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Let’s stop this blight on society

August 25, 2013

To the editor: This letter is regarding the story about the father who spoke out on drug abuse by children. I was touched at the parent’s response to his child’s death....

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Aug-31-13 7:37 PM

Testing would be the beginning. Soon thereafter, a lot of people would be eliminated from the system. Those removed for drug use should be charged with theft according to the amount they have stolen from the taxpayer. They should be forced to repay this through labor, getting a job and making payments, or serve a lengthy prison sentence.

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Aug-31-13 7:30 PM

Mrrose, even if the addiction rate was the same between those on welfare and those not on welfare does not make much difference to me. Drugs are destroying our communities, I just don't think working people paying for lazy bums to be high and multiply is necessary since it is so easily preventable through mandatory testing.

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Aug-31-13 4:54 PM

RPGo did I hit a nerve? I'm not any one else, just me. No other names and never been banned. Just trying to have a discussion about how to handle some of the problems and drug abuse is a big one. Welfare recipients, no matter what you think of them, get addicted at the same rate as the rest of the population. We have problems here in the Valley with alcohol and drugs. Testing doesn't seem like it fixes the problem to me. There's not money for it and there's not money for treatment, unless we re-prioritize.

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Aug-30-13 9:46 PM

Dang, before I forget about it Mrrose, why are you even back here? You were banned under the name mrcore, bidness, trooftella, and probably many others.

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Aug-30-13 9:42 PM

Also, mrrose, speaking of social security that needs reformed. It should ONLY be available to people that actually paid into it. Welfare slobs, the constantly swelling ticks of society should not be receiving such benefits since they never contributed.

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Aug-30-13 9:37 PM

I have a suggestion Mrrose, the elimination of one drug using bum from welfare saves more money in the long run. Say a person gets $40k a year, that is 400 drug tests for every one parasite removed.

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Aug-30-13 8:46 PM

I notice that Bill didn't suggest a way for the county to pay for all the drug tests he's suggesting at a hundred dollars a pop.

Taydava, there's still a lifetime cap on how long an individual can collect TANF. The only reform was that states have more control on what requirements to set out. Maybe you're talking about how we should curb those pesky social security checks. Drug abuse is a huge problem in the area and needs to be dealt with none the less. I'm just not so sure you're ready to up your taxes or charitable donations in order to pay for the rehab programs.

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Aug-29-13 1:05 PM

Welfare was somewhat under control when Clinton made them have to get jobs and not stay on welfare for life. Then Obunboy came along and redefined work and put the system back to the 70s that working Democrats complained about and opposed.

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Aug-29-13 12:39 PM

Deekay, If you read what I posted and actually comprehend it, you'd understand that the comment was directed at people that are caught using drugs while on welfare. If a person is on welfare, and buying drugs; they are utilizing money taken from the public, (and people that have to earn it)and intended for use to feed, clothe, and house them and their children, and instead they are using it to partake in the criminal activity of illegal drug purchase and use. This is theft, fraud, etc... If a person has money to buy drugs, they apparently don't need money for food.

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Aug-29-13 8:47 AM

"Adults on welfare should be sent to jail for a mandatory 10 years first offense and be forced to repay their benefits.".........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest and most ignorant thing I have heard in a while. Thanks for the laugh.

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Aug-25-13 7:16 PM

That is cool with me EB. We have random testing where I work. Also, if something is damaged, the person that damaged it is tested. While we are at it how about charging those offenders with a crime since they are working for the public while high. I know of a person that works in such a job that could use a whiz quiz.

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Aug-25-13 6:38 PM

Since we are talking of drug testing. Why limit it to the beneficiaries from programs. It should be extended to ALL PUBLIC EMPLOYEES (including the heads of the departments) AND "ANYONE" WHO DOES BUSINESS WITH THE CITY OR COUNTY. That way there is no feelings of bias at any level.

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Aug-25-13 1:57 PM

The blight on society is progressive socialists and liberals with political correctness thrown in. No morals no family no accountability.

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Aug-25-13 10:12 AM

No doubt that alcohol is a drug. There are some people that have an obvious alcohol problem. However, not everyone that drinks beer is an alcoholic. The other drugs are the real problem. Crack, pot, ******, meth, and prescription opiates find their way into the hands of too many people. I agree 100% with your drug testing plan. One more thing I'd add is that the test sample must be given while a qualified person watches. Also, high school athletes that test positive should be banned from participation for their entire high school career. Students over 14, expelled and forced into rehab. Adults on welfare should be sent to jail for a mandatory 10 years first offense and be forced to repay their benefits.

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