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Random thoughts about the area

February 2, 2014

To the editor: It breaks my heart that the JB Green Team is losing $1.2 million due to the reduction of rail garbage being taken to the Apex Landfil....

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Feb-07-14 10:24 AM

ohiodem I have another question for you. You start this old losing argument about a well regulated militia. Did you not know of the recent SCOTUS decision where they ruled that owning a firearm was an individual right?

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Feb-07-14 10:20 AM

ohiodem is also pushing the far left lies about Fast and Furious. F&F was not President Bush's operation. Bush had Operation Wide Receiver. Unlike Operation WR, F&F disregarded the US gun laws. F&F let guns walk across the border and forced legal gun dealers to break the law by making straw purchases. Then turned around and tried to prosecute those same dealers when the whole thing went wrong. WR did none of these things. So ohiodem perpetrates a libtard lie when he states F&F was Bush's. My guess he knew all of this anyway. Typical libtard deception.

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Feb-06-14 3:44 PM

nursaa, Very well stated. Couldn't agree more.

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Feb-04-14 5:16 PM

nursaa --- I regret that I can only give you one ' agree ' on the above comment.

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Feb-04-14 5:03 PM

To Ohiodem, It's liberal morons like you that have made this country what it is today, full of slackers who think the government owes them a living. Say anything you want about Christians but don't dare mention anything about Muslims. That's taboo. Guess if you knew what sarcasm was you would know what was meant by the reference to the JB Green team. Sure there were attacks on embassies during the Bush years and people were killed but they didn't lie through their teeth to cover it up. Too bad those responsible members of congress don't have the guts to call the bum in the White House and his toadies what they are, a bunch of no good liars. Thought you people might finally wake up but that's asking you to make intelligent decisions.

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Feb-04-14 2:07 PM

How the*****are Christians being persecuted? Fast & furious was a GEORGE W BUSH program. The NSA was authorized to spy on Americans with the Patriot Act another GEORGE W BUSH program. Four people died in Benghsi and it has been investegated to death and nothing was found. During the GEORGE W BUSH administation there were nearly 50 attacks on our embaseys and over 90 people were killed. You forget the rest of the second amendment, the part about the WELL REGULATED MALITIA. I don't see anything wrong with keeping guns out of criminals or mentally ill peoples hands.Just what does any of your rant have to do with JB Green anyway?

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Feb-03-14 2:48 PM

Let the Black Hawks come. Most probably feel the same way.

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Feb-02-14 4:56 PM

Anyone who places our national security in jeopardy is a traitor. Snowden made his choice. The only thing our country should have waiting for him is a firing squad.

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Feb-02-14 11:07 AM

@Tomsays The author is exactly right, the second amendment was not wrote to protect hunting sportsmanship. It was wrote so we, as Americans, would always have a way to defend ourselves, our families, and our property against all enemies be they foreign or domestic. Only a fool would willingly give up their rights in the name of a faux sense of security. Did you not bother to pay any attention to Snowden's revelations? The NSA has and is going well beyond their limits in the name of "National Security". There is something wrong with our society when we allow the criminal justice system to send a young teenage kid to prison for years because he sold a little bit of drugs while rapists and pedophiles aren't even serving half that time. We aren't winning the war on drugs, we're only biting our own hand by the burden all those non-violent Marijuana offenders place on us. Do you feel better with all the sexual predators walking among us even though they're on a list?

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Feb-02-14 7:45 AM

The Black Hawk helicopters with the men in black will be landing in front of your house soon to take you away!

Another Nut!

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