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Special jury awaits forensic work

August 27, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — A special grand jury called by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to look into the Steubenville rape case is waiting on outside forensic work before resuming its investigation into a......

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Aug-27-13 3:46 PM

Ten times since April 15. That's plain ludicrous.

My bet is waste of time and money....1919 Black Sox trial.

What evidence?

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Aug-27-13 5:05 PM

Grand jury is putting finishing touches on charging indictments. The forensic evidence are the emails they have collected from all the HS computers from administrators and coaches, etc. Word is out that evidence exists "a plenty" and that multiple indictments will come out IRONICALLY during the first part of Big Red Football season. Could there be a uniform change from red and black to black & white prison stripes on players, parents and coaches and change of stadium name to "Folsolm Field?" Don't delude yourselves sportsfans...a grand jury does not stay in session for several months unless there is lots and lots of evidence to sift through. Those who think this whole episode will come to nothing are whistling past the graveyard......BOO! Your ole pal Flick.

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Aug-27-13 6:29 PM

Coach Sac in handcuffs coming off the Big Red Football Field - can't wait to see it! Steubenville will soon know all the other adultss who did nothing but coverup, and will understand the meaning of "Rape is Rape".

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Aug-28-13 12:28 AM

@Tomsays Are you at all concerned about Jane Doe and her pursuit of justice or are you more looking forward to Coach Reno being arrested? What is it exactly that you think the man did wrong? I doubt the school, Sheriff's office, police department, prosecutor's office, and Coach Reno all conspired together to "cover-up" what happened. If there was a cover-up why would rape charges be filed to begin with? What happened is horrific enough on it's own without adding to the story. Use your common sense, the cover-up story doesn't make any sense. It's all rubbish contrived by people like yourself who, for whatever reason, want to have this big conspiracy be true.

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Aug-28-13 5:48 AM

Rsimpson43952 - Coach Sac tried to cover up Jane Doe's rape and protect his 2012 football team. That is a SERIOUS violation of the law and he deserves to spend plenty of time in jail for doing it and loss of his teaching license. He's a scumbag!

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Aug-28-13 4:43 PM

I am not an attorney or at all familiar with all aspects of law, but I believe failure to report is a misdemeanor and is similar to a traffic violation.

Now, as PO'ed as I could be that it is not any more serious of a crime; I think he will walk....strut is way down the street.

The parents however, and those who contributed to the delinquency of those minors could get jail time.

Seen it before. Know personally of two who received 6 months for providing and permitting booze at a teen party where a crime was committed.

I know someone else on here said it before......a Grand Jury could indict a sandwich; they have the power; with very little evidence...SO....What's the hold up?

I hope flick D has it right. Leaks have had some credence elsewhere; maybe they do have evidence a plenty?

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Aug-28-13 4:46 PM

I am also hoping that kids in the area have learned some lesson here.

It isn't obvious to this poster, but I am hoping.

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Aug-28-13 5:24 PM

I have a dream:

That the area learns from its mistakes.

That football takes a backseat for the good of the community.

That Jane Doe's wounds heal.

That the Grand Jury comes to a conclusion one way or the other.

That evidence is there in all situations to convict or to free.

That in the end we can all forgive and never forget mistakes.

The good Doctor would have included these in his speech....I am sure.

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Aug-29-13 8:32 AM

@Tomsays The only thing pointing to Coach Reno knowing anything at all is a random text sent by Trent Mays to another student. Mays is a liar, that much is clear. Mays also said he didn't rape anyone, do you believe that too? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe the school didn't go to the police because the police had already contacted them? I don't know the timeline and neither do you. Let's not make the situation any worse than it already is. Have some compassion.

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Aug-29-13 10:48 AM

@TomSays you seem absolutely obsessed with seeing Reno walk off the field in handcuffs. Im wondering how you will react if he is found innocent and not charged with anything. Will you be able to move on with your life and allow the Big Red football team to move on with their season. Just curious....

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Aug-29-13 3:43 PM

Killaville - Please have some sympathy for Tomsays, he seems chronically incapable of moving on with his life. Really its kind of fun to have such a crackpot around he has provided me with many laughs about his insane conspiracy theories. We probably should just show some compassion and pity this poor sole

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Aug-29-13 3:45 PM

Sorry for the sloppy grammer and misspelling - I am trying to get the grass cut and then shower and head tomthe big red game

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Aug-30-13 5:13 PM

Who is big red plaing? California Penal Institute?

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