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Steel mill demolition begins

Government officials, steelworkers still holding onto hope for a restart

February 17, 2014

MINGO JUNCTION — As the once roaring Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel mill enters its fifth year of silence, steelworkers and government officials maintain hope for a restart — even as the facility’s......

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Feb-17-14 11:42 AM

this is so sad.I spent 34 years there around a lot very loyal and dedicated co-workers and bosses.we gave up a lot over the years to keep that place running.If it wasn't for greed from all the former owners,it would still be running.lots of good memories!

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Feb-17-14 7:07 PM

How sad in deed. the death of a valley. Where do you think all this scrap steel is going ? Could it be China,India or Japan. So much for America. The job of major corpartions is to make Money $$$$$ for its self and stock holders. Not be being a good American.

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Feb-17-14 7:37 PM

I have been told this information from a good source that a company paid the new owner to keep the mill shut down to eliminate the steelmaking capacity. What hasn’t been torn down has been flooded and can’t be restarted. Public officials can sit with their blinders on and get their money from demolition permits or get off their duff’s and work to bring business to this area instead of listening to the bull about a mill restart from a company that has no ties to this area. If this is not done they will wake up one day with all the materials of any value torn down and carted off and all that will be left is the hazardous material that no one wants to touch because it would cost too much. They only paid 20 million for the whole place and they made that back 100 fold already. It would not be unthinkable for them to get what they can and walk away; they separated it from their company when they named it Mingo Steel Company. Wake up everyone

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Feb-17-14 9:29 PM

The steel workers in these plants are to blame for the mills closing. Guys would find places to sleep during their shifts, steal tools for their own personal use, consume drugs and alcohol on the job, etc. High union wages for guys with only a high school education milked the companies. The high wages made it cheaper to purchase steel form overseas, Not too hard to figure this out people. I know the libs will attack my comment but deep down, they know I am right. They will try to blame it on the 1%. When was the last time someone on welfare or receiving government benefits offered you a job? Duh!

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Feb-17-14 11:12 PM

I sadly agree with Mingoman.As the daughter of a steelworker, I heard all the stories. How they thought they could get over on the employer...I guess they thought the good life would never end. Well, it ended. And now families have been flung to the wind and are long gone from this area. Those mills won't ever reopen again.

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Feb-18-14 8:38 AM

SilenceDoGood39 Iv'e seen and heard comments as yours, being a retired steelworker I get offended by them! would love to see YOU" down in the hot mill banding red hot coils or down in a cellar scooping up stinking sluge for 8 hours, then run your mouth what caused the shut downs, I can tell you ," CEO's" that have never been in a steel mill, one was a banker from new York , board of directors that also didn't have a clue, the shut downs & bankrupts were planed , borrow millions knowing repayments were impossible, they wanted to get out from under pensions, insurance, and they got it, and they received bonuses from doing it, Moron,republicans as you that have never got your soft hands dirty can blame it on the actual workers, that's your way out !,

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Feb-18-14 8:51 AM

So many times I've seen what the mill would overpay for supply's and tell the foreman, with the same reply , mind your own business, WHY? because upper management got kickbacks, THAT'S WHY , but idiots as SilenceDoGood39 puts the mills blame on the hourly worker , WHY ? because he is the typical moron that has no idea what really went on,only what he heard at the golf course .

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Feb-18-14 9:12 AM

SilenceDoGood39 ,Since you want to blame the hourly workers for the mills woes, could possibly some woes come from a complete home build from the mills lumber ? or a brand new ford farm Tractor that never made it to the mill? truck loads of electrical wire missing, do you think this happened by any sleeping hourly worker? just a couple examples , but you being all knowing insist it was ALL the non educated ,overpaid ,slobs , that killed the mills!

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Feb-18-14 10:46 AM

Silencedogood39, you are full of it. been hanging out with the frontier boys? They bought you a beer and you bought their story. Mingoloid,you are more than likely a once corrupt boss and probably still corrupt at something else.

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Feb-18-14 10:48 AM

I am not a liberal or a conservative by the way. I call them like I see them.

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Feb-18-14 3:24 PM

The way they list these comments , it looks like my comments should have been directed to the idiot Mingoman, apologize to SilenceDoGood39 ,

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Feb-18-14 3:39 PM

Cinnamongirl, it is sad as you put it to agree with Mingoman, because of the story's you heard, here's a couple maybe you didn't hear, I had 35 years in the mills, on my second day I saw a man crushed to death by a crane, year later a man died when slipping into a pickler acid tank, same year a man lost 2 legs when a narrow coil fell on him, some years later a buggy ran over a man killing him instantly, NO, it wasn't really the GOOD life as you put it , but with kids and home, you do not quit, and yes, it did end, but give some of the credit where it's due also, arrogant,wasteful management decisions ,that would be overlooked , especially if was a mason,one of the ring brothers. I am sure you never heard of that!

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Feb-18-14 4:47 PM

Greggysdead: I sure do agree with you; the jobs were not easy and I remember those managers walking away with millions, for some reason John Walkers name remains on my mind. I think there was blame to go around but the buck ultimately stopped with the management. I just think the union let the bad workers slide with the sleeping on the job and stealing. I remember how proud my dad when WEIRTON STEEL went ESOP, i think i still have a sweatshirt. In the long run the workers didn't win my dad lost his healthcare and had to have his pension cut. Regardless it is a sad day for the area and surreal to see the pics of the mill being dismantled.

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Feb-18-14 9:18 PM

Accidents that cause the loss of life or limb is never acceptable. the union should have spent their time working on safety measures and not on $25 an hour for an employee that should be getting $15 an hour. My father was very high up in local 1190 and he told me some of the stories of the guys that he had to defend. I asked how he could live with himself knowing that these guys were thieves by taking time, tools etc. He said that as a union officia, this was his "job". I lost a lot of respect for him when he told me that. I will never understand why people support unions when unions are all about themselves and not the employees. Look at what the UAW did for Detroit. Mingo and Steubenville will be the next Detroit, you guys just don't realize it yet. Get out while you can, move west or south. The rustbelt is a dying region.

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Feb-19-14 10:32 AM

Did you father ever tell you why he ran to get elected for a "higher up union person"? did he tell you he didn't have actually work in the mill for his wages, he was paid the highest rate from his former job, almost like steeling? plus he got to work , if you call it that? 6 days a week , if he showed up or not, if you want to blame the unions for protecting worthless employees, put some of the bl fired, walmart has employees that should be fired, they have no union, that's life, and yes the mills are dead, not because of unions as you want to blame, if the mills never had a union, they still would be gone, does china have an EPA? NO. the mill paid out thousands a day in fines to them because it was impossible to fix what they claimed was a violation, put some blame on our great government, that sold us down the drain!

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Feb-20-14 11:13 PM

apparently cinnamongirls daddy was one of the ones sleeping and stealing. mingoman never worked in a steelmill and is just jelous of the good wages that we got and spent in the ohio valley.the good wages that we deserved!

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Feb-22-14 6:19 PM

i am real jealous of the wages you were paid... are you proud that those high wages eventually priced you out of a job? I chose to go to college and not work in the mill. if you had to do you life over again, would you choose to work in the mill or go to college? be honest with yourself. you are not working now and the mills are being torn down due to the union, high wages and cheaper labor costs. you know I am right.

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