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Attorneys prepare for court cases, gag order

School employees enter not guilty pleas

December 14, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Prosecutors told visiting retired Summit County Common Pleas Judge Patricia Cosgrove they will ask for a gag order as they prepare to try three Steubenville City School employees, a......

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Dec-14-13 7:35 AM

SCUMBAGS from Steubenville - no more needs to be said. Give them the maximum for what they didn't do - THEIR JOBS to report sexual abuse and rape instead they chose to keep quiet or cover up what happened. They all make me sick!

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Dec-14-13 8:12 AM

I gag every time I think about these cases.

1919 Black Sox all over again. What crime? What evidence?

One person indicted taking the fall for all the contributors (residence; booze; permission; excuses; failure to be responsible; refusing to face consequences; lack of character).

But it's ok; this one will go away too.

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Dec-14-13 8:17 AM

A teacher's job does not end when the schoolroom door closes. Knowledge of teenage criminal behavior and sex abuse IS the responsibility of the teacher to at least report it. The excuse of the Principal's attorney is a dog that just wont hunt. Sounds a lot like the excuses used by Nuremburg defendants in 1945......disgusting.

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Dec-14-13 8:27 AM

I want to bring this comment to this article:

I pray that everyone gets what's coming to them:

Guilty; not guilty; whatever.

Every dawg has his/her day.

The Person that we pray to knows.......

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Dec-14-13 10:27 AM

TomSays has it exactly right. SCUMBAGS from Steubenville. Where did anyone ever hear of not showing up in court because they had to work ? If any of us REAL people pulled a stunt like that we'd be picked up by the cops with a bench warrant. Steubenville O Steubenville , how we still see thee lie.

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Dec-14-13 10:36 AM

If found guilty then I'd hope they would all be barred from ever working with children again especially in a school setting as a person of authority. I can't wrap my head around the principal's excuse that she inquired about her son being there and when she found out he wasn't she left it at that. She should have known where her child was to begin with. These teens have or had far too much free reign to do as they please. Maybe that's because of mis-guided trust I don't know but I do know teenagers are not to be blindly trusted. As parents we have to expect the worst while hoping for the best. As a principal she should have known better than the rest that teen's lie, drink, and do things while in a group that they would never do on their own. It's called peer pressure! I don't think any of the teens would have done this on their own. Look at the News headlines, teens can be heartless and cruel.

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Dec-14-13 10:57 AM

If they're found innocent I would hope either through their attorney or personally they would address the public and explain how the grand jury could come to the conclusion that they'd broken laws. Some of these people are still employed by the school. Parents are going to want their minds at ease before enrolling their children in that school district. It may just be a misunderstanding, who knows? I just know as a parents of daughters I'd want to feel confident that my daughters would be supported by the school if something like this would ever happen. This is just an unfortunate situation for all involved. I do think the best thing is for everyone to be open and honest with the public so we know exactly what happened and can make an informed decision.

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Dec-14-13 11:21 AM

I have to say that anyone involved with ties to this 'so called' party or what ever should be reprimanded. Only thing is, with the comments I am reading everyone wants to persecute individuals that have a obligation to what occurs in schoo to report events unbecomming. Where is everyone getting off by persecuting those that arent responsible. WHY ARENT THE RESPONSIBLE PARENTS BEING BROUGHT FORWARD?

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Dec-14-13 11:25 AM

Oh, thats right these days "responsible parents" as there called expect everyone else to take care of their children and when they dont, even after hours, its always someone elses fault. Our country is fu...... up.

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Dec-14-13 12:04 PM

@kaker1 -- regarding your previous comment, I regret that I can only give you one 'agree'.

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Dec-14-13 12:26 PM

I am very pleased with Steubenville City Schools. I am grateful that I am able to send my children there.

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Dec-14-13 4:16 PM

How in the Lord's name can anyone be pleased with a school district that has the superintendent, a principal, IT director, and a volunteer coach indicted?

How could one form that opinion.

Yes, I feel you have the right to an opinion; I just disagree.

Just answer my question if you will.

These forums are neat places to state one's opinion and I am pleased with that.

At what point will the HS delete these comments?

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Dec-14-13 4:46 PM

Steubenvilleman, You're please with Steubenville City Schools? Really? I wouldn't send my kids there if it was the last school on earth. If you look up coruption in the dictionary I'll bet Steubenville is the definition!

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Dec-14-13 11:00 PM

Everyone knows that JACKTRIPPER is not a steubenville resident or big red supporter but an outside person trying to stir the pot and cause more controversy for the area. People will go to any lengths to get people in an uproar. I HOPE THE HERALD STAR HAS THE DECENCY TO BAN THE IDIOT. This person has used that name on other sites to deceive people in the past.

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Dec-15-13 3:56 AM

Jack / Tripper or whatever your name is, you have certainly chosen an appropriate 'handle'. You certainly are tripping. What do you mean by changing a "FEEL UP RAPE" into a gang rape ??? Continue sticking up for these RAPISTS and maybe they'll give you yet another chance to be on the Dr. Phil show. Now go back to kissing Reno's ***.

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Dec-15-13 8:22 AM

Well, it's amazing that at least one hateful moron already pretends to forget the chants of "GANG RAPE" ad "DRUGGED HER!" etc. last year, right before the Roll Red Roll website was hacked (and those very lies were illegally posted on it). Soon, everyone will forget everything except, how a few thousand idiots turned an attempted drunk, teen seduction into a football team GANG RAPING a girl. How their movement was shot down by the very inquiry they demanded (who's lead attorney said "Anonymous did more harm than good..."). How that "movement" of mostly local racists posted the alleged victim's name and address on Local Leaks (and got their web site shut down in the process). You can call me names, but you never seem to answer the FACTS!

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Dec-15-13 8:41 AM

I was just wondering who looks more disheveled on camera our lying Attorney general Mike Dewine or his drunken peed in his pants senior advisor Wiliam Schenck?

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Dec-15-13 9:41 AM

Name calling is one of the worse characteristics of these sites. When one doesn't respect the others opinion to post; that's just strange.

I am waiting for the person who is pleased with the area school to explain his comment. I just don't agree with his post.

These rants and raves are just that. But he has the right, I also don't agree with that.

Whether a person is from the Ville or from California; there must be a tie to the area or they certainly would not go to the HS for just entertainment with all the other tabloids out there.

It's over people. Forget it. A couple of scape goats going to get hand slaps; and the rest is history.

Have a great Sundee. Go Stillers.

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Dec-15-13 11:48 AM

In a case that has been surrounded by secrecy; why would a gag order be a good idea?

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Dec-16-13 9:05 AM

The gag order is a great way for Mike Dewine and his drunken assistant to prevent the public from knowing just how much money was wasted on these silly indictments.

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Dec-16-13 9:44 AM

@Jacktripper Fitzsimmons, the victim's attorney, has already publicly stated that they did NOT try to drop the charges so why that was said I don't know. When I make a decision about who to believe I judge by past history. With that said I believe Fitzsimmons and that is my right to do so. Further, those teenage boys did in fact viciously rape her, it has proven in a court of law. The rapist's friends did in fact cruelly harass and humiliate the victim online via Twitter in the days following. The texts exchanged between these teens in the days following show that they had no remorse in the days following until they were caught. The texts show they were merely worried about getting into trouble. It should NOT have to be taught that you don't take advantage of an unconscious girl. I believe from the evidence they did in fact urinate on her and that the rape went further than what was discussed in court. The texts are very telling. You're deluding yourself.

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