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Opportunity should be denied

April 13, 2014

To the editor: It is my understanding that Steubenville High School, my alma mater, could be put in the position of deciding whether to allow Ma’lik Richmond, the convicted rapist who just spent 10......

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Aug-16-14 4:22 AM

joejoe45750, What don't you understand about: "He's done everything he's been asked to do". The kid deserves a second chance. I am looking foreward to attending the games this season and wish Mr. Richmond the best.

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Aug-14-14 12:47 AM

This rapist should not only be banned from football, he should b banned from returning to school. A rapist ruins a 16 yr old girls entire life and only receives 1 year in some cushy juvenile group home. And that's supposed to b punishment. Then once released they let this rapist play football again. Why not just give him a medal, maybe some cash and a car. A nice scholarship to college! All along this poor girl continues to suffer!! I guess in Steubenville sex offenders are allowed around schools.. Attention sex offenders move to Steubenville,, you won't get in trouble, you'll get rewarded

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Apr-16-14 12:17 PM

May123 -- I'm still hopefull that Ma'lik will be able to play football this fall.

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Apr-16-14 11:56 AM

All you people think about is Football!!! Big Red this and Big Red that!!! Disgusting!!!!

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Apr-16-14 10:00 AM

Daniel 2014 Thanks for telling me that I am a smart dude - I already know that, that has been proven time and time again. I still am hopeful that Ma'lik will be able to play football.

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Apr-15-14 11:55 PM

Ma'lik paid his dues to the law, but he hasn't paid nothing to the community. He should be shunned by the whole community a pariah.

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Apr-15-14 11:57 AM

@stuebenvilleman... Yea, let's let the rapist go on with his life because he "paid his dues" but let's not think about the victim who has to live with the actions he committed for the rest of her life. You're a smart dude.

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Apr-14-14 9:59 PM

I would like to see Ma'lik play football. It sounds like he served his time and paid his dues. Why not let the young man move on with his life?

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Apr-14-14 8:56 PM

He who is without SIN cast the first stone.....period. Do I agree with him being allowed to participate in high school sports, NO. My only reason would be that it would again become a national issue and another black eye. Some of you "so called" christian still want to persecute this individual. He has paid for WHAT THE LAW GAVE HIM. Move on and let go and Let God. In his best interest and the school, I do hope that he does not pursue participation AND an alternate means of completing his education. NONE of you are perfect nor pure, even at your ages now. As stated, Let Go and Let God.

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Apr-14-14 12:17 PM

The comment you made about Jane Doe making money off of being raped is exactly what I mean by idiot comments making all of us look bad. If she is consulting with Brad Pitt on the movie then I give her kudos. I'm happy to see her moving on with her life as should you be. What do you expect her to do curl up in a ball in the corner of her room for the rest of her life? I suspect it will be an empowering experience for her and after the*****she was put through I'm sure it's well needed. I do agree that he shouldn't be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activities especially sports. Rapists shouldn't be allowed anywhere near where children are, period, EVER! It does seem as though his lawyer is trying to portray him as a victim although what he personally thinks I have no idea. I do think portraying him as a victim in this is ridiculous. Thousands of people have had rough childhoods yet they didn't turn into rapists because they drank some alcohol with friends.

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Apr-14-14 12:03 PM

This is to R. Scott... What made you say Jane Doe spoke with Pitt? What source are you getting this from that I'm not? Am I missing something or are you just make false accusations? Did you speak with Mr. Pitt or Jane Doe herself?

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Apr-14-14 10:03 AM

I'm disappointed that Ma'lik Rapemond is even allowed in a public school. Children, (like the woman he raped) attend school there. Isn't he supposed to be banned from such places.

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Apr-14-14 5:41 AM

Letting Ma’lik Richmond, the convicted rapist, participate in Big Red sports would just continue to show exactly how bad the SCUMBAG City of Steubenville really is. He should be in prison and spending the next 30 years there. He's a RAPIST for God's sake who was old enough to know better.

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Apr-13-14 9:13 PM

R.Scott Well I have to say I agreed with your letter until you got stupid at the end. Where did you hear that Jane Doe contacted Brad Pitt? I would love to know. See people like you run their mouth when they have no clue what the*****their talking about. Very sad comment you made. You should be proud of yourself.

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