thing that should have happened.

Coaches, administrators, school board I expected more.

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Apr-23-14 3:57 PM

I like the comments from people that have no idea what truly happen. They are laughable.

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Apr-23-14 12:06 PM

AUTOMAN ? you are pretty quick to come to the defense of this POS...are you aware of the fact that it isn't Big Red that people are so upset about, it's the special treatment that all these people are getting.Let's see if YOU ever get to phone in your testimony if you get arrested.

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Apr-23-14 11:01 AM

Some things never change. BigRedEnvy is rampant and for those of you commenting that have NEVER made any mistakes in life, send me your info so I can call the Pope and have you added to his list for Canonization. Get a life.

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