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Quit playing political games

September 29, 2013

To the editor: To a large segment of the population, insurance may as well be written in sanscript....

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Sep-29-13 8:08 AM

I appreciate your view regarding the ACA; however, this view is still not a majority view.

You wrote "It's a national disgrace how they're using their office to push a political agenda;" yet you forget the only way the ACA was passed was through their own agenda pushing. Might I remind you that many of those who stood firm in their ideologies and voted for this quagmire have been voted out of office? Why? Their constituents didn't want this "We have to vote this through so we can see what's in it" legislation.

If you are going to argue the affirmative, you must do so on its merits. Using ideological attacks only reminds the rest of us of the way the super majority "pushed" regardless of public sentiment.

Regarding the merits...nobody knows what kind of lion this massive overhaul will unleash. I have heard the same "pros" on the news and through presidential campaign-like speeches. How could it be bad if the government says it is good.

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Sep-29-13 8:09 AM

Well said Mr. Galownia. I think the ACA is a brave and necessary first step toward sorely needed health care reform. I also think vigilant review and tweaking is needed to keep the plan healthy. I am disappointed in this current Congress.

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Sep-29-13 9:14 AM

The author of this letter is an obvious supporter of the liberal cause and possesses no knowledge about how capitalism works. He makes claims that repealing this law may result in many deaths. I wonder if he knows what IPAB is? It is in the bill, it will cause deaths but he seems to forget that one. What does ACA change? It raises the insurance rates and tax rates on those that actually have to pay for it. I guess if punishing the people that keep the wheels turning is a good thing, Obamacare is great.

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Sep-29-13 1:32 PM

I am for ACA, because it started out just like medicare. The people who opposed it are long gone, but people of today are STILL benefiting from it (even responders in this post). Its a broken law and should be tweeked (not repealed) and not at the entire nation's expense. Congress does not care about its people, they get richer after they push their agenda and come back as lobbyist. If any of you are you going to argue the "affirmative", quit using FOX/MSNBC/CNN talking points. The bill is online to be read. Impress me by referencing what you read there. MORALLY I do not care of the cost, but whether its good for the masses or no ACA to satisfy the few. WE ALL PAY IN THE END WHEN AN UNISURED GOES TO THE ER. At least some of the cost will come from some of those who use the ER as their doctor's office for those concerned about their "money". Kind reminds one of "greed" and trying by your way into Heaven. Not going to happen.

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Sep-29-13 1:42 PM

Companies dropping health care benefits for their employees and families. Employees being reduced to part time. Doctors retiring at alarming rates. The only "benefits" to Obamacare so far are that "children" can stay on their parents' health care benefits until they are 26 and I am going to be forced to pay for others' birth control. What a great law!!!

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Sep-29-13 1:59 PM

Doctormom - All that you state is driven by money. Doctors should not be doctors if they are only driven by money and not living up to the oath that comes with the profession. You read about doctors being charged with defrauding the government to get richer (sounds like a moral issue). Business-boils down to even more greed...Its greed greed greed.

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Sep-29-13 5:19 PM

YES, I AM commenting on GREEDY doctors. You have lost sight of what their profession is all about...SAVING LIVES AT ANY COST, not saving your life if you can afford the cost. I keep saying its a MORAL issue, but you call it communist. Where is your moral fiber my friend. AGAIN, WHY ARE YOU NOT OUTRAGED FOR SOMEONE WORKING 139 DAYS @ $174,000. I am sure these issues would have been worked out if they worked like everyone else. The make even more money going back to their districts. With today's technology, those town halls can be conducted via video cam with the same results. Why not ask that question? Also why not address how their wastes hurt Americans, unless you okay with that.

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Sep-29-13 6:17 PM

Its all equated to GREED and MORALITY. I don't support congress and the blame game who are only in session 139 days. If they WORKED MORE in instead of recessing at the most crucial time of the year (Fiscal Year End/New Fiscal Year). No excuses nor sympathy for either party nor doctors who feel they do not make enough money.

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Sep-29-13 7:21 PM

Echobravo, do doctors deserve their pay? Should you really call a person "greedy" that spends the best years of their young adult life in school only to graduate $200k in debt, have to pay crushing insurance premiums and high taxes and take a job where they work midnight shift, holidays, are on call, and work 24 hours at a time for the first 20 years of their career? If they wanted a better return on investment they'd be better off becoming tax attorneys, but they'd rather heal their fellow man. Yep, greed by very definition. If any career is clothed in greed it is public school teachers. They hold kids hostage if they don't get a pay raise.

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Sep-29-13 11:19 PM

RPG - That is outrageous. Either you never had kids or they did not learn a thing because bad teachers. Doctors (most) are in it to save lives, not rape the patient by over charging them. I will continue to use GREED AND MORALITY to address this profession and will use the term fence walkers who want to be a christian when its convenient or to bash another religion. People call it a christian nation with christian values, only to show what a christian is not. Perhaps people should knock the dust off those bibles and re-learn what it means to be christian-like, but if not, it is what it is...Intolerance, and with some pure ignorance.

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Sep-30-13 9:36 AM

Echobravo, did you read anything about the Edison local school district's bussing policy for high school students? Oh, wait a second, they don't provide bussing for high school students anymore. They did this to punish the voters because they did't get their pay raise, oops I mean levy passed.

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Sep-30-13 9:50 AM

Echobravo, now it's time to address your overcharging fallacy. There was a time that I had an HMO. I paid about $250 a month for myself. I am in good health and when I went to the doctor I had to pay a $40 deductible, $100 if I went to the ER. I got a bad sinus infection had to go to the ER on the weekend, pay $100 plus $50 for my prescriptions. It didn't go away (doctor didn't prescribe antibiotics) so in the following week so I had to se my doctor, pay $40, and $50 for the prescription. So 2 weeks premiums ($125) + $140 for deductibles +$100 for meds= $365 for me to get rid of a sinus infection with an HMO. When I didn't have insurance I got a sinus infection. My doctor charged me $20 for an office visit and to write a script. The meds cost me $45 out of pocket. Let's recap, which amount is less $65 or $265. Doctors charge more if they have to deal with insurance companies, not because they are greedy.

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Sep-30-13 9:56 AM

Echobravo, I take that back, I forgot to include some costs in my addition, it actually comes to $490, oh well, it's still a lot more than $65.

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Sep-30-13 11:24 AM

"MORALLY I do not care of the cost"

Spoken as someone who wishes for others to pay for their health care.


Far less now than when millions more are added for the rest of us to pay for.

"Kind reminds one of "greed"

Not caring about cost (because someone else is paying!) and wanting others to pay your bills is the essence of greed.

"YES, I AM commenting on GREEDY doctors"

Then only use non-greedy doctors. Problem solved.


Does that go for your job, too? work at ANY COST? Or is that just for someone else?

You claim most doctors are in it to save lives, then you immediately trash the profession. Shame!

EB, be a good Christian, and give more to help the sick. If liberals did that, instead of forcing higher costs on others, it would be the Christian thing to do, and solve the problem.

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Sep-30-13 5:41 PM

RPG - Here is a breakdown of my coverage. TWO health insurances (no deductable(in network), ER visit $125, co pay $35). Usually that equates into no charges. With that being said, you did not state when your premium was $65 and when it went up. I am sure it was not during the ACA. Again, I would like to see as many people as possible get medical insurance EVEN IF I PAY SLIGHTLY MORE. The only discussion that should be had here is how to make the LAW better. It needs work and that is it. I am sure if the Republicans had a viable plan, they would have pushed that issue home, but all they talk about is repeal. THERE IS NO PLAN except what fox wants you to believe.

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Sep-30-13 6:11 PM

Echo, You are under the illusion that doctors are in it for the money and that is not true for most doctors that I know. They go to school for many years, have hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to pay for their school and the majority of them care about their patients. They are leaving because they do not want government telling them how to practice medicine. Why should politicians tell professionals how to treat their patients? Why don't you talk with some doctors? You might learn something if you had an open mind. I heard Obama say that if the government shuts down women won't have birth control. What happened to buying your own birth control? I bought mine when I needed it.

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Sep-30-13 8:11 PM

Cancer trumps ideology in reform debate Removing our 'partisan viewfinders' will make it clear that only compassion, humanity will guide us to remedies for our nation's ills By Anna Tran, M.D.

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Sep-30-13 9:49 PM

"Again, I would like to see as many people as possible get medical insurance EVEN IF I PAY SLIGHTLY MORE"

Problem is, folks are paying a LOT more, and the full cost of the ACA has yet to hit us.

"It needs work and that is it. I am sure if the Republicans had a viable plan, they would have pushed that issue home, but all they talk about is repeal."

It is the Dema who refuse to compromise, not the Republicans. The Dems do not want to allow a single change to ObamaCare. The Republicans have tried, and failed. The Democrat-controlled Senate even took Sunday off, the day before our government shuts down Do you call that either compromise, or caring?

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Oct-01-13 1:00 AM

EchoBravo, how about donating YOUR money to fund the program since you have so much to go around? I pay taxes, I have a job, I have a family to provide for, do I deserve to get taxed more or pay more than I already do? I'd like to buy another vehicle soon but if my healthcare costs increase, I'll run mine for another 5-10 years keeping someone from getting a commission check and a union guy from getting some overtime.

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Oct-01-13 8:04 AM

MY MONEY is humble money and material just like a car. I have a family that are insured (medical/vision/dental) and that is the priority period. I will complain about taxes like you, but it is what it is. The dems took Sunday off (inexusable), but ONLY WORK 139 DAYS IN A YEAR, blame them both for not serving the people full time period. Everyone should be upset with that.

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Oct-01-13 9:45 AM

EchoBravo, why is it OK to have your money taken from you against your will so that someone that is too lazy or substandard to get it for themselves can use it? Why should my co-worker that has the same job as I do essentially pay no taxes (because he has 2 children and an unemployed spouse) while I pay 30%? How is that fair EB?

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Oct-01-13 4:03 PM

obamacare ------ The fact that nobody knows what the rules are, employers scared to death to hire new employees, cutting the hours many of their current employees, and for what reason? This law is not ready, Period.

It's time for the Senate and obama to listen to the American people, just like the House has listened to the American people, and pass a one-year delay of obamaCare and permanent repeal of the medical device tax.

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Oct-01-13 8:39 PM

They are listening to the American people. Obama WON the 2012 election (ran on that as well). ACA went into effect and it is LAW. Opponents did a good job of scaring people/employers. I do not enjoy just giving money to the government, but as stated, if it goes toward helping the mass, it is what it is. Delaying ACA is a political ploy. If its that bad, it should have been addressed sooner more than later. Now they are trying to save face because wacko Cruz and his followers.

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Oct-01-13 10:27 PM

"They are listening to the American people"

If they were, they would walk away from toe ACA. Here, check this:

Pew Survey: 53% of Americans Disapprove of Obamacare, Highest Negative Since Law’s Passage


Rasmussen: Just one in three Americans think Obamacare will improve healthcare in U.S.


EB, you are in that 30% minority.

"I have a family that are insured (medical/vision/dental) and that is the priority period."

Isn't that anti-moral?

“A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.”

? G. Gordon Liddy Read more quotes from G. Gordon

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Oct-02-13 10:03 AM

EchoBravo, my company's annual open enrollment is coming up here in a few weeks. So, I'll be getting a chance to look at my costs here probably in the next week or so. Obamacare is supposed to bring costs down, right? I'll answer that in plain black and white numbers for you here very soon.

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