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Backlash over ad understandable

February 23, 2014

To the editor: Why all the fuss over Coca-Cola’s multilingual “America, the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial? Why, when there’s so much else to worry about? Well, here’s why: Many of us get i....

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Feb-27-14 2:45 PM

I agree 100%, Castle. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

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Feb-27-14 5:26 AM

It's fine that they showed so many different types of peoples; that's what America is, and always has been, made of. My problem is, that we are one nation, with one language, not one nation with many languages. Our motto is "E Pluribus Unum", "From Many, One". Our ancestors came to America for the opportunities, and wanted to be a part of it. All you have to do is look at old pictures of immigrants at Ellis Island, smilingly waving American flags to see that. To say anything different is just revisionist nonsense. Yes, they started in their own neigborhoods and such, because they needed each other, to learn to assimiiate. The newer ones learned from the one who'd been here longer. We, today, may look at them as ghettos, but the fact is, that was how they helped each other acclimate.

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Feb-24-14 12:00 PM

Oh well, at least the land is beautiful and we must be committed to the careful stewardship of it. Purple mountains majesties, ... sea to shining sea.

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Feb-24-14 9:12 AM

I'm well aware that not all Muslims are terrorists but the reality is the majority of terrorists are Muslims. Muslims who immigrate here should expect a bit of apprehension from Americans for it is they who have something to prove not us Americans. If someone from another country wants to come here to America then they need to learn our language, customs, and beliefs. It is a slap in the face to come here, apply for citizenship, and in the same breath denounce Americans. The reality is, if immigrants, especially Muslims, aren't happy with the way Americans treat them they can go back to where ever they came from. We didn't want them to come here, they wanted to come here so they need to show us the respect we deserve. That's the same as asking someone for help, receiving that help, and then complaining about the manner in which the help was bestowed. This is America, if they don't like it they can GO HOME! All American citizens should be proud Americans FIRST!

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Feb-24-14 9:03 AM

I couldn't agree more with this letter. I didn't watch the commercial in question because I'm not a football fan and think there is far too much attention focused on Super Bowl commercials. The money spent on just one football commercial could and should go to help our veterans who are homeless and living without the basic necessities of everyday life or to help feed the hungry and starving right here in America. I agree with author concerning immigrants especially since 9/11. I come across people from all walks of life and am disgusted with the way Americans are expected to respond. Muslim terrorists attacked us numerous times, not just on 9/11, as well as numerous other countries. It is only natural that Americans would be weary about Middle-Eastern Muslims yet we're expected to go out of our way to prove we're not racist. It has nothing to do with racism it has to do with the fact Muslim terrorists have heinously murdered countless innocent people.

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Feb-24-14 2:37 AM

Why don't you get the heck out of here. And take your misguided and myopic beliefs with you. This is a land of immigrants (except for all the American Indians, who we stole this land from.) Just because a person speaks hindi or spanish doesn't mean they don't speak english as well. People can speak more than one language. I know that's probably a foreign idea to you, but it's true. And guess what genius, America doesn't have an official language.

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Feb-23-14 8:13 PM

I found the commercial disgusting. The USA is a melting pot, not a series of city states. If you take a two metals, and melt them in a pot, you get an alloy, a stronger material taking the good properties of it's components making a superior metal. This metal for the most part cannot be separated and returned to it's original parts. With everyone wanting to keep their old identity instead of identifiying themselves as Americans we are weaker. America is for Americans, speak the language, learn the customs, become one of us, be an American or get the heck out.

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Feb-23-14 3:43 PM

I thought it was diverse and beautiful, just like America. Would have liked a few more Native American languages included. Inuit and Navajo would have been nice.

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Feb-23-14 9:32 AM

I personally found that Coke commercial to be one of the better commercials during the superbowl. Lets talk about those ancestors from far away lands. Were they "really" eager to assimilate into the "American Culture"? These people who settled into neighbourhoods jam packed with people exactly like themselves. Polish in this neighbourhood, Germans in that neighbourhood, Sicilians over in this neighbourhood.If you were found not in you own hood,there were consequences. What about the areas in New York that we call Chinatown? Surely they are proud Americans, but they hold very tightly to their native languages, foods and cultures/ Do ya think that maybe some where in those hoods a child or an elderly person might be singing along in their native language? I hope so!

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Feb-23-14 8:08 AM

Well, why not? It's because you've got squat, isn't it? Feel free to elaborate your position, if you can. After all, it's liberals who are about suppressing other ideas, not conservatives. Have at it...

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Feb-23-14 6:59 AM

Another Faux News Watcher! So wrong in so many ways I won't waste my time listing them.

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