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Indian Creek teachers give response to board action

January 17, 2014

WINTERSVILLE — The acting president of the Indian Creek Education Association says members of her union are disappointed in action taken by the Indian Creek Board of Education Thursday....

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Jan-20-14 8:20 AM

Catholic Central and Jefferson County Christian have nothing to do with the public school system they're a private school. Tingett is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, in my opinion, however he or she does have a valid point. I was hoping you could read through the lines but since you can't I'll spell it out for you. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth therefor my family is poor. My grandparents put far more than a mere 25% toward their medications. I know and see how they struggle but still they would not hesitate to vote in favor of a school levy. If my grandmother taught me anything it's that you go out of your way to help others with no expectation of anything in return, you do it because it's the right thing to do. She says you can't get happiness from bringing misery to others. The right thing to do is the community stepping in to pick up where federal funding left off.

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Jan-19-14 11:11 PM


I am a senior. I assume the responsibility to educate our youth. CCHS teachers will be rewarded in heaven.

Please admit the state and its governor is screwing all of us.

That's my big point.

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Jan-19-14 1:48 PM

continued; you think these schools lack a quality education? While we’re at it, I would like to see the S.A.T. and A.C.T. Scores from all three schools. I’m done.

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Jan-19-14 1:47 PM

Rsimpson; this will be my last post on this subject. Yesterday, Tingett took it upon himself to attempt to post someone’s child name that the H.S. rightfully edited. He believes he knows me and I guess I’m supposed to be intimidated. If his posts represent a product of this school district, then yes there is a problem. If you are working, you have the ability to increase your earnings. A senior living on social security does not have this luxury. Many are spending up to 25% of their S.S. on medication. You should be friend some seniors and learn of the problems they have. If a teacher believes they can receive greater compensation elsewhere, then they should move on. There are many young qualified teachers who would love an opportunity. Tingett stated Dublin and Shaker heights pays their teachers so much more. I have a couple of local schools he should have considered. Catholic Central and Jefferson County Christian School. How do you think Indian Creek wages compare to them? Do

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Jan-19-14 10:35 AM

@Richard67 I know very well the difference a few dollars can make. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and have worked very hard to get where I am today. I'm still paying student loans off but that's not the point. The burden a levy places on an individual is not that great. Everyone can afford it. We all need to do what we can to ensure our children have the very best.

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Jan-18-14 12:35 PM

Our system and values are screwed up when athletes using drugs make more than teachers. And we pay big bucks to watch them.

You tell me professional sports are not a level just above studios wrestling and I know you are in dream land.

Pro basketball players cannot shoot 90% or higher from the free throw line every single day. FIX>>>>>>>>>>>>> is on.

I am done. Pay the teachers what they deserve.

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Jan-18-14 12:33 PM

If you are the Richard I know; you have more dollars than the school.

Its time that all of us get together and get rid of this governor and any legislator that won't fix school funding.

It has been deemed unconstitutional; and all you people do is butch because you think teachers have a cake job.

Someone paid for you old ***** to go to school; now its time for you to pay the piper. A few dollars do make a difference to some people; so they should play one less number or parlay a week and give it to the schools.

I love teachers and my three children have had the best. Indian Creek teachers deserve the same pay as those in Shaker Heights or Dublin; so why does the State think its ok to ignore us.

Don't butch on here; do the same that I have done many times; write to KA$ICK and the people we elected. Get in their face and demand more for our teachers.

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Jan-18-14 10:54 AM

Hope you never grow old and find out the difference a few more dollars a month make.

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Jan-18-14 8:49 AM

Indian Creek was a god-send for us because of the teachers. They employ some of the best teachers you will ever come across. A teacher's job isn't over when the school bell rings, they work very hard and deserve to be compensated fairly. They're teaching our children 6 hours a day 5 days a week and preparing for class during the time in between. Everyone suffered when the mills closed so it's time for the community to step in for the kids. Levy's aren't that expensive for the individual. I'm not going to tell the kids in this district No, you can't have the best because of a few dollars a year. It's time to stop being selfish and think about the community first. The district probably just doesn't have the money that's why we, as the community, need to pass a levy.

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Jan-17-14 6:35 PM

If you feel these positions are so difficult, why do so many teachers retire and apply for the same position? The board goes into sunshine session and rehires the same person. If one thinks their credentials don’t represents the wages they receive, then they should take their credentials to an area where they feel they can receive compensation equal to their credentials. Do you think they can’t be replaced? There are many young qualified teachers would love to have these positions. Because of double dipping and nepotism they will never get the opportunity. When is the last time you thanked a senior citizen struggling to pay their property taxes? You cannot tax someone beyond their ability to pay. I hope calling a senior citizen a liar helps you obtain your objective.

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Jan-17-14 3:55 PM

First off I think its an unfair labor practice for the board to negotiate in the newspaper.

Next I think the teachers have bee ignored over the past several years and deserve to be treated like first class citizens.

They have struggled to teach in a district impoverished because the mill closings. Its time for these educators, many with Masters degrees and many hours above their masters to receive their due pay scale.

Don' try to give me that crap they only work 184 days.Many atd in their classrooms weeks after school is over, and weeks before making g it nice for your kids.

Next, think about this one hard. Would you trade places with them? If you say yes, you're lying. Shadow a teacher just one day, then tell me they don,'t deserve more.

Father of three. Oh, by the way, Have you thanked a teacher today?

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Jan-17-14 12:47 PM

Don't even think about a levy.

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