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November can’t come soon enough

March 9, 2014

To the editor: Here’s a review of the valley amigos’ hero, some of the quotes from the most feared man in Lilliput. “I didn’t set a red line in Syria.” “We’ll create shovel-ready jobs....

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Mar-09-14 8:46 AM

Another Faux News Watcher - not to be believed! His HATE for President Obama is so mis-directed. I'll be he uses the N-word to describe African American people as well. I feel sorry for this bigot.

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Mar-09-14 9:11 AM

Do you know that Fox News ratings are way above the liberal news, and their viewers numbers almost are equal to all the other news viewers combined?

Perhaps you should give it a try yourself and end your anti-information routine.

Think for yourself, man. The leftie gods won't strike you down, honest.

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Mar-09-14 9:13 AM

Oh, if you did watch Fox News, you could better discuss the issues in the letter, instead of simply dismissing the facts.

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Mar-09-14 10:40 AM

Tomsays, do you know how stupid you look by claiming racism is the reason for this letter? Grow up dude. Obama has ran this country further into the toilet and faster than could ever have been imagined. I'm absolutely tired of whiners like you claiming that anyone that does not agree with Obumma is a bigot. I hate Obama because he is a phony, a fake, an idiot son of Kenya, a terrorist loving commie that wants to destroy this country.

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Mar-09-14 11:39 AM

Right back at you, me a truth in this letter!

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Mar-09-14 2:16 PM

There is so much missinformation, statements taken out of context, outright lies and distortion in this letter it is imposible to respond to. That was the the tactic Mitt Romney used in the first debate with Obama. That is actually a debating tactic called the Gish Gallop, where you put out so many lies your opponent can't argue them in the alloted time. They like to brag about Faux news ratings, they have ratings because Faux doesn't report (news) it tells people the version of the news their uneducated viewers want to hear. You get more real news reporting on The Daily Show on Comedy Central than on Faux.

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Mar-09-14 2:21 PM

So what does November have to do with anything? Even if the Rethuglicants take the Senate they can't do squat.

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Mar-09-14 2:57 PM

Some Republican quotes "deficts don't matter"Dick Chenny",I looked into Putin's eyes" George W Bush,"Bin Laden is a freedom fighter" Ronald Reagan",Iraq has weopons of mass destruction" to many to list, For every 3 dallars in tax cuts I will take 1 dollar to strengten Social Security, Gearge W Bush, I am not a crook, Richard Nixon, "Read my lips I will not increase your taxes" George H W Bush, just a few of them

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Mar-10-14 6:21 AM

Oh my! That letter was just... beyond words. I am truly saddened by the depth of hate displayed.

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Mar-10-14 9:38 AM

bKnees, Where is the hate? Don't see it. Remember when people were calling Bush an idiot? OR claiming he was stupid? Was that somehow any different than the dislike for Obama?

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Mar-10-14 3:55 PM

Ohiodem: "Iraq has weopons of mass destruction"

Are you aware that dozens of democrats made that statement long before Bush was in office? Kerry, Clinton, Reid,

Obama did claim that the attack in Bengazi was because of a YouTube video. He even sent Rice out to push the lie on at least 5 news programs.

His IRS head is pleading the 5th to not incriminate herself, and likely Obama.

Cutting the deficit in half, closing Gitmo, getting us out of the wars, were they lies, or simply incompetence? What about the NSA spying? Perhaps if he went to a few security briefings, he might be better informed, you think?

Please, ohiodem, tell us you are not that ignorant of history. Please.

"Even if the Rethuglicants take the Senate they can't do squat."

Oh, contraire. For one, they can stop Obama from illegally breaking constitutional law.

ohiodem, perhaps if you watched Fox News, like the vast majority of cable news watchers, you would be better informed.

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Mar-11-14 9:22 AM

All mainstream news channels are saturated with spin at this point. MSNBC and Fox are at the same deplorable level. This is the inevitable result of a 24-hour news cycle. Competing for ratings and profit leads to pandering leads to unreliable trash and pack journalism all over TV. This is why young people are watching comedians like Stewart and Colbert for their news. The entire cable news system has become such an obvious farce that the next generation of leaders is literally resorting to watching satire comedians for most of their information about current events. What a pathetic state of affairs.

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Mar-11-14 9:24 AM

The point is, Fox talking heads do just as much damage as MSNBC talking heads. If one media pundit is better informed than the rest of the wizards, they certainly aren't showing it.

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Mar-11-14 2:26 PM

hiredgeek, do you have examples? Perhaps if you show us a few, we can better understand your claim.

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Mar-11-14 7:20 PM

Our president is flying Air Force One to New York for a $32,000 per seat Democratic fund raiser at a private home at a cost to the taxpayers of $1,200,000.

I don't think we will get our money's worth.

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Mar-11-14 7:22 PM

Senator Einstein ((Democrat) is terribly upset that the CIA may have spied on congress.

She wasn't at all concerned that you and I are being spied on by the NSA.

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Mar-11-14 7:40 PM

Our president doesn't have time to attend security briefings when an international crisis is brewing, but he does have time to go on a wacky comedy show.

Wake UP America!

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Mar-12-14 11:18 AM

Alex Sink, a big supporter of ObamaCare, who ran on the issue down in Florida, was soundly defeated. We can expect other Democrat candidates to run from ObamaCare in November.

Too bad they didn't turn away based on what the voters see in it, rather than their own self interests. That speaks volumes for why they should not be elected. They are obviously dumber than the voters.

Well, except for those who vote for their free stuff.

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Mar-12-14 3:27 PM

REAL NEWS (for those who don't watch Fox News):

WSJ/NBCNEWS POLL: Obama hits new low...


NATIONAL JOURNAL: Republican wave looks more likely...

GALLUP: Americans not concerned about climate change, immigration reform...

900,000 Obamacare 'enrollees' still haven't paid for coverage?

Another blizzard targets Midwest, Northeast... RAPID FREEZE: Temps to drop 40 degrees overnight... Wicked winds warned... (Darn Global Warming!)

NYTIMES: Two wanted brothers funnelled $90k to re-elect Obama...(Obama REFUSES to turn them over to Equador!)

UPDATE: Poll Worker Who Voted Multiple Times For Obama Released From Prison Early...

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Mar-13-14 8:57 AM

Hey did anyone see rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on the news today? She seems to think that our country and it's founding document The Constitution is 400 years old. LOL!!! No doubt she attended a public school.

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Mar-13-14 12:35 PM

RPG0340, you are obviously racist.


There are folks dumb enough to elect this dumb person into office.

She makes laws that govern us, folks!

Wake UP America!

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Mar-13-14 12:52 PM

Did you hear Obama threatened to veto the bill requiring him to obey our nations's laws? Can you believe it?

Yet there are still folks who defend him.

More news:

Dems in disarray over Obamacare...

President's pitch to young people relies on bogus math...

SCRAMBLE: White House exempts healthcare law from 'sequester' cuts...

THRILL IS GONE: Chris Matthews Concedes Senate to GOP...

Ducks Starve to Death on Frozen Lake Michigan... (Darn Global Warming!!!)

Obama just quietly suspended ObamaCare’s individual mandate until 2016

Sebelius admits ObamaCare will cost MORE, not less (What happened to the $2,500/yr savings our president promised us?)

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Mar-14-14 1:11 PM

I truly wish that the left would dispute the statements here instead of simply saying Fox News lies or that the person that made the statements is a racist! Remember Dragnet? Just the facts? Please take a deep breath, think about what the person actually said and not what you wanted them to say and THEN make your comments. I know that you won’t because you lack the integrity required to do so but at the very least think about this. How may right leaning host exist on MSNBC, CNN, HLN and every other leftist news organization? Now look at FOX News, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, and now even JAMES CARVILLE!!!! FOX News has many, many more left leaning commenters and contributors on the air every day than ALL of the left leaning news organizations allow right leaning commenters and contributors combined! I know you lefty’s will NEVER change your minds because you place your ideology first and your country and fellow Americans second just as our President has done again and again

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Mar-15-14 2:00 PM

Liberals on forums, message boards, or any other online discussion venue are all the same. They blame Bush, Fox News, Big Business, or something else for all the ills of the world. In reality, liberals and democrats are the root cause of most of the problems. Democrats are the most racist, least intelligent group of people on the planet.

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Mar-15-14 4:05 PM

Try to think of one major city with slums that has not historically been run by Democrats.

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