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Good things at SHS

November 10, 2013

To the editor: It’s not always proper to brag about your own. I am going to make an exception to that rul....

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Nov-11-13 8:53 AM

I agree with every word you wrote Ruth Anne. I too am proud to be part of the SHS tradition.

The selflessness, dedication, pride and class that our students exhibit everyday goes unmatched. These acts are the very heart and soul of who we truly are.

No person could possibly begin to understand how strong and deep the ties that bind us run unless they are part of the Big Red Family. It is like nothing else you could ever experience. It is true. It is lasting.

Just Us!

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Nov-13-13 10:00 AM

You guys have strong ties alright. You cover up for your football players that drugged and gang raped a young woman.

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Nov-14-13 11:19 AM

I highly doubt the school board conspired to cover up anything connected to what happened. Although I will say that I find the comment "how strong and deep the ties that bind us run" odd to say the least. I'm all for supporting your local team but why would there be a need for "deep and strong ties that bind"? Just what are those "strong and deep ties that bind"? When thinking of all the other school districts around here such as Central, Toronto, Indian Creek, Buckeye, Weirton I can't think of anything their supporters would have in common as far as "ties that bind" would go? Hmmm, that statement is odd indeed. Would the person who posted that comment, Tammie, care to let the public know just what those "ties that bind" are? I could speculate but won't because I find HS athletics to be unimportant and think the football program at SHS is flawed. I'm assuming there is an athletic code of conduct so naturally my question would be were a

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Nov-14-13 11:29 AM

all those party-goers punished for being out past curfew, drinking alcohol, and posting those lewd and lascivious comments? I realize they may have been and the public just wasn't informed. If that's the case then I stand corrected however I doubt that's the case being it was reported in the media when just three boys were eventually suspended from extra-curricular activities months later. Football is supposed to be a privilege. Those boys' behavior off the field should have taken away their privilege to put on that uniform and step onto that field. There was no question about who said what online, their names and pictures appeared with their postings and re-postings. Accountability for one's actions comes before being able to play a game of High School football. It's over and done with now, the past can't be changed but what can be changed is who makes those decisions.

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Nov-14-13 4:35 PM

It's a shame how a person can't write a simple editorial expressing their gratitude and highlighting a few positive things going on at SHS without someone bashing the football program and continuously bringing up the rape case. Some of you should really get a life and allow Steubenville to move past this situation. No community is perfect

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Nov-16-13 7:41 PM

Killaville, you need to get a life. It was because of the FOOTBALL TEAM THAT THIS HAPPENED. IT IS BECAUSE OF THE COACHES PROTECTING THE ATHLETES THAT THIS HAPPENED. Personally, I could care less about SHS or their football program. I actually hate football. I also hate when the powers that be protect HS football players.

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Nov-21-13 2:53 PM

@Killavill you are so correct! It's the ignorance of these folks that make everyone suffer. First of all, not ALL the kids did anything wrong but in these people's eyes, burn all who live or go to school there. It has not yet been determined any coaching staff or officials had any knowledge of the horrible things that took place. I for once don't understand why anyone would put their job on the line to "hide" that kind of behavior but you know, give them something to talk about and they shall talk....

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Nov-24-13 9:26 AM

rpg, you are one dumb sick b-ast-ard. You turn a letter recognizing a wonderful, thoughtful gesture into your own personal agenda of wholesale attack on BIg Red High school. You must be on the verge of a nervous breakdown knowing that Big Red has made it to the fourth and next to the last playoff game.*****it up dummy and move on. No one wants to hear your stupid BS anymore. Not only on this thread but on all threads

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