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Politicians should be changed

November 17, 2013

To the editor: It seems funny that the politicians on all sides continue to warn about the national debt but support an economic system that’s based on low wages, tax breaks for the wealthy and......

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Nov-23-13 12:17 AM

It is sad that a person has to have all those identities just so he could misbehave on a comment page. not much of a life I would guess.

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Nov-23-13 12:14 AM

downsized seems to have disapered.

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Nov-22-13 7:41 PM

Is Downsized Core?

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Nov-22-13 6:05 PM

Downsized why are you trying to turn this debate into nothing but name calling? you need to grow up. I see comments like libtard from others but they do not attack anyone personally, like you have been doing. I do hope HS does delete your posts.

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Nov-22-13 5:39 PM

EB, we don't have a Republican president. Bush has been out of office for over 5 years. This is Obama's mess, and his dropping polls. The Republicans tried very, very hard to prevent this trainwreck. Some of us here tried to warn you liberals. Get over it.

EB, why do you think Obama, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton have made a single statement about the black-on-white "Knockout Game" that has killed about a half dozen whites, They had a lot to say about Zimmerman.

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Nov-22-13 4:31 PM

Obama scorecard



This according to left leaning CBS Poll


APPROVAL - ?????


I guess you can't measure anything under 10%

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Nov-22-13 1:31 PM

If you look in the right hand corner you will see report abuse which iI do when you and the other cores call people names and make vulgar posts.

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Nov-22-13 1:10 PM

This is your "most transparent administration, ever":

White House blocks press access to more Obama events...


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Nov-22-13 12:40 PM

"They need you to butt in and rescue the two losers?"

It is called support. I know. You don't know about that. Perhaps you support the child molester. Do you?

If you look at the bottom right corner of the posts, you can see who agrees and who disagrees.

You're not doing so good in that area, diamond. Perhaps you shouldn't be belittling others about support. Ya think?

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Nov-22-13 8:53 AM

"Valleymoron & Goatman when are either of you going to post something halfway intelligent to read?"

They both do. For example:

"Obama scorecard



This according to left leaning CBS Poll"

That was fully intelligent.

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Nov-20-13 9:09 PM

Today's Obamacare news:

VIDEO: White House aides feared Obamacare site issues before launch...

Email chain details concerns...

'UH OH!': Crashes While Sebelius Tries To Sign Person

Up At Media Event...

Website mocked by insurance company...

HHS plans to spend up to $7B -- to cut costs...

POLL: 93% want to see Obamacare altered or repealed...

ANALYSIS: 50 to 100 million insurance cancellations coming...

Small business owner tells Congress health law 'driving me to drink'...

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Nov-20-13 4:06 PM

Libtards behaving badly again!

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Nov-20-13 4:05 PM

downsized10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"Valleymoron - I got something free for ya but it isn't so polite too type it out. By the way I got your right wing buddies hanging pal."

This is like the vulgarity that core would post. Could they be related?

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Nov-20-13 1:52 PM

"Just remember everyone needs a helping hand up once in a while it shouldn't be a way of life and just because they need a helping hand doesn't mean they're bad or lazy people."

Welfare was sold to us as a means to give the poor the "helping hand" out of poverty. Instead, we have spent over 16 trillion dollars on welfare since its inception, and the poor have not come out of poverty. In fact, we have many, many times more folks on welfare, some families have generations living off of welfare.

It didn't work. These folks were given the helping hand you speak of. I started to type that they did not use that helping hand to their advantage, but when you think about generations not getting a job, and living off of our hard earned dollars, I can't say that.

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Nov-20-13 1:46 PM

"So we agree life is about choices and we all made bad ones and presumably we all learned from them."

Nope. I can't agree with that.

There are so many that confuse rumor, feelings, opinions, and lies as fact, and continue to do so.

There are many who continue to make the same mistakes, losing job after job due to their own attitude and incompetance.

There are many who take the easy road every time.

That's why we have so many poor, demanding that those who made the good choices, who took the hard road, who made the sacrifices to be successful, give them their hard earned money.

"...RepubliCON Party chose to back the insurance companies and their profits...

You complain about insurance company profits. Let's just take one, as an example. Do you know what Aetna's profit margin is?

Sorry I interpretted your post listing Bush complaints as your being upset about the debt.

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Nov-20-13 11:36 AM

"Just in case anyone is interested there are 35 Jihadist training camps active in the USA. Closest one in case anyone besides Core wants to sign up is Bethany W. Va.."

Valleyman, they may not allow child molesters.

Even terrorists have limits.

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Nov-20-13 10:17 AM

Still waiting on your answer Echobravo.

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Nov-20-13 12:50 AM

"YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy Bayrock and Moocheele just gave Syria $195,000,000 and told them warm wishes to all MUSSLUUUMS Happy Ramadon."

You cannot believe how sick that makes me! Those terrorist bastards don't deserve anything. By the way, my friends and I are celebrating ramadon next year. We are having a pig roast, a "Koran shoot," (a luck shoot but we will be shooting at a Koran) we are also going to play "stick the sword in mohammed" (kind of like pin the tail on the donkey). All are invited.

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Nov-19-13 9:43 PM

"So you’re claiming you never ever in your life received a break or maybe someone let the rule slide because you seem an honest person or you just didn’t have enough in the bank but we’ll let it slide. "

I never received a break because I was sitting around waiting for one, no. And folks don't need to bend rules for me.

"Really I have a son who is a programmer and he has a*****of a lot more than 75k tied up in his education."

We have programmers that work for my company making $80,000 a year with a 2 year technical degree. I'm sorry it toook your son so much longer and cost him so much more.

"Yeah you’re right it is all about choices and I guess you have never made a bad one in your life."

I've made my share. But I learned from them, I did not keep making them over and over. That distinguishes me from most liberals.

diamond10, get off the _feelings_ kick. It's nice, but doesn't reflect reality, and certainly won't solve economic nor healthcare

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Nov-19-13 9:33 PM

"So I guess that makes it OK to push those tax breaks off onto our children?"

If you take the time to check history,you would see that the tax breaks benefitted the economy, just as the Kennedy tax cuts and the Reagan tax cuts did. Stop with the drama, and check FACTS.

"You show me one post I ever made that states I am complaining about the deficit."

Just one? How about three?

"I don’t remember screaming when we entered 2 wars that depleted the surplus Bush was left with."

"So I guess that makes it OK to push those tax breaks off onto our children?"

"I don’t remember screaming when he passed the Medicare Part D nor cut taxes without paying for it."

When my friends are in need, I step in and help them.

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Nov-19-13 4:44 PM

"Some x-mass’s if I didn’t wake up with a boner I didn’t have anything to play with."

I guess I was fortunate. I received used charity gifts. Part of what spurred me to become self-sufficient.

"I remember the cheese well, Regan cheese as I recall was the name of it."

Wrong. It was going on in the 60s, so that makes it Kennedy or Johnson cheese.

"Things are different that’s all I’m saying today someone needs break to make it happen."

That's the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals wait around for someone to give them a "break".

Conservatives go out and create their own breaks.

Liberals go to college and get degrees in archeology, dance, sociology, journalism, then wonder why they can't get a job.

For far, FAR less than $75K, one can go to school and get a job in programming, welding, jet engine repair, nursing, etc., and get a job right away. Choices, downsized10. One has to make the right choices.

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Nov-19-13 4:44 PM

Hagrid your story is almost identical to my wife's and mine. I was a little better off but my wife had it just as bad as you. Some how with training hard work and never giving up we have it pretty good today. We saw what our attitudes got us and resent lazy losers like a certain person we know get it all for free at our expense.

Gasoline prices are dropping. They are under three dollars in some places. So now is the time for obungler to tax the oil companies to the tune of 80 Billion dollars. By eliminating tax write offs for exploration, research, and other things. The obungler administration thinks that the oil companies will just eat this extra cost. EB do you think all oil products will increase and gas will be over five dollars a gal after obungler's tax increase?

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Nov-19-13 4:31 PM

"Again maybe just maybe with a little cooperation from the RepubliCON Party we wouldn’t be where we are today with the healthcare crisis."

What crisis? People are not dying by the hundreds outside emergency room doors. People with no money are getting treated. I personally know several.

"Unlike you I think healthcare in this country isn’t just for those who can afford it."

Wonderful. then proudly give your money to the government, but don't force me to pay for the healthcare of others, through the government. They do not have a record of spending other peoples' money wisely. Let me give of my own free will. Fair enough?

"You can stand behind your position of healthcare is for those that can afford it if you want but you never know when Karma will appear."

Choices. Instead of getting your nails done twice a month, instead of getting that new IPhone, instead of all those sports channels on satelite, put a few dollars into your own health care.

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Nov-19-13 4:25 PM

"For some reason I can’t remember that happening"

Were you asleep? Obviously not, because 10 years later, you are STILL complaining.

"So you think Obama wants to walk away from the ACA like the trio does do you?"

Nope. It is his legacy. Right now he is seeing the aftermath of his poor planning, poor oversite, of a horrible and unsustainable plan. It will get worse.

"I don’t remember screaming when he passed the Medicare Part D nor cut taxes without paying for it."

I complained. He was acting like an irresponsible Democrat.

"You know the same mantra being used today about the deficit but wasn’t a problem for the RepubiCON party back then because the upper 1% were the biggest recipient of those tax cuts."

The deficit was HALF what it is today.

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Nov-19-13 4:10 PM

.... New tax threatens U.S. recovery


Raising taxes on the oil industry will hurt the economy bearingdrift(dot)com/2011/07/12/why-raising-taxes-on-the-oil-industry-will-hurt-the-economy-3/

eb, If you bother to check history, you will find that Kennedy's corporate tax cuts benefitted the economy. Reagan's corporate tax cuts did the same. You don't have to believe me. Check for yourself.

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