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Edison deserves a ‘yes’ vote

April 13, 2014

To the editor: I originally shared this as a Facebook post following the final home football game vs. Indian Creek on Nov. 1. Our levy failed on Nov. 5 by only 16 votes....

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Apr-17-14 5:22 PM

I am not positive, but is the teachers contract up next school year ( contracts should be up in summer months so teachers can't hold parents hostage.) If the levy passes is it going to a big salary increase for teachers then administrators?

Vote No!

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Apr-17-14 2:20 PM

Hey it's only 57 cents a day for the owner of a $100,000 home. What can you buy for 57 cents? Not a Lot.

However, 57 cents a day equates to slightly more than $200 per year.. What can you buy for $200 .... - Will pay for 1 high school sport at Edison - Will most likely pay for the consumable fees and parking pas for 1 Edison high student - will buy new tires for the Edison high student who has to drive to school - will partially pay for the car insurance for the Edison high student who has to drive to school

I guess 57 cents a day does buy some things that are not required in other school districts in the area.

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Apr-15-14 7:48 AM

Also, if we did just send some students to other school districts, first, who decides which children go and which stay? The school districts square mileage goes down again downing the amount of federal monies we receive...still adding up to tax dollars required by the people. An area's future is it's youth. In areas where taxes are not passed, property values generally do go down....and you can say, well, people will just move away... There are people saying they can't pass a tax to support this area's children because they can't afford it...but I'm sure those same people have the money to move away? I'm sure they'll have such an easy time selling their homes to be able to afford to do such a thing. I mean, who wants to move to the Edison area anyway, right?

I believe that you are a smart person, I don't want to argue with anyone. I just want to encourage those who haven't to do some research. This decision shouldn't be a simple one for you, please educate yourself about it.

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Apr-15-14 7:35 AM

Give you one example of a person who moved to Edison because of the schools? I DID! You people don't seem to understand how good you have it! I moved to the Edison Local School District and enrolled MY child at John Gregg because after researching the elementary schools in my area, John Gregg was a heaven send. The classes WERE smaller, there was no cell phone usage (and YES believe it or not where I come from the children ARE using cell phone service in elementary school), the teachers actually seem to care, and I felt at home. So, there is ONE example of how someone moved to Edison for the schools. I'd hope I didn't have define dissolve for you, but since I do: Dissolve-3.break up: to break up into smaller or more basic parts, or make something do this. NO school district is to big to close, a business can't run in the negative and stay open. It will DISSOLVE into the other already open school districts absorbing their taxes.

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Apr-15-14 12:43 AM

Blah, blah, blah, Yohman. Please give me one, just one single instance where people actually move to the Edison local district because of the schools. Give me one example of how property values increase because of the school. Edison will not be dissolved. Consolidated or downsized perhaps, but dissolved into what? They aren't going to close the district, it's too big! They took away bussing already. Who is going to be charged with getting it back if this passes? Who is going to pay the taxes? The retiree that is on a fixed income? They will pack up and leave. How about moving some students to Toronto, some to Indian Creek, a few to Big Red, and keep Edison with a smaller staff?

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Apr-14-14 10:24 PM

First, the state does NOT have any more money for us than they already provide...the amount of money we get is based on the amount of students in the district per square no won't change that.

Secondly, we aren't voting yes so our kids don't have to pay to play sports or have transportation, while those things are nice, we are voting yes so we continue to have a school district. If you can't find it in yourself to vote yes now, and pinch the very few pennies you'd actually have to pay, we eventually will be absorbed into another school district where the children will be required to travel further and you'll end up paying more tax any way. By letting the levy fail, you are hurting our children, our Property values, and the future of this area.


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Apr-14-14 5:59 PM


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Apr-14-14 5:57 PM


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Apr-14-14 2:14 PM

If you are "FOR" or "Against" the levy....

Make sure you get to the polls....

Don't let this levy get passed or defeated without a great turnout at the polls.....

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Apr-14-14 9:59 AM

"Education is worth pinching a few pennies for" Let's examine that statement. For who is it "worth it?" If I have the choice between feeding my family and my child playing sports, I'll choose to feed my family EVERY SINGLE TIME. You people in the Edison district need to wise up, and get tough, and when they get tough, you need to get tougher, otherwise, you'll be eating the dog for dinner while your neighbor that is a teacher will drive up in their new car and ask you where your dog has been.

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