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Credibility of writer questioned

October 20, 2013

To the editor: This section of the Herald-Star receives some very well- written letters that are used for thank-yous and pleas for help, as well as political comments. Following the Barry Bardone-J....

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Oct-23-13 12:11 AM

Yes core I had a post deleted, actually several over time. I never cried about like you. Now core how many times have you been deleted from the whole site and explain why?

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Oct-22-13 5:17 PM

We all knew mrcore would never change. He is just going to be crude and vulgar in Spanish. Take note HS.

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Oct-22-13 10:06 AM

Banned mrcore aka dadjoveric is up to his old tricks calling people names. HS you should look up the meaning of pendejos. It is Spanish for idiot or worse.

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Oct-22-13 12:04 AM

dadj says we are wrong then says there are sources that prove he is right. thus he has to believe these sources, but claims to be an atheist so he cant believe his sources. I conclude he is just trolling the forum and wants to cause trouble with his gibberish and double talk.

Let the bells of St. Francis toll.

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Oct-21-13 11:50 PM

Hagrid and RPG this sounds like a guy I know of too, but he is only 5'3" tall and wear shoes that the toes curl up and a little pointy hat.

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Oct-21-13 12:35 PM

RPG0340, I believe I know the guy you are speaking of.

He can't let any Christian post go unanswered, almost always with snide remarks, cursing, belittling comments.

I think he is rudderless, and blames others for his fate. Obviously, if there were a God, He would have made said person into royalty, admired by all, instead of a loser. Oh, and he hates the lovely church bells. Perhaps if he moved out of mommy's house, he could get further away from them.

That's if we are speaking of the same person.

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Oct-21-13 12:30 PM

"Most people know that Barack Obama is a Christian, Keynesian born in Hawaii."

Apparently, Obama is not one of those "Most people":

From B. Hussein Obama's own book:

In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

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Oct-20-13 6:52 PM

Religion has been the conflict for thousands of years and will continue to be a conflict. Why even debate it. ALL religions have one thing in common and that is a higher power and what one chooses to call them is their business. For people of non faith, they have that right to do so, but just as with any religion, please don't try to sell me your beliefs (general comment not directed to one person). There are conflicts about Jesus being on the cross/not being the cross. If faith brings about peace within, what difference does it make what you believe or don't believe. It's the INTOLERANCE and lack of respect for another's faith that is the problem. Grow up and move on to something more meaningful. I was raised a Baptist, graduated from a Catholic High School, and lived in the Middle East...Its about respect.

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Oct-20-13 6:14 PM

There is this atheist that lives around here. He would not be all that much of a problem but he causes trouble. He does things like whining when someone mentions God in public. Or if someone says "Merry Christmas," he gets offended. He even gets mad when the church bells ring. Yet if someone were to burn a Koran, he'd jump up and down in disgust that it happened.

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