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Crosses back at Stratton building

April 8, 2014

STRATTON — The crosses are back on the village’s Municipal Building, at least for now. Two crosses currently grace the building’s facad....

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Apr-11-14 12:32 PM

In a pluralistic country like the United states, where the constitution starts, "We the people...", where the motto used to be "E pluribus unum", out of many, one, where the people pride themselves on freedom and equality... Why do so many American Christians think they should get special privileges? Why do so many American Christians hate the US constitution with its promise of separation and state. Why is this mayor so gung ho to waste his communities money to fight against the US constitution to give his religious sect special recognition?

I really don't understand American Christians who want to turn their country into a theocracy. Look at other thocracies around the world... it really doesn't work out well when that happens.

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Apr-11-14 10:58 AM

Talk about cherry-picking, Hagrid. At the same time, the Supreme Court in McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky (2005) ruled AGAINST the 10 Commandments, stating there was a "religious purpose" behind prominently displaying them in the courthouse. In Austin, the 10C's were part of 17 monuments and 21 historical markers on 22 acres of land. Clearly the Easter Crosses fit under the Kentucky ruling and should be removed.

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Apr-10-14 10:15 PM

Here's a more resent case:

Van Orden v. Perry, 545 U.S. 677 (2005), was a United States Supreme Court case involving whether a display of the Ten Commandments on a monument given to the government at the Texas State Capitol in Austin violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The Supreme Court ruled on June 27, 2005, by a vote of 5 to 4, that the display was constitutional.

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Apr-10-14 9:30 PM

Separation of Church and State v. City of Eugene (OR) 1992; United States Court of Appeals,Ninth Circuit wrote: "There is no question that the Latin cross is a symbol of Christianity, and that its placement on public land by the City of Eugene violates the Establishment Clause. Because the cross may reasonably be perceived as governmental endorsement of Christianity, the City of Eugene has impermissibly breached the First Amendment's 'wall of separation' between church and state."

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Apr-10-14 9:24 AM

Tommiddlemansays ----------- I guess they like wasting taxpayer money defending a lawsuit they can not win because the US Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter.

Never happened, wrong and misleading as usual Tom. Why don't you post the court case/cases so we all can see. We will be waiting.

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Apr-09-14 9:58 AM

SarahV- Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution. As to the Constitution, it does not create a a separation of church and state. That phrase, or phrasing like it, do not occur in that document. The Constitution stipulates that Congress can neither require us to adhere to religion nor prevent us from adhering to religion.

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Apr-09-14 9:41 AM

We all know how this issue got started and who the main "complainant" was/is. It's a shame that his life is so miserable that he has to cause hate and discontent in the entire Ohio Valley. HE should be pitied rather than criticized. Happy Easter, and may God Bless you David.

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Apr-09-14 8:26 AM

tomsays: "1st amendment says religion shall not be part of the government."

Show us where it says that.

Then tell us why religion bothers you so much. We never see you jumping out about any other amendment, do we? You don't support the Second, ever. We never see you speaking out against illegal searches.

How about the 10th? Limiting the powers of the federal government (including the executive branch)? Nothing there, either.

It is only religion, and you feel the need to interpret the First Amendment rather than taking it exactly as it stands.


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Apr-09-14 5:32 AM

1st amendment says religion shall not be part of the government. What don't these fools understand to rehang them crosses in Stratton. I guess they like wasting taxpayer money defending a lawsuit they can not win because the US Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter. If you are Jewish, Muslim, Atheist etc. - Stratton just stuck a stick in your taxpaying eye.


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Apr-08-14 9:59 PM

For years, not months, not days, YEARS these have hung. GO AWAY and leave this small village alone. You people have no lives so you want to ruin that of others. STOP, leave them alone. In essence you're nothing more than BULLIES. Just because they picked on Steubenville some little person thought they would register a complaint to see what they could stir.... You don't like those crosses? Close your eyes while you're packing your bags to move out because they should stay and YOU should go!! Just saying.

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Apr-08-14 9:39 PM

Everyone should read the Constitution, especially the First Amendment.

It says absolutely nothing about separation of church and state. It allows for the free practice of religion. The ONLY restriction is that government cannot make any law establishing a religion.

Please explain how putting crosses on a government building is creating a law establishing a religion.

Me thinks the Holy Spirit/Gabriel is working on these folks, and it scares them.

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Apr-08-14 8:10 PM

SarahV wants us to follow Jefferson's words, ? Jefferson's words were strongly against slavery, but he OWNED hundreds of slaves during his life? he obviously was a hypocrite , but morons as SarahV use him as an example for their personal beliefs.

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Apr-08-14 7:48 PM

SarahV , you must be so proud of yourself, really concerned about the constitution ? are you so paranoid to actually believe a cross on a wall will make anyone seeing it religious? is that your goal in life? I personally do not believe in the bible or think a cross is meaningful, but I would rather let them put up a cross anywhere they want than crawl out from under a rock as you do and make them take it down because of my childish, selfish reasoning!

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Apr-08-14 5:57 PM

The Supreme Court ruled 25 years ago in Allegheny v ACLU that purely religious displays by government (such as nativity scene) are illegal, especially during holidays. The US Constitution established a wall of separation between church and state in Thomas Jefferson's words. Please respect the Constitution and take down the crosses.

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Apr-08-14 5:53 PM

mkhunt: You are free to tell your children whatever you want about Christ all on your own, yes? No atheist is bullying you to prevent that and never would. However, government (i.e. public funded) has no business promoting your particular religion. Those Christian crosses never should have been mounted on that building in the first place, but donating them to a church sounds like a perfect solution. BTW, 'under God' was only added during the 1950s and is not part of the foundation of this country. Educate yourself.

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Apr-08-14 4:22 PM

It is very sad that there are people who want to deny Christ in a country "under God" The other crosses are not visible as such but are the burdens we bear every day including bullying atheists.If we do not tell the children about Christ and salvation they will be at the mercy of commercial exploitation which includes hard drugs..look at the problems and pray and then DO SOMETHING.

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Apr-08-14 2:43 PM

The whole area knows who complained. There is an organization that fights this kind of thing pro bono and has a very good success rate. Keep the crosses up and let the trouble maker go you know what.

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Apr-08-14 12:09 PM

Amazing that in the USA we go with majority decisions ,but here's a small group of morons that have no useful goals except to cause trouble, Please leave the crosses up , if these jerks want them down, let them come and take them down!

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