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Just take a look at the facts

February 9, 2014

To the editor: The liberal valley amigos who try to dispute facts with rhetoric and partial truths should please get informe....

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Feb-22-14 8:44 PM

Wow. Talk about sore losers.

UAW asks the NLRB to investigate “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups”


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Feb-19-14 12:06 PM

The truth of ObamaCare:

Man's Scheduled Back Surgery Denied After Switching To Obamacare...


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Feb-17-14 2:11 PM

Remember when The One was going to unite the world?

Wll, these folks USED to be our friends:

Merkel, Hollande discuss communication network bypassing USA...

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday she would talk to French President Francois Hollande about building up a European communication network to avoid emails and other data passing through the United States.

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Feb-17-14 10:47 AM

It wasn't the company, it wasn't outside interests. It was the WORKERS who rejected the UAW union. What say you now, liberals?

VW employees say 'no' to United Auto Workers in Tennessee ...


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Feb-17-14 10:39 AM

Liberals. Gotta love 'em.

Chicago school suspends 11 year old for voluntarily turning in broken toy gun


CHICAGO, Il.— Criticizing Chicago school officials for being overzealous, misguided and incapable of distinguishing between an impotent toy and a dangerous weapon, The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of an 11-year-old boy who was suspended from school after he voluntarily turned in a non-firing plastic toy gun that had been forgotten in his jacket pocket.

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Feb-17-14 10:35 AM


Video – liberal examples of Tea Party racism


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Feb-17-14 10:14 AM

Latest on Global Warming:

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is on track to have highest minimum in modern satellite era! – ‘Sea Ice Extent is 27.4% above normal as of Feb 7 2014'

Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record For Jan 31st: ‘Meanwhile, global sea ice area is normal’

The National Snow and Ice Data Center: 2013 Antarctic sea ice was at record highs for the satellite era, record high winter extent & summer minimum

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Feb-14-14 12:58 PM

Oh, dear.

President Obama Spending Valentine's Day Alone


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Feb-14-14 12:57 PM

Wow. I wonder how this woman votes?

Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Confuses Declaration of Independence

breitbart(dot)com/Big-Government/2014/02/14/VA-Same-Sex-Marriage-Ruling-Confuses-Declaration-Of-Independence-With-Constitution A federal judge struck down Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage today, an historic ruling with especial resonance on Valentine's Day. Except the history of the historic ruling isn't exactly up to par: Judge Arenda Wright Allen claimed the Constitution declares that "all men are created equal," which is, instead, the first line of the Declaration of Independence.

"Our Constitution declares that 'all men' are created equal. Surely this means all of us," Judge Allen wrote on the first page of her opinion.

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Feb-14-14 12:54 PM

Biden: Be Optimistic on State of the Nation 'In Spite of Who's President'...

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Feb-14-14 12:53 PM

Folks, you just can't make this stuff up:

CBS: Extreme Cold Caused by 'Excess Heat'... httbreitbart(com)com/Big-Journalism/2014/02/13/Horrible-Winter-CBS-Says-Blame-Global-Warming

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Feb-13-14 2:07 PM

For all readers EXCEPT bKnees:

Here we have a prime example of liberal thinking. They regurgitate what they hear on liberal TV or simply rumor, and it feels good to them. So they never bother to check the facts, simply accept it as truth.

When asked to support their claims, they are clueless. They don't know how to defend what they say, and have no idea where to go for reliable sources that might substantiate their claim. (Perhaps because there are none. No factual ones, anyway.) When provided with the FACTS that refute what they say, they get belligerent, rather than take the few moments it would take to get the truth. They are never thankful for the information. Ever.

And these people vote, folks.

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Feb-13-14 6:31 AM

Listen very carefully, Mr. Hagrid, for this will be my last response to you. I have not made a false claim. I DO "like" it. You are free to NOT like it. That is your right. That is my right.

Now go bully someone else.

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Feb-12-14 8:35 PM

Yes, it is getting tedious. I've asked you several times to support this claim you made:

" I like President Obama's "Blueprint for an America Built to Last" which encourages companies to create manufacturing jobs in the US while removing deductions for shipping jobs overseas."

I don't think it is senility, I think you just don't know enough to support your claim of deductions for shipping jobs overseas. You probably simply repeat the lie your president and other liberals spout, without questioning the authenticity of the claim.

For your enlightenment, I've posted two links providing the truth. Perhaps you will take the time to become informed, and maybe even take back your false claim.

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Feb-12-14 4:06 PM

Mr. Hagrid, This is getting tedious. I have made no claims other than state that I "liked" something(under another LTE for heavens sake!). I also like star-gazing, kittens and lasagna. Please don't make me give you an explanation or the reasons why I like kittens. I just do.

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Feb-12-14 3:07 PM

Here's an interesting discussion on the subject, for those who wish to be informed.


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Feb-12-14 3:04 PM

bKnees, are you saying you are too old/senile to support your claims? I doubt that. I believe you are simply un/under informed.

As for attention, I merely requested that you support your claims. A very reasonable request.

If you vote, it is your duty to properly understand the issues, do you agree?

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Feb-12-14 2:56 PM

Thank you, Richard67. Great information.

I've done a little research. The "deduction" mentioned is a reduction in taxes for taxes already paid overseas, in effect, removing it would mean companies would have to pay the tax twice.

I don't think even bKnees would want to pay her taxes twice.

Here's more info on the subject:

More on That Alleged Outsourcing Tax Deduction


Some additional perspective on President Obama’s fictitious outsourcing tax deductions via the JCT score of Senator Stabenow’s bill: “Under present law, there are no specific tax credits or disallowances of deductions solely for locating jobs in the United States or overseas. Deductions generally are allowed for all ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred by the taxpayers during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business, which includes the relocation of business units.”

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Feb-12-14 2:27 PM

Hagrid; I think this is what bknees is talking about. The link is below. The article is titled: Senate Kills Anti-Outsourcing Bill “Under existing law, employers may take tax deductions for the costs associated with moving jobs out of the country. The proposed legislation would have eliminated that, and used the resulting new revenue to fund a 20 percent tax credit for the costs companies run up "in sourcing" labor back into the U.S. The bill failed by a 56-42. A count of 60 was required to end discussion and move to a final vote.” This is deceiving because what Democrats call a tax credit is operating expenses all company should be able to deduct. Three RINOs voted for it. *******abcnews.go****/politics/t/blogEntry?id=16816660&ref=****%3A%2F%2F****google****%2Furl%3Fsa%3Dt%26rct%3Dj%26q%3Dis%2520there%2520a%2520tax%2520advantage%2520for%2520exporting%2520jobs%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3D4%26ved%3D0CC4QFjAD%26url%3D****%253A%252F%252Fabcnews.go****%252Fblogs%252Fpolitics%252

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Feb-12-14 1:14 PM

Mr. Hagrid, I am honored at all the attention. However, after evaluating the substance and conveyance of your remarks, I've come to the conclusion that I may be a bit old for you. Bless your heart.

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Feb-12-14 9:40 AM

I agree Hagrid. In addition to that, I believe most liberals are only liberals because they are too lazy or unskilled to make it like the rest of us. I have a friend, he is a good man, he sees no problems with levies and higher taxes, and supports all the liberal goals. He thinks "what would it hurt to pay a little more." Then I ask him to ask his mom what she thinks about it. You see, my friend lives in his mom's basement.

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Feb-12-14 9:24 AM

Ohiodem, bKnees, if you find it difficult to defend your position, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your position.

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Feb-11-14 10:55 AM

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. you are reading this right. This administration is training the Ohio National Guard to take action against those who support our Constitutional rights! In OUR state!

Wake UP America!!!

National Guard trains to fight 'anti-government' Second Amendment supporters...


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Feb-11-14 8:38 AM

Oh, my!

Ohiodem, bKnees, comment please?

MSNBC Scrambles Behind the Scenes to Change Its Vitriolic Culture


The Associated Press writes that MSNBC, the network that is rife with anti-conservative and anti-GOP rhetoric, is beginning to realize – together with its corporate affiliates – that its personal attacks on Republicans may not be in its interest.

The AP reports that MSNBC President Phil Griffin, who apologized to GOP National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus after MSNBC’s twitter feed contained a message that implied the political right wing would hate a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial couple, “has quietly put the word out to hosts to avoid personal attacks.”

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Feb-10-14 6:41 PM

Why is it that a supposed congressional lawyer doesn't know our Constitution doesn't allow this?



Ohiodem. bKNEES, do you know this is illegal?

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