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People are taking notice

October 27, 2013

To the editor: We the people are sick and tired of the fraud in the White House, lying to us and pretending he can fix anything....

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Nov-03-13 5:57 PM

The Republican Party will soon collapse under its own white.

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Nov-01-13 7:46 AM

BCF probably the other core and Core.


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Oct-30-13 8:29 PM

The communist leftists are once again showing their lack of intelligent thinking and continuing to believe and spread the Communist Democrat's propaganda.

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Oct-30-13 8:05 PM

Today's Headlines:

GOV'T: Social Security benefits to rise 1.5%...

Among smallest increases in 38 years...

Putin topples Obama in FORBES power ranking...

Quinnipiac: Virginia Gov. Race Tightening

Joe Scarborough: Of Course Obama Lied

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Oct-30-13 7:29 PM

Wow! No wonder the NSA and Obama are in deep do-do!



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Oct-30-13 7:21 PM

Obama approval at all-time low


President Barack Obama’s job approval has dropped to an all-time low, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

A new ABC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows that a mere 42 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance, down a full five points from a poll conducted in early October. The president’s disapproval rating stands at 51 percent, tying an all-time high for Obama.

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Oct-30-13 7:17 PM

We don't have an income problem. We have a SPENDING problem.

Some Congress people feel we have nothing to cut. Some want an automatic debt ceiling increases.

Those people are called Democrats.



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Oct-30-13 4:52 PM

Max out your credit card? Just have your limit raised. AUTOMATICALLY!!!

Senate Democrats back automatic debt limit hikes


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Oct-30-13 8:44 AM

Better yet I am going as a budget and never leaving the White House or Senate.

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Oct-29-13 9:11 PM

I'm going to go as a jobs bill for Halloween and never leave The House.

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Oct-29-13 1:58 PM

Like I said:

Scarborough: Obama Took Bush NSA Policies and 'Turned it Up'


Joe Scarborough called out critics of former President George W. Bush Tuesday for saying his intelligence gathering and surveillance policies "shredded the Constitution," noting that the Obama administration has take the same policies to a new, unprecedented level.

"This is one more example of how Barack Obama and his supporters suggested that George W. Bush and [Vice President] Dick Cheney shredded the Constitution and hated civil liberties, and were the worst thing that ever happened," Scarborough said during MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

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Oct-29-13 1:52 PM

That's about a 20% loss on their investment. Those are your dollars folks. Well, dollars of some of you.

Feds report $9.7B loss on GM shares...


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Oct-29-13 1:39 PM

Yes, the liberal New York Times has hired a friend of the enemies of Israel.

New NYTIMES Columnist Promised to Give Book Royalties to Hamas...


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Oct-29-13 11:09 AM

Lindsey Graham: 60 Minutes 'Death Blow,' Will Block Nominations Over Benghazi


Calling the Obama administration "irresponsible" for shielding witnesses to the deadly 2012 Benghazi terror attack, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday he'll hold up every executive branch appointment and nominee until more survivors are allowed to speak to Congress.

Now, why do you suppose Obama would want to keep the Benghazi witnesses from talking to Congress? Why aren't the liberals, and their media, outraged?

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Oct-29-13 10:57 AM

White House OKd spying on allies, U.S. intelligence officials say


NSA and other U.S. intelligence agency staff members are said to be angry at President Obama for denying knowledge of the spying.

So, is Obama inept, or lying?

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Oct-28-13 7:24 PM

Wasn't The One going to bring peace to the world, and make the oceans recede?

Terrorist attacks and deaths hit record high, report shows


Washington (CNN) – As terrorism increasingly becomes a tactic of warfare, the number of attacks and fatalities soared to a record high in 2012, according to a new report obtained exclusively by CNN.

More than 8,500 terrorist attacks killed nearly 15,500 people last year as violence tore through Africa, Asia and the Middle East, according to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

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Oct-28-13 1:48 PM


Spoken like a true Socialist.

Or is the correct term Marxist?

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Oct-27-13 9:19 PM

"Tea Baggers favor segregation and poverty, and offer no way to help all Americans."

They do? Can you show us a Tea Party platform that says that?

Does lower taxation help Americans?

Does eliminating the national debt help Americans?

Does adhering to the Constitution help Americans?

Let us know when/if you find proof of your claims. Fair enough?

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Oct-27-13 6:27 AM

Let's call the Tea Party members what they are - "Racists". They don't like President Obama because he is black. The stupid comment about "lazy blacks" from that NC Republican Tea Party activist brought that out in spades this week. Tea Baggers favor segregation and poverty, and offer no way to help all Americans.

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