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Education key to our growth

March 2, 2014

To the editor: February was Black History Month and, for a clear understanding of our nation’s history, we must acknowledge that blacks and whites have played pivotal roles in ensuring our freedom......

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Mar-07-14 3:37 PM

Tomsays, take away the murder of 6 million people and starting a world war and Adolph Hitler would be a poster child for a 2016 democratic presidential bid.

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Mar-07-14 3:36 PM

Tomsays, you should be ashamed of your lack of knowledge. The KKK was started by a democrat. Robert Byrd was a democrat. Lyndon Johnson, was a flaming bigot, and a democrat. Woodrow Wilson, a democrat, was the son of a Confederate Chaplin showed a pro Klan film in the White house and then commented that it was true. Democrats are racist, they implement social programs that destroy the family, (especially black families) so that they keep blacks bonded in modern day slavery where they only work one day a year, ELECTION DAY so they can vote to continue their forced servitude.

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Mar-05-14 11:05 PM

tomsays: "Bigots & Racists abound in the USA today."

Condoleezza Rice was just refused to speak at the ultra-liberal Rutgers University by the super-leftie faculty and students.

Racist? Yes.

War on Women? Yes.

Close-minded? Absolutely.

Homophobes? Possibly that, too.

Will tomsays call these folks out?

Now, that's funny right there.

Liberals are only concerned about rights when it suits their own causes and beliefs.

Hypocrites? Their actions answer that.

"They continue to cut taxes so that the rich get richer and the poor fall farther and farther behind."

tom, are you aware that nearly half adults in this country pay NO income tax, yet enjoy the benefits of the many things the rest of us pay for? Even worse, many folks get HANDED money that others work for?

I'm sure you are aware that a progressive income tax is a key plank in Karl Marx's Communist Manifestoo, correct?

America, these folks just can't help exposing themselves.

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Mar-05-14 10:56 AM

I suppose something can be said about the overwhelming amount of black men who choose not to have an active role in their children's lives but again that is a testament to how they were raised. It is no secret, if you allow you child to immerse themselves in the "gangsta" culture they will sooner or later emulate what they see and hear on tv and the radio. "Gangsta rap" glorifies not only criminal but also immoral behavior. Seriously, listen to the lyrics that are pumping into your child's head day after day and if then you still wonder why they've become a failure then you're just as dense as the idiot rappers they're looking up to.

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Mar-05-14 10:48 AM

to their male co-workers. Is it fair? Of course not but you don't see the majority of women out there giving up and continuing a family legacy of career welfare assistance citing workplace prejudice as the reason for doing so. Predominately poor blacks, on the other hand, do cite workplace prejudice as the reason for their failures and far too many people accept those excuses as fact instead of encouraging higher education and holding the individual accountable for their own actions and lack thereof. Republicans are not racist, even making that statement shows just ill-informed some people really are. Racism will always exist, that is just the way it is however racism can't hold anyone back only the individual can hold themselves back. There is absolutely no excuse for choosing not to continue one's education other than pure laziness. Anything else is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. My parents would have never accepted an excuse, that's the difference.

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Mar-05-14 10:36 AM

I'm sick and tired of hearing the EXCUSE racial inequalities hold back young black men. Even our own president made remarks about being followed around in stores solely because he was a black man. Having a store clerk follow a patron around to prevent theft is not unique to black people. Poorer people in general are treated unfairly, with prejudice, whether they're white, black, Mexican, Chinese, etc. It just happens to be that there are more poor blacks than any other race. Now, that is not the fault of some imaginary white man holding down blacks but rather the individuals who chose not further their education and chose not to contribute positively to society. We have a black president and millions of successful blacks in our workforce proving that anyone, regardless of race, can become successful as long as they're willing to put in the hard work and EARN it. Women face prejudice in the workplace, still to this day women earn on average just cents on the dollar compared

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Mar-04-14 9:51 AM

In response to TomSays, and many other frequent commenters I've seen here: enough with the partisan politics. Why must every single issue become a battle between left and right extremes? If you start out every comment by attacking left- or right-wingers, I'm forced to conclude that your perspective is narrow and over-simplified. If you have a true understanding of a topic you can make an argument for or against it using facts and evidence to back up your claims. If you don't have an understanding of the topic and you're just here to sling mud, take it elsewhere.

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Mar-02-14 10:58 AM

Bigots & Racists abound in the USA today. They are know as the Republican Party! They continue to deny those who are poor the right to a proper education. They continue to cut taxes so that the rich get richer and the poor fall farther and farther behind.

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