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Fantasy football in Death Valley

August 25, 2013

To the editor: Rolling thunder echoes under the darkened skies of Death Valley. Roaming alone in the pasture of Reno is a mighty stallio....

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Sep-03-13 10:37 AM

Still waiting on that answer Steubenvilleman!

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Sep-02-13 10:55 AM

Steubenvilleman, young folks do have problems everywhere. However, where else can you gang rape a passed out defenseless young woman and suit up to play in the big game Friday night? As for naming names, those people are convicted felons. If it were up to me they'd be required to have their crimes tattooed across their forehead, and they'd have about as many rights as a fly buzzing around your house. Let me ask you this, and I doubt you'll answer honestly. Those names I mentioned; are they innocent people, or criminals?

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Sep-02-13 9:10 AM

Two disagreements... Makes me sad.

I am not talking about you posters; I am talking about the whole situation.

If there was any class or character in the program, school, town, we'd all be better off.

I agree with many of the statements here, because they all point to what I am talking about.

Being vicious to others is also a clue.

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Sep-01-13 7:04 PM

Class and character is what all this is about....

Both might be lacking......

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Sep-01-13 4:24 PM

Dear Steubenville: Death Valley is where Clemson plays. Regarding this story though, meth is a heck of a drug.

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Sep-01-13 1:01 PM

RPG is a loon, BUT it is teubenvilleman who's posts have been deleted. Says volumes. Are you related to mrcore, steubenvilleman?

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Sep-01-13 10:55 AM

RPG0340 I am pretty sure that I could go to any high school in the country and find a few young men that have made bad decisions. I might even be able to mention their names in the comments section of their local newspaper I won't do that though because I have some class. That is a task for someone like you.

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Sep-01-13 10:10 AM

Two people agree with me and 3 disagree with you. Still think I am a loon? LOL! Maybe I'm not the "loon" here. Remember, crazy people swear they are sane and everyone else is crazy.

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Aug-31-13 10:53 PM

Demented, second rate loon? Nice! A true coach, one that looks after his players and their well being would resign over such a scandal. They'd do this out of shame that they had failed so miserably. Coaching is about producing good, young men, or women, ready to enter the work force, or college, in a better disciplined, more regulated, and squared away state than they were when they first came to you. It is not what you can get them out of so they can play Friday night. Big Red produces more bad apples than a rotten tree. Malik Richmond, Trent Mays, Nodianos, Bronco Busick, and Brandon Young just a few in recent years.

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Aug-31-13 7:57 PM

?Noticed yesterday on the marquee at the TRIPLE PLAY CAFE "Coach Reno Show " , what's that all about ?"

More idiot worship by the lost souls of this area. People that are so obsessed with football that they miss work to watch steeler games, and re-fi their homes to buy training equipment and hire a trainer for their son. A son that couldn't even get into college anyway because their grades are not adequate. But he is going to go pro.

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Aug-31-13 12:29 PM

Noticed yesterday on the marquee at the TRIPLE PLAY CAFE "Coach Reno Show " , what's that all about ?

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Aug-31-13 10:57 AM

It sure is Fantasy Football...

Let's get back to reality:

Rape is Rape.

Contributing is a crime....

Failure to report is a crime....

Well, in most communities......

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Aug-30-13 9:54 PM

Big Red's new cheer.

"Drive-by's, gang rape, fixed grades for all, we from big red yes we are. Gooooo team! Rape Red Rape!!!"

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Aug-30-13 10:16 AM

I also think it is very suspicious that this Grand Jury won't do a thing until football season is over. What a stack of crap.

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Aug-29-13 2:07 PM

Why would anyone go watch Big Red Rape play when they allow Saltsman on the team?

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Aug-27-13 9:01 AM

I can only hope that Don Carnahan is a young teenager, or younger.

The fact that there is a chance that an "adult" would write such a bizarre letter about HIGH SCHOOL CHILDREN PLAYING A GAME is scary, and sums up the Steubenville mentality which has led to the present-day sick culture which exists in this town. Please Don, GET A LIFE!!!!!!

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Aug-25-13 7:10 PM

Yes, from the thundering cheers of the "raperoom" a.k.a, the stadium where big red plays. The cheers of the stupid! A PUBLIC school has a jumbotron and a flaming horse, but their product, idiot, 85 IQ, drug dealing idiots that run the streets shanking and shooting one another after graduation. Not to mention gang raping young women while suiting up to play on Friday night. It's all good though, it will never end until the public comes to it's senses. Until then, Rape Red, Rape.

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Aug-25-13 11:36 AM

That letter is living proof that some people have too much time on their hands !

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