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City sees balanced budget

August 21, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — City employees will be required to pay more for their health care following a split vote Tuesday afternoon by the city’s health care containment committee....

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Aug-22-13 10:53 AM

I have never known there to be 6 police officers sitting behind a desk at any one time. I'm not 100% sure about the numbers but am fairly certain we had over 60 police officers and are now down to just over 40. It is no secret that violent crime has risen so is there a correlation between less officers and rising violent crime? I'd think so, so the solution in my eyes would be to get back those police officers. They're basically paid in skittles as it is compared to officers in Wheeling or Pittsburgh. Our police department deserves nothing but our gratitude and understanding, they risk their lives daily for next to nothing.

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Aug-22-13 10:44 AM

This compensatory leave policy is bothering me quite a bit. With the economy the way it is many companies are discontinuing this practice and if Steubenville is in line for a deficit what is going on in their heads to make them think it is a good idea to adopt a policy of this nature? I hate to quote Obama but we need a "smart budget". If this policy was wrote up to protect the city from paying out as much as it did when Cathy Davis left that would be highly understandable and responsible but we don't know what it is or the why behind it. Can you be more specific next time so we aren't out here speculating our own reasons? Some people automatically go to the worst possible scenario and that's the last thing anyone needs.

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Aug-22-13 10:38 AM

" Maybe all city employees can take a 2% pay decrease so we can put more Police officers on the street". Really? There has not been a cost of living increase or pay increase for years...but they keep taking money out. I am all for health care but ..when they go about it this way it is not right. Get the police from behind the desks and on the street. Why do we need 4-6 men behind a desk when they could be on the streets patrolling? We have 3 unions in the city all do a find job but when you have workers who get done with one job at 11:00am and then sit all day in a garage doing nothing find something for them to do. There is plenty to do in the city, grass, weeds, street etc...

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Aug-22-13 10:29 AM

Instead of "adopting a city employee compensatory leave policy" why not put those funds toward the fire department? The Fire and Police Departments are necessitates and as such should not be on the chopping blocks as long as there are other avenues to garner funds. Mayor Mucci could have declined to receive the pay allocated for City Manager and instead requested those funds go to the Fire Department. If two situations arise at the same time all 11 of the Firemen will be needed, leave them alone and figure it out elsewhere. Maybe all city employees can take a 2% pay decrease so we can put more Police officers on the street.

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Aug-21-13 9:39 PM

What the*****does this mean? "Adopting a city employee overtime and compensatory leave policy"?

Why is it that council can break union contracts? Are they better then everyone else. Why give them health insurance anyways? Most of them have real jobs besides sitting on their butts and telling us our paycheck is dwindling. Let them get their own insurance , they work part-time. Get your own flipping insurance thru your work not ours !Love to see council members work a blue-collar job for a week and tell us not enough pay for what they do. WE give up a lot for you , give up something for us. "PERKS".

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Aug-21-13 9:31 PM

Let's see, the city has had Health Assurance insurance for years and you know that Teramana's have their slick hands invested in Health Assurance. How do they win the bid year after year for the city's insurance. What if a family has met their deductible for the year NOW? You mean to tell me they have from Sept 1'st - dec 31 to meet another deductible, then start again on Jan 1st? WHY, cant this start Jan 1st? If a city worker's spouse has health insurance available, why can't they get off the city's insurance? and onto the other?If it is cheaper and and better? Its all about saving money isn't it?

Did the city's Finance Director Alyssa Kerker and council underestimate the overtime from $22,000 NOW to $100,000 THAT'S A BIG UNDERESTIMATION. Kinda like forgetting to put something on the ballet? Bills and health insurance are going way up, when is enough , enough? WATCH, next the water rates will increase, what do they have to lose? you need water so you pay it.

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Aug-21-13 8:25 PM

Two reps from city and one fro each union?sounds like a set up. Think some of your numbers are off... fire has a 10 man minimum.A for closing station being a joke... I'm sure they don't think that. Also sure citizens don't know station is actually still open... all utilities on.. everything there ad enoughmen to staff it... so who thinks its a joke ? Seems like council does... or at least a few of em. Never hear aboutwat they have given up either..alot of questions need to be asked of city management

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