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McVey, three others indicted

Ranallo named interim school superintendent

November 26, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Three city school employees, including Superintendent Mike McVey, were placed on paid administrative leave Monday night and the Steubenville board of education has asked retired......

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Dec-01-13 11:33 PM

Kinda funny how the wife of the vice principal was indicted for something that happened at a teachers house when most everyone knew about it and did nothing. Also , how Mr.McVey was seen walking out of Mrs. Gormans house on Saturday after the indictments came out. gotta get those facts straight before the court date!

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Dec-01-13 5:39 PM

Sending prayers.

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Dec-01-13 1:37 PM

I too grew up in days of the MAFI and manndelifeboats is on spot.It would hAVE BEEN NICE TO TURN OVER THE BOY'S THEM.However,those rapes never happened;because justice was swift

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Nov-30-13 6:56 PM

buck private mat....I really never attack posters because it is their opinions. Your name calling just solidifies the ignorance of the majority as you call it.

The dozen or so on here who have commented use our rights just like you.

The people involved have also used their rights; the 5th Amendment.

One day; some day; everyone has their day.

Some of us called the results early on. It is not hard to figure out.

Your Coach and your team are good at what they do on the field; but beyond that the jury is still out on him. Just my opinion.

I really cannot wait til its all over. Trouble is; this will drag on another year.

I think I am done on this subject. Happy Holidays.

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Nov-30-13 6:43 PM

Lets protesters at game....and a huge local following. Wow....the 12 or so on here must be talking for the entire community....NOT.You are all morons behind a keyboard .......................of course thats IMO second amendment and all.

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Nov-28-13 11:09 AM

It is now time for the OHSAA and the Ohio Department of Education to look at the list of coaches (Paid and volunteer) who don't have or did not have an active Pupil Activity Permit, and administer the appropriate administrative penalties.

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Nov-28-13 1:06 AM

Steubenvilleman, your attitude is exactly how "team gang rapes" happen. I don't care who is in the playoffs, or if Reno was name in the indictment. Reno is a poor example of a leader, a coach, and as an "educator."

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Nov-27-13 7:56 PM

Mike Dewine's little PR campaign will fail miserably. I sure am looking foreward to this Friday's game

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Nov-27-13 6:45 PM

Until Coach Reno, the parents of the boys, the reported store that readily gave out alcohol to underage players, and all school employees to include coaches we will not have a successful and fair conclusion to the horrific event. The scapegoat indictments are meant to stop the truth from ever coming to light. It also tells to good people of Jefferson County that unless you are wealthy or apart of the football teams in the area, you are held to a special kind of justice. I believe the recused prosecutor and judge need to be voted out of office. Especially the prosecutor who finds herself acting on the behalf of Bronco Busich and keeping him out of jail. How many disadvantaged young African-americans has she done this for? Living in a small town has its merits and it unfairly advantageous to the wealthy.

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Nov-27-13 6:28 PM

PS Our local newspaper and television news was reporting on this for MONTHS before the hate movement started in mid December of last year. It was front page news every time a hearing or new evidence came up. If that's not enough, then you just don't understand this media. They aren't CNN, who can spend 24/7 talking about a single new item. Big "duh" there!

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Nov-27-13 6:24 PM

It's nice to see that most of the lies Goddard, K-Lie Anonymous, and many of their followers have been proven false. No gang rape, nobody drugged, etc, etc. Also so disgusting that the "movement" (of jealousy and racism) that claimed to be supporting the victim, were the ones who posted her name and address on the internet, got Local Leaks shut down, and made the victim's Life even worse. Like I said when this started almost a year ago, what a bunch of morons! The witch hunt is over, and DeWine and the grand jury has attempted to justify the money they have wasted because of two wannabe internet screwballs. Merry freakin' Christmas, Dereck Lustotter!

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Nov-27-13 5:32 PM

"Pleas or a day in court to come"

Above is the title of the editorial found in The HS November 26th.

Those of you boycotting a football team or game, may also find yourself cancelling a subscription to a newspaper.

It presents many facts we all knew, but falls short of finding fault for the action or lack thereof with others that participated or knew what was going on that August in 2012.

What were the words the Ag used for those people; they fit the editorial also.

Just my opinion.

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Nov-27-13 4:55 PM

Thanks to Anonymous for Justice, it's been a year, only small fish are frying,Big Ones have No Fear. We need you back here, the river is cold, the Game is way too Old! Ignite again, our voices to shout, demand justice, get the Big Fish out! Let the hearts of those harmed at last feel peace! Saccoccia, Hanlin & Parks, who've fouled NO One!

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Nov-27-13 12:40 PM

Tingett, whatever you feel comfortable with. I know there are some who are planning on protesting with signs outside of the game. Others are planning on not attending the games as their form of protest.

The most important thing right now is to get the word out that we will not accept the actions of these crooks, putting high school football over the education and safety of our children.

Call your friends and/or post on your Facebook timeline and let others know about the boycott.

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Nov-27-13 12:31 PM

May all those who somehow participated or covered this up (convicted or not) spend the rest of your lives knowing that your actions were unethical, greedy, stupid, mean and just plain heartless! May your friends, community and family lose trust and respect in you! May you one day wake up and confess to yourself and others that what you did was wrong and start to teach others of your wrongs and how to learn from them! What comes around goes around - Convicted or not Karma will come back to visit you! I was taught to "always do the right thing even when nobody is looking" and "make your bed as you have to lie in it” some great advise that has never let me down!

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Nov-27-13 10:28 AM

Readers may want to google New York Times--In Steubenville Rape Case, a Lesson for Adults to see what the rest of the world is reading about Steubenville. Note: it is not too kind to McVey.

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Nov-27-13 10:13 AM

To all of those that said there was no "cover up." Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Crow.

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Nov-27-13 8:52 AM

Can anyone remember when the REAL mafia ran Steubenville? They were gentlemen compared to the lying , deceitful scum that are running this town now.

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Nov-27-13 8:17 AM

Has everyone forgot all the people involved in this thing.

All the texters, tweeters, video makers, party organizers, booze suppliers, hosts? Now we have a few people taking a fall only one if whom might have been actually involved that night.

Being all those adjectives described by the AG, while he says are not criminal, makes me queezy about having them around.

If one guy is locked up for texting pictures,is he the only one who sent them?

How could this crime be so wide spread and only two people get charged for not reporting?

Is this newspaper taking an editorial stand at some point and time, either yea or nmaybe of their thoughts.

Just wondering all these questions.

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Nov-27-13 7:43 AM talking about signs and stuff at the game if just refusing to go to the game?.

Just asking

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Nov-27-13 7:04 AM

It's obvious that letting school employees work from home instead of suspending then firing them for failing to do their job of reporting means the Steubenville rape case is not over and the guilty will skate punishment they deserve. I am sure the circle of guilty extends well beyond those newly indicted, and probably into this school board and Coach Sac. I feel sorry for a town and people who put football ahead of the crime of rape. How sad for you!

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Nov-26-13 3:30 PM

This case is a prime example of why school boards use of "executive sessions" should be monitored by a third party.

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Nov-26-13 3:27 PM

Lets see what Mr. R. recommends to the Board.

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Nov-26-13 3:05 PM

As a protest of the illegal actions of school administrators and officials, there will be a boycott of the Big Red semi-finals and finals if they should make it. Please join and let Steubenville City Schools know that the education of our children is paramount to winning the state championship in high school football.

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Nov-26-13 2:34 PM

BTW...Mr. Ranallo is a good choice to step up and fill this position...he is an honorable and good administrator.

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