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New manager suggests city charter change

January 31, 2014

STEUBENVILLE — City Manager Tim Boland made his first appearance before the Charter Review Commission Thursday to ask members to consider changing the process used to approve legislation at City......

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Feb-01-14 12:23 AM

So my two sentences is an extensive narrative? What does that make your combined nineteen sentences covering two posts written nineteen minutes apart? The point of my post was outsiders would use this position as a stepping stone to supposed bigger and better things with eventual higher salaries involved. Basically that would make them no better than a career politician. Personally, I would have no problem with an outsider coming in as I show up to work and do my job. Maybe others would have a problem with this kind of person but I can't speak for them. I am not a fan of Dean Martin or the Spot Bar and I don't know what either of those qualifications has to do with anything I discussed.

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Jan-31-14 6:40 PM

Keep telling yourself that SomeOtherGuy.

What a misguided statement "one of the main problems with hiring an OUTSIDE chief in a city this size"

The KEY word in your entire post is the capitalized one above. While you attempt to disguise what you are getting at with extensive narrative, the truth is you are afraid of an OUTSIDER.

AND...please tell me, in your own words, what is wrong with an aggressive change agent coming in, training staff, making change and moving on. Pretty much what this country has been built upon.

I DO get it though...outsider won't look the other way when you leave the Spot after 10 hours.

MEH...please try to remember that it is not Dino's Steubenville any longer

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Jan-31-14 6:21 PM

Really? Really?

It would be a travesty for someone that is more qualified and better trained to come in and lead the departments? This is the exact problem that the good old boy network in Steubenville has.

The rhetoric that all of you spew about wanting change and improvement is exactly that - RHETORIC. I know it is a big word...look it up!

It took two searches and 7 months to find a City Manager to replace the last hand picked one. I feel bad for the new one that seems as if he wants to enact change while the "network" wants a "homegrown" leader.

MEH...enjoy until you old bitties die off. Until then just let the "MOOCH" run things. He "gets" it - LOL RIGHT

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Jan-31-14 12:48 PM

One of the main problems with hiring an outside chief in a city this size is most candidates would just be looking to put in a few years to gain experience so they can move on to a job that pays more in a bigger city. A person like that wouldn't be committed to a city or the personnel on a police or fire department but would look to make resume building changes that they won't have to live with or even be responsible for when they move on.

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Jan-31-14 12:06 PM

Exhausted..I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. To know you have been in these departments for years, working your way up the 'ladder' and someone from outside of these departments will be in charge of said departments is demeaning. Right off the bat, the new city manager is showing that he is not working for the city of Steubenville by bringing in outsiders. Shameful.

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Jan-31-14 11:23 AM

I think it would be a shame to consider people other than those who have worked for Steubenville Fire and Police Departments for most of their adult lives as possible future chiefs. If someone has been on either department for long enough and moved up through the ranks far enough to qualify for the position of chief, they should be given first option. Should there be a qualification of higher education? Absolutely. Quit taking things away from our people and giving it to outsiders. If moral at those departments is already low (and from my understanding it is) how do you think hiring outside chiefs would effect it????? Be fair. If no one within the departments qualifies then of course, look outside. Not before. What a shame to take this away from the current employees. Shame on you for suggesting that, Mr. Mavromatis.

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