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Sometimes facts can be confusing

October 6, 2013

To the editor: Bob Atkinson’s letter of Sept. 29 (“Looking to take control”) reveals the skill level of liberal criticism — low or non-existent....

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Oct-14-13 10:26 AM

... Much harder to provide proof, isn't it?

But, feel free to try, at any time.

As for the "Bush lies", you do know (I'm TRYING to give you some credibility here) that Kerry, Bill AND Hillary Clinton, Jay Rockefeller, Robert Byrd, Al Gore, Carl Levin, Bob Graham, Pelosi, said Iraq had WMD (which they did, by the way) YEARS before Bush was even President?

Come on, downsized10, you can answer even one question, can't you? you DO know my last statement to be true, correct? If you need, I can easily provide the FACTS, PROOF, for you. Well, if you would be nicer about my helping you be better informed, that is.

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Oct-14-13 10:12 AM

""Hagrid and RPG - Can you please tell me how you know Obamacare will be a failure?" – Where in that statement do you see me asking you or RPG to do research on how you know Obamacare will be a failure?"

In you own words, in the very sentence you posted. You asked, I answered.

The FTA came into being in 1994. Now, tell us, downsized10, who was president in 1994? Did the loss of high cost union steel jobs start after 1994?

Those are easier questions for you. Try to get the answers right, OK?

"you certainly know how to misconstrue questions "

What part of "Can you please tell me how you know Obamacare will be a failure?" did I misconstrue?

"sugar coated answers "

Are you talking about the CBO numbers I provided for you that you falsly sourced as Fox News talking points?

STILL can't negate a single one of my answers, can you? It is easy to lie, and attribute true facts as "sugar coated answers". Much harder to pro

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Oct-12-13 8:34 PM

"When I read your statements on the shutdown you are wrong"

One would then think it would be easy to disprove all of my statements. Yet you have failed to disprove even one.

I'd hate for you to leave it this way. You've made false claims, You forget what you post, then deny you did so 9although it is there for all to see), you claim my statements are wrong, but provide not one bit of proof to back that claim. Do you understand how that makes you look? Come on. Try to redeam yourself.

Or, you could admit you were mistaken, after examining the FACTS.

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Oct-12-13 8:28 PM

"It doesn’t matter Clinton nor Carey nor Pelosi took our country to war over their thinking but the Bushmaster did, right?"

Ah, they DID. (Correction: Kerry)Check the record. They ALL voted on AMENDMENT NO. 1040:


You DO understand "ALL NECESSARY MEANS", correct?

"When I read your statements on the shutdown you are wrong"

Fair enough. Where's your proof? So far, you have failed to negate a single one of my statements.

"I reviewed my posts and didn’t see where I ask you or anyone else to do research for me."

We know your research skills are a little lacking, but where you asked is not that hard to find. Here, let me help you. Again:

"Hagrid and RPG - Can you please tell me how you know Obamacare will be a failure?"

Yep. Your request is still there.

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Oct-12-13 7:46 PM

"You confuse me making statements to you with asking you to do research for me, again you are delusional. Show me anywhere in my posts where I ask you to research this for me."

I'm delusional? Sorry downsized10. You are wrong. AGAIN. Want proof? No problem:

"Hagrid and RPG - Can you please tell me how you know Obamacare will be a failure?"

Now did you ask this of me, or not? Were you perhaps inebriated when you posted that, and don't remember? Baring that, looks like you owe me an apology for falsly accusing me of being delusional.

"you foaming at the mouth..."

LOL Wow. You can show where I was foaming, correct? Or are you dilusional?

"I insulted your RepubliCON/Tea Party"

Again, I am not a Republican. For the record, I'm a Libertarian. (Wrong AGAIN!)

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Oct-12-13 7:26 PM

"You baffle me Hagrid you confuse good paying manufacturing jobs with low paying service jobs again at the American workers expense"

Wrong. Again.

Talk to the workers at the American Honda, Toyota, Kia, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, BMW, and Kia/Hyundai. Ask them if their jobs are "low paying service jobs"(Starting at $25.65 per hour).

"I don’t really give a rats a** either."

It shows. You don't care about facts and truth, if it does not fit your agenda, or your liberal puppeteirs don't allow you to process facts. From my point of view, we loose 5.5 million phone bank jobs and low paying textile jobs in exchange for 6.4 million good paying technical jobs. A good trade, in my way of thinking. But, we know you don't give a rat's a** about the truth.

"You’re delusional to think Reagan was a good President his legacy was the wall separating East and West Germany got torn down."

Wow. Now you are imagining things. Can you show me where I

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Oct-12-13 4:24 AM

3. Their drumbeat against big government has disguised the torrent of money they've raised from the wealthy, big corporations, and Wall Street, in exchange for special tax breaks, loopholes, and subsidies that entrench privilege and power. Is this elaborate masquerade now coming to a close?

-- Robert Reich

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Oct-12-13 4:24 AM

2. Are Republican supporters in the white working class coming to realize that the GOP's faux populism masks a dogged defense of the privileged and powerful? For years Republicans have used their snake-oil "trickle-down" economics to justify lower taxes on the wealthy and corporations, even though nothing has trickled down. They've described the poor as "takers" in order to distract attention from the reality of declining median incomes, even as almost all economic gains go to the very top.

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Oct-12-13 4:23 AM

1. The best (and only good) thing to come out of the government shutdown and possible default is the awakening of a large portion of the public to what today's Republican Party is really up to. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey released Thursday evening, just 24% have a favorable opinion of Republicans while 47% have a favorable opinion of the President. According other polls, if the 2014 election were held today Democrats would have a good chance of winning 24 Republican-held House districts, giving them control of the House.

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Oct-11-13 8:40 PM

... But, your mind is wondering. Try to stay on topic. Can you negate ANY of the facts you requested from me, or not?

“Cheney and Bushmaster, who lied to the people and Congress about weapons of mass destruction”

And Clinton Carey, Pelosi, etc, also lied, right? After all, they said there were WMD before Bush, remember? Do you need me to provide THAT research to you, also?

“Then they lead your party to pass and sign 11 free trade agreements to move manufacturing jobs out of the country to seek and exploit low wage workers.”

Are you aware that those agreements brought 6.4 MILLION jobs to America due to insourcing?

“Hagrid , You may be able to fool younger people with your rhetoric and sugar coating of your party”

Please explain why FACTS are rhetoric and sugar coating.

Remember, you have been totally unable to disprove a single one of my statements. Not a single one.

When will you start?

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Oct-11-13 8:38 PM

Does this mean I’m not going to get my “Thank You!”? “So one out of five companies laid off people but was it because Obama got re-elected?”

Better check your math.

You said Koch never laid off anyone, I showed you that you were wrong. You say you don’t have time to research. That is obvious. But why do you want me to do MORE research for you? I, too, have a job and a family, yet I took the time and trouble to help you. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

“You are still blinded by your party”

Again, you are confused, and besides not doing proper research in order to understand reality, you have failed to read where I have explained that I am not a Republican.

“You are still blinded by your party and feel they care about you sorry to inform you but your party nor do the Democrats care about you.”

Again, you are talking about _feelings_, and avoiding FACTS. No wonder you are so confused. Reagan saved lives by putting the ATCs back to work,...

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Oct-10-13 11:11 PM


– Koch laid off 400 people in its Waynesboro, Indiana INVISTA plant. As one of the primary employers in the city, the layoffs were expected to have serious ripple effects. City officials said layoffs at Invista will “force cuts across Waynesboro.” “The rest of the community, this will probably instill a bit of a wake-up call and they will cut back also,” predicted Waynesboro Vice Mayor Frank Lucente.

– Koch laid off 320 people at its Georgia Pacific plywood plant in Cleveland, Texas.

– Koch laid off 60 people at its INVISTA plant in Victoria, Texas.

– Koch laid off 169 people from its Flint Hills Resources plant in Odessa, Texas.

– Koch laid off 300 people at its Georgia Pacific plant in Monroeville, Alabama.

– Koch “indefinitely” idled its 60-worker Georgia Pacific mill in Louisville, Mississippi.

Another liberal lie shot down.

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Oct-10-13 11:08 PM

By the way, you are wrong about something else (You are just a wealth of misinformation, aren't you?):

– Koch’s John Zink Company subsidiary laid off 63 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

– Koch’s Georgia Pacific subsidiary laid off 118 people at its Roxboro, North Carolina plant.

– Koch laid off 50 people at its INVISTA plant in Wilmington, Delaware.

– Koch’s Georgia Pacific subsidiary laid off 158 people at a paper-making plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Most of the jobs have been replaced with automated machines.

– Koch’s INVISTA subsidiary laid off 50 people at its plant in Athens, Georgia.

– Koch laid off 150 people at its headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.

– Koch laid off 500 people at its Seaford, Delaware INVISTA plant....

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Oct-10-13 11:07 PM

LOL downsized10, you are the quintisential liberal.

You ask someone else to do research that you are either unwilling, incapable, or too lazy to research yourself. For free.

After this Good Samaritan provides you with a plethora of facts, instead of saying, "Thank you!", you belittle and degrade the kind soul.

What you failed to do, was to disprove one iota of what I provided.

One might ask, "Why IS that?"

But we know why, don't we?

Because you can't. You conveniently leave out these truths to satisfy what you WISH to be true.

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Oct-10-13 12:32 PM

"The ACA is the law..."

The Second Amendment has been law for 222 years. Why are the Democrats trying to change it?

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Oct-10-13 11:18 AM

Today's Headlines:

Obama's national debt rate on track to double...

AP Poll: Obama Approval Plummets to 37%

AP Poll: Just 7% Says Obamacare Working Well

Businesses Reeling Under Obamacare Requirements

Read Latest Breaking News from Obamacare website cost more than FACEBOOKTWITTERLINKEDININSTAGRAM...

'How can we tax people for not buying product from website that doesn't work?'

Major insurers, Dem allies repeatedly warned Obama admin...

Once you get in, you can't get out...

'It looks like nobody tested it'...

Hawaii forced to relaunch after zero sign-ups...

Only 5 Iowans..

James Woods: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' After Criticizing Obama!

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Oct-10-13 9:33 AM

Obungler allows illegal aliens to hold a rally on the Mall, These people are not citizens and don't even belong in this country Yet he denies a dying little girl to see The Statue of Liberty before she dies. He also denies death benefits to our heros who gave their life for this country. The house passes unanimously a bill to reinstate death benefits to our men and women in uniform and Dirty Harry says NO.

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Oct-09-13 9:40 PM

downsized10, Republicans would never, ever do this:

Obama to Allow Amnesty Rally on National Mall After Kicking Veterans Out


Last week, Barack Obama did a disgraceful thing in barricading the World War II Memorial and then later forcing Vietnam Veterans from the Vietnam Memorial. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid then attempted to blame the Republicans for the barricades. Now, on the very same Mall that those Memorials reside on, the Obama administration has decided to hold a massive rally for comprehensive immigration reform (you know it as amnesty for illegal aliens) on Tuesday.

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Oct-09-13 8:59 PM

... “Sir, we are not a department of the government,” the mayor told Reid after concluding his news event and then crashing another about 50 yards away, where Reid and other Senate Democrats were talking to reporters. “We’re simply trying to be able to spend our own money.”

Reid (D-Nev.) responded defensively in front of a bank of cameras and reporters. “I’m on your side. Don’t screw it up, okay? Don’t screw it up.”


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Oct-09-13 8:58 PM

Vincent Gray confronts Reid on Capitol steps over shutdown’s impact on District


Mayor Vincent C. Gray stepped away from his role as scandal-scarred leader and into the spotlight as agitator-in-chief against the federal shutdown during a dramatic confrontation on the Capitol steps Wednesday with Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid.

At a news conference, Gray argued emphatically and sometimes emotionally for the city’s right to spend $6 billion a year in locally raised tax revenue without congressional say-so. It was a new public posture for an embattled mayor whose 2010 campaign remains under federal investigation — but who is now battling to keep the District government in business by exempting it from the ongoing shutdown.

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Oct-09-13 8:53 PM

White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info


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Oct-09-13 8:50 PM

Folks with preexisting conditions can simple work the system and wait until they need the benefits, and then jump in.

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Oct-09-13 8:50 PM

... Obamacare is still projected to have a gross cost of over $1.6 trillion from 2013 to 2022.

You can’t get much factual than the CBO. They say The House bill to delay Obamacare’s individual mandate would save $35 billion dollars. But the Dems won’t even consider it.

Read more: dailycaller(dot)com/2013/09/09/cbo-obamacare-individual-mandate-delay-would-save-35-billion/#ixzz2hGr23Fys

Obama told us the ACA would cost $900 billion over 10 years (but cover only SIX YEARS of spending!)... A large amount. The CBO now says that figure is $1.8 TRILLION, double. And it hadn’t even gotten started.

One third of the funding comes from Medicaid cuts.

Way too many of Obama’s buddies are getting exemptions. The fewer payers into the system, the more in the red it is going to go, and the more it will cost the rest of us. If it is so great, why exemptions?

Obamacare is good enough for you and I, but not Obama and Congress. What does that tell you?

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Oct-09-13 8:48 PM

Reasons why ObamaCare has failed, and will continue to fail.

Companies are reducing full time workers, not hiring, in order to afford the heavy cost to them of Obamacare. Costs of goods and services will go up. Lower employment and higher prices. A recipe for disaster.

Medicare payments to doctors will drop 25% in 2014 to help fund Obamacare. Many doctors are projected (by the CBO) to refuse Medicare patients.

You don’t vote for a bad bill that you never read. There will be many, many Unintended Consequences.

We will be adding millions of folks, but no plan to have the number of doctors needed. In fact, doctors are dropping out.

If the preparation the rollout by the Obama administration is any indication, we’re screwed. Folks can’t even register....

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Oct-09-13 8:44 PM

downsized10, I have posted my healthcare ideas as well as several conservative plans right here on this web site. Sorry you missed them, but your claim that I did not provide them is false.

Yes, I do believe our health care plan could be better with cooperation, but the Dems refuse.

Yes, I blame the Dems for the shutdown. The Republicans put a bill forward that completely funded our federal government, except for ObamaCare. The Dems shot it down.

"Your party would do the same and that’s something you can’t deny."

First, you are wrong about my party. Second, conservatives put far more regard for facts, and less on feelings about political and economic matters. So, I disagree.

A preacher at the First Methodist Church once told me that, if you can't defend your beliefs, or choose not to, perhaps your beliefs are not worth defending.

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