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More questions about our times

January 5, 2014

To the editor: I ask the valley amigos to evaluate contributions last year by liberal Democrats, atheists, homosexuals (very hard to distinguish one from the other now-a-days) that improved America....

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Jan-05-14 3:12 PM

Harsh comment, but very true. It's called "Tough Love". Problem is, the groups mentioned will not get it.

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Jan-05-14 3:22 PM

Yea, right. Folks who only listen to/watch/read liberal news may not know there is trouble inside the White House bedrooms, plural.

Oh, and the taxpayers will pay dearly for this "Birthday Present", upwards of $100,000.

Leaves Michelle in Hawaii as 'Birthday Present'...


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Jan-05-14 4:44 PM

Another GREAT letter from Barry. Probably even one of his better ones. The only thing I didn't like about it was his referring to Dictator Obama as President Barrack Obama. Obama is NOT our president. He is not, and never has been eligible to hold the Office of the President of the United States. If you want proof refer to Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution. The very first sentence is the proof. Obama is nothing more than a communist-created usurper, supported by his puppet master George Soros who provided a large part of Obama's election funding. Wake up America---it's time to clean house in Washington, the District of Corruption.

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Jan-05-14 7:08 PM

Interesting that none of our liberals have been able to, or willing to, defend their president.

Perhaps the light is finally coming on?

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Jan-05-14 10:06 PM

This president has shown the world how weak we are. Now he has neutered our military.

U.S. troops prevented from helping even as al Qaeda overruns Iraqi cities


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Jan-06-14 6:17 AM

So much negativity, Mr. Bardone. "Gloom, despair and agony...Deep dark depression, excessive misery..." It's seriously not good for your health. Leave the dark side and come into the light!

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Jan-06-14 8:09 AM

I for one question our military being in Iraq the first time Hagrid. The thought of sending our boys and our money back there again is just crazy. It bankrupted us the first time. As for Barry, one of the problems with this country is people watching too much TV and not doing enough. What's happening on Duckie D is poor comparison on the thoughts or feeings of the people in the country. My advice, get out and do something.

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Jan-06-14 6:05 PM

bKnees, feel free to tell us how wonderful things are in this country. Please provide FACTS to support your claims, please.

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Jan-06-14 7:14 PM

mrrose: "My advice, get out and do something."

Perhaps you can define "do something".

Work so those who don't work get a paycheck? Doing that.

Help the unfortunate? I've bought about a dozen bagged meals at my local supermarket for the needy. Other contributions. My family celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve so we could support our church in serving meals to those who needed a good meal on Christmas Day.

What else?

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Jan-07-14 1:28 PM

If Obama is so darned concerned about the unemployed, why is he working so hard to bring 12 million criminals into our job market?

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Jan-07-14 2:29 PM

ObamaCare enrollment figures still far short of administration's own goal


While the Obama administration is congratulating itself for signing up 2.1 million people in private plans on state and federal health care exchanges, some analysts say it's a little early to uncork the champagne.

Robert Laszewski of Health Policy and Strategy Associates says, "ObamaCare has proven that it can enroll the sick people. To only have 2 million people enrolled out of 20 million uninsured, plus all the canceled policies, indicates you only got a very small group of people enrolled."

That's not even enough, he and others argue, to make up for the policies that were canceled because they didn't meet the requirements of ObamaCare.

Even the 2.1 million signed up through the end of December 2013 is far short of the administration's own goal of more than 3.3 million...

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Jan-07-14 2:35 PM

Surprise! Walmart health plan is cheaper, offers more coverage than Obamacare

washingtonexaminer(dot)com/surprise-walmart-health-plan-is-cheaper-offers-more-coverage-than-obamacare/article/2541670?utm_campaign=Fox News&utm_source=foxnews****&utm_medium=feed

New Obamacare health insurance enrollees may feel a pang of envy when they eye the coverage plans offered by Walmart to its employees.

For many years, the giant discount retailer has been the target of unions and liberal activists who have harshly criticized the company's health care plans, calling them “notorious for failing to provide health benefits” and "substandard.”

But a Washington Examiner comparison of the two health insurance programs found that Walmart's plan is more affordable and provides significantly better access to high-quality medical care than Obamacare.

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Jan-08-14 5:07 PM

Poverty reaches 50 year record under Obama...

washingtontimes(dot) com/news/2014/jan/7/obamas-rhetoric-on-fighting-poverty-doesnt-match-h/

Fifty years after President Johnson started a $20 trillion taxpayer-funded war on poverty, the overall percentage of impoverished people in the U.S. has declined only slightly and the poor have lost ground under President Obama.

Aides said Mr. Obama doesn’t plan to commemorate the anniversary Wednesday of Johnson’s speech in 1964, which gave rise to Medicaid, Head Start and a broad range of other federal anti-poverty programs. The president’s only public event Tuesday was a plea for Congress to approve extended benefits for the long-term unemployed, another reminder of the persistent economic troubles during Mr. Obama’s five years in office.

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Jan-08-14 6:59 PM

A new Gallup poll shows that the percentage of Americans who identify as Republicans has dropped to a 25-year low of just 25 percent. The percentage who identify as Democrats has stayed constant at 31 percent.

Gallup wrote: “Americans’ increasing shift to independent status has come more at the expense of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party.”

This drop comes as House Republicans continue to focus solely on their base and ignore bipartisan enthusiasm from voters who want commonsense steps to strengthen the middle class, like raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment insurance.

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Jan-09-14 10:05 AM

BCF, you are playing with your food again. People may have dropped the "R," however, how many of those have conservative views but are tired of the RINO bullcrap of trying to get along?

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Jan-10-14 10:36 PM

I find it interesting that liberals "Disagree" with facts.

But then, what's new?

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Jan-10-14 10:43 PM

More facts for liberals to disagree with:


Growth slumps...

Slowest in three years...

'For Every One Job Added, Nearly 5 People Left the Workforce'

MSNBC: 'Awful,' 'Very bad,' 'Ugly'...

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Jan-11-14 8:27 AM

The tipping point is very near. More people in the wagon than pulling and pushing isn't going work for very long. Soon, those tired of working to feed the lazy slobs are going to either quit, retire, or get on the government dole. In NY, welfare benefits for an individual total $43,000. It took me years to break $40,000/yr. I must be doing something wrong. I should have impregnated my girlfriend when I was in high school and every year thereafter, never went to work, never attended college, I should have taken to wearing my pants down to my knees, learn to speak ebonics so nobody would hire me, and just live the good life with a free obamaphone, free house, free food, and a car.

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Jan-11-14 12:43 PM

Rpg; From reading your posts, I don’t think you have the character of someone sitting at home and letting the government support you. The first month I was retired it was difficult not going to work each day. It was if I had no purpose. When I received my first Social Security check and not working was very strange to me. Although I paid into it for 42 years, I felt as if I didn’t earn it. Many of those in the system, only know government support. This was handed down to them from generation to generation. They will not know the satisfaction of earning your own way. Those like Pelosi and Reid want to keep them depending on the government for their sure voting base.

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Jan-11-14 2:17 PM

I agree that democrat policy is to keep people on the government dole so they stay in office. Look at this area. Democrat policies and ideas implemented have led to nothing but job loss, and astronomical crime rates.

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Jan-11-14 4:52 PM

Not only do we have the leeches, we have many more who support their behavior. They can look at teh reality of the situation and are unable to project forward.

50 years of the war on poverty is a prime example. We have spent trillions of dollars, so one would expect that there would be less "poor". Instead, we have many, many times more poor. "Poor" with several cars, fancy cell phones, computers, internet, cableTV, bling.

Then we have those who make a living from convincing these "poor" that they are being taken advantage of.

Oh, the humanity!!!

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Jan-12-14 6:52 PM

Barry, seems are liberals are coming up short on their list of contributions.

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