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City to address water project

Buena Vista residents will get chance to make case for line upgrade

August 26, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Buena Vista neighborhood residents will get a chance to make their case for an upgrade to their water lines in their subdivision during a public Utility Committee meeting set for 6 p.m....

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Aug-28-13 5:33 AM

In all fairness, rsimpson43952, the Buena Vista area HAS had a water line in desperate need of repair for a long time but I believe the issues with this grant money is the $ for $ match, the street selection origination AND the current deficit situation the water fund faces. Loosie is correct when talking about the real workers knowing the streets but kept out of the loop otherwise your city wouldn't be upgrading their brand new filtration plant already nor would your city be in the business of renting out an over built city building.

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Aug-28-13 5:19 AM

Didn't this project have a $150,000 dollar for dollar match? If rsimpson43952 ponies up the cash to match I think that would be fair -- as long as city crews do the work!! Outsourcing city jobs has got to stop!!! The men holding these jobs work and spend their check in Steubenville. As well, they know your streets and what needs done. Why is your mgmt so inclined to disregard the ones with the knowledge?

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Aug-27-13 1:09 PM

Rsimpson43952, next time you see my name on a post just skip it , cause I am not going away. I never said the water lines do not need fixed, there are older and much dangerous lines out there that need fixed first. With that said. Mr. Wigal is new and doesn't know what needs to be fixed he has never worked the outside of the city just in doors. Nothing wrong with that , he needs to learn and talk to the men working the breaks. Nothing is going to help the situation unless the higher ups listen and talk to the hired help and residents. They will do what they want to do and spend OUR money on what they want.`Why don't you go back to your cushy desk job , and leave the hard work to the real men!

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Aug-27-13 2:04 AM

@Loosie2011 If you know so much and seem to have divine knowledge about what to do in every situation, why don't you get involved and actually help the situation?

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Aug-27-13 2:02 AM

Water lines don't last forever. It takes money to maintenance them and when broken it takes even more money to fix them. There is no other option, it needs done so let it go.

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Aug-27-13 2:01 AM

Loosie I love when you get on here, it's been a while.

You mention your city engineer. Has anyone ever investigated how many city engineers in a city the size of Steubenville make the salary he does with ONLY an associate degree from your local community college? Also, how does anyone actually find the kahunas to even mention hiring a parks director? You have 3 employees in that department, what in the world do you need a director to do that your MR superintendent can't already do?

And Loosie I truly believe the WORKERS of the city CAN do the job, it's the superintendents, managers (stuck I'm the overpriced, under utilized city bldg that have NO clue what it takes to really do a job) and personal agendas of council that have put a black cloud over a once beautiful place to call HOME.

Sad how it has turned out, happy I no longer live there. Good luck Loosie, you seem like you know the real truth, maybe one day they will hear you.

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Aug-26-13 11:53 AM

mkhunt, Is that your words? The city has very old lines and most do need replaced, wonder if they ever got the west-end water lines on blueprint like they were told to do a few years ago. Once the water dept guys retire (which is the next few years) the new ones will not know where any lines are cause the lines are implanted in the seasoned guy's heads.

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Aug-26-13 11:23 AM

Water lines are crumbling in many cities. the New York problem with the asbestos concrete is well documented.the contamination with toxic chemicals is a devastating addition to the problem. the rise in barium, chlorine carcinogenic compounds and other dissolved solids is complicated by benzene, toluene, acrylonitrile and other organic compounds. Europe has begun to legislate to control toluene and other chemicals in water. US EPA testing is very limited and must increase to cover testing for a larger spectrum of chemicals and the user point water as well as the water plant origination. the true cost of lack of vigilance is health and human life.

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Aug-26-13 11:08 AM

"Superintendent Michael Wigal to prepare a list of water line problem areas throughout the city" How does he know, the only people that know are the ones fixing the breaks everyday and all day long. Why not ask them?

"I would like to know who determined the areas that need a water line upgrade". I would like to know also. Was it our city engineer? Who contracts out most jobs and spends the city money. When "OUR" men can do those jobs for much less and has the equipment !

Where is the money from the insurance from city employees going ? monthly cost goes back into the general fund since the city is "self insured" Is it or isn't it?

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