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Here’s a wake-up call

December 15, 2013

To the editor: In these pages, I’ve read some contributors indignantly declaring the Republicans “obstructionist” in dealing with Democrat entitlement mongering....

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Dec-15-13 12:22 PM

Well said, Rob.

Wake up America!

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Dec-16-13 1:47 PM

Hillary was not on the list.

Poll: Ted Cruz 3rd 'most influential' world leader, behind pope, Obama


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Dec-16-13 7:26 PM

2013 RATINGS CHAMP: FOXNEWS Draws More Viewers Than CNNCNNHNMSNBC -- Combined!


Fox News Channel maintained its grip on the cable-news network ratings prize in 2013, drawing more viewers than the combined averages of CNN, MSNBC and HLN.

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Dec-16-13 9:17 PM

Ah, another new name. Attitude sounds familiar.

Sorry you feel that way. Got any facts? Maybe a leg tingle, or is it tinkle?

I really doubt you even watch Fox News. I watch CNN, which is getting better. I watch MSNBC to keep informed of the crap those who can't think for themselves get their misinformation.

Fox News is the leader by far. Fact. Love those facts.

Fox is beating all the others COMBINED. Obviously folks know where to go for the news that others refuse to discuss. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the problems with Obamacare (FOx tried to warn you, correct?), illegal executive orders, changing laws without constitutional authority, disregarding law.

Quite a list for a constitutional lawyer, wouldn't you say? Folks wouldn't know these facts without Fox News.

The vast majority are thankful Fox News keeps us informed.

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Dec-17-13 1:13 PM

45 States Still Haven’t Hit 10% of Enrollment Goals for Obamacare


Check out that runaway Obamacare enrollment over on EnrollMaven(****!

In Arkansas, its up to 1,404! Well along the way to the state’s goal of 51,000 paid enrollees by the end of March.

In Delaware, it’s up to 793! The state’s goal is 35,000.

In New Hampshire, they hit 1,569. Getting close to that goal of 19,000!

In West Virginia, it’s up to 775! They’ll hit their goal of 24,000 in no time!

In Hawaii, all the way up to 444! That goal of 9,000 is in sight!

In Colorado they’re up to 9,980… with a goal of 92,000.

We can skip the scoffing over Oregon and Washington exchanges, as their ludicrously embarrassing failures have been extensively discussed. Oregon’s at 44, with a state goal of 237,000; Washington’s at 17,780… with a goal of 340,000.

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Dec-17-13 3:09 PM

Obama: Worst approval ratings since Nixon...


President Barack Obama is ending his fifth year in office with the lowest approval ratings at this point in the presidency since President Richard Nixon, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll released Tuesday.

Obama's approval rating in the poll stands at 43%. By comparison, President George W. Bush had a 47% approval rating at the end of the fifth year of his presidency. And all other Post-World War II presidents had approval ratings above 50% — with the exception of Nixon, who, amid the Watergate scandal, had a dreadful 29% approval rating.

The brutal numbers underscore what has been something of a lost year for the President. His approval ratings have been plunging recently as a result of the botched implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

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Dec-17-13 9:35 PM

Dems have no problem giving your tax dollars to those who do nothing, but take earned money from those who risk everything.

Shame, shame, shame, SHAME!!!

Senate GOP fails in final bid to restore military pension cuts to budget bill


A final effort by Senate Republicans to halt cuts to pensions of military retirees failed late Tuesday, after Democrats blocked an amendment to the controversial budget bill.

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Dec-18-13 3:54 PM

Interesting. Looks like our nation is pretty much in line with what the Tea Party has been saying.



PRINCETON, NJ -- Seventy-two percent of Americans say big government is a greater threat to the U.S. in the future than is big business or big labor, a record high in the nearly 50-year history of this question. The prior high for big government was 65% in 1999 and 2000. Big government has always topped big business and big labor, including in the initial asking in 1965, but just 35% named it at that time.

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Dec-18-13 9:39 PM

I apologize. It is 72%, not 73%.

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