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Questions about Zimmerman verdict

August 4, 2013

To the editor: Right off the bat, let me be very clear about the right-wing lunatic fringe and its seemingly masochistic desires to be publicly flogged in print — I neither have the time nor......

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Aug-12-13 7:42 PM

"We live in a Country being controlled by a few Communist, a Bunch of Greedy Politicians, and a lot of Useful Idiots."

You sure got that right. Well said.

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Aug-12-13 7:35 PM

"Folks get off the FOX talking points and use your own. Go with God and address those talking points with him. Ignorance is bliss.

Cable Fox News has far, far more viewers than any other cable network. Why? Because they speak truth, are not afraid to cover the hard stories that other networks pretend do not exist. Their versions coincide with what most folks have researched for themselves.

"Put some common sense into this. SYG-CCW, ect., can be a good law when applied uniformly."

More blacks have been found innocent down in Florida due to SYG than whites. Just sayin'.

"You have three stand your ground incidents"

Again, it is the evidence that determines arrest. NOT SYG.

"Your analogy of defending oneself is extreme (black panthers/kkk)."

Extreme? Black Panthers did threaten folks with a baseball bat at a polling place just a few years back. Keep informed. RPG was.

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Aug-12-13 2:27 PM

Mrrose, AKA to numerous to list, has no credibility on here anymore. Even the people with the same political and religious leanings don't comment or care what he has to say. Go back to TIF.

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Aug-12-13 10:24 AM

MrRose....take your "woe is me, it's the fault of the white man" crap elsewhere. As Vman stated, look at Asians who are able to come here, not speak a word of English yet manage to become successful in a matter of a few years. The statistics don't come out of thin air, blacks are committing violent crimes in record numbers, 10x more than that of white and Hispanics combined. Accountability, responsibility, and pride in one's work is missing from the majority of households in black communities. You all blame legislators, the city, and whites. Where's the accountability for the choice to be a welfare bum with no education? I worked hard to get where I am as did everyone I know, none of us were handed anything. We all had student debt through the roof trying to pay for college. It's entitlements gone wrong. Welfare is supposed to help you out in times of need not be a career.

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Aug-12-13 10:18 AM

Well, MrRose, I along with other posters and the operators of this site are appalled with the way you speak about others. Mr.Rose, Mrcore, bidness, whatever you call yourself now, you shouldn't even be here. This is an issue that affects our kids. SYG, self defense, and CCW are all things that parents should use to protect their families.

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Aug-12-13 7:50 AM

I am appalled at some of the attitudes being shared here. If it wasn't a divisive issue then there wouldn't be nearly 100 comments so far. (Our kids, our jobs or the health of our folks in the valley hardly get a nod on this discussion board) Finding GZ innocent does NOT automatically make TM or any other man woman or child in this nation guilty. To presume the guilt of any given person or group of people or to determine their worth, is, as my momma taught, racism pure and simple.

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Aug-12-13 6:17 AM

Well Bob, You and Oprah Winfrey are a lot alike she made made a comment, “in her mind, the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till are the same thing“.

I think the only way there could have been any resemblance between the Trayvon Martin and the Emmett Till case is if there had been a (Black or a White) George Zimmerman with a gun that may have been able to protect Emmett Till from the ignorant Individuals that murdered him.

We live in a Country being controlled by a few Communist, a Bunch of Greedy Politicians, and a lot of Useful Idiots.

Up until now I didn't think Oprah fell into any of those categories, maybe I'm wrong.

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Aug-12-13 12:59 AM

EB FYI I'd take an hour of Bill O'reilly over any other news show period. Does it bother you that the mainstream media is no longer allowing the continuation of the"woe is me, it's not my fault I'm being held down by the white man" attitude? If parents and guardians in the black community had held their children accountable for their actions and decisions in the first place the mainstream media wouldn't have to do it now. Blacks are committing violent crimes in record numbers compared to whites and Hispanics combined. Would it kill your pride to admit that you're wrong?

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Aug-12-13 12:52 AM

@EB, I have no reason to use "coded" words, I say what I mean. Crying racism as the old faithful argument to stand on is doing nothing to actually help the situation in fact it is hindering any progress to move forward. What about the 100 young innocent bystander children who have been murdered in Chicago by black gangster? Why aren't you as outraged over that? What about the large amount of black men and women who have been murdered in gun-banned Chicago? You've yet to answer my questions so on cue you've deflected and labeled me a racist. just as I've said you would. Zimmerman was walking away when Martin hurled a racist slur, attacked him from behind and went for his gun so why would the police even consider arresting him for defending himself?

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Aug-11-13 10:45 PM

I used good examples. But, to appease you how about Malik Shabazz holding a club? FYI, he was the black panther that was keeping white people from entering the polls in Philadelphia in 2008. The KKK came to town back in 2000 or so, remember that? So, they are still around too.

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Aug-11-13 10:39 PM

Your case about the woman that fired a warning shot is funny. You do not fire warning shots in self defense. But, being an armed citizen you should know that, right? Warning shots do 2 things, they can kill innocent bystanders, and prove that you were not in fear of your life because if you had to draw your weapon from concealment it is to incapacitate an attacker, not to let him know you don't want to be attacked. That is why you give verbal commands as you are moving for cover and drawing your weapon. But, like I said you know all of this, right. I hope you also realize that you are getting owned, with every question and answer, your ship is sinking further and further.

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Aug-11-13 9:59 PM

As I have stated, if one has not walked in the shoes of another race, you will not understand how derogatory they are. That goes for ALL RACES. I have explained uniformly. You have three stand your ground incidents (White/Black(not arrested), Black/White (arrested), Black (abused wife)/Black husband(arrested and sentenced 20 years (florida).

Your analogy of defending oneself is extreme (black panthers/kkk). Come into present and quit living in such a racist era.

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Aug-11-13 9:38 PM

I'm not intolerant to other races, I am intolerant to stupidity and poor behavior from all races. You claim that you were an armed citizen. Did you know that without SYG say you were walking your young son or daughter and were confronted by 2 men with baseball bats demanding your wallet you'd have to grab your kid or kids and try to run away. You could only turn and fight if you fell down, or you were literally against the wall.

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Aug-11-13 9:26 PM

I didn't get on national TV as the leader of an entire nation, the most powerful country in the world and proclaim that if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin. Hence the words "Obama's look alike sons." It is not a racial statement, just a dig at the freakin race baiting poverty pimpin, idiots, that believe the GZ incident was some sort of a hate crime. Also, give me one example, just one, where SYG was not applied "uniformly" whatever the heck that means. SYG gives people protection under the law if they find themselves in a bad situation. It protects their rights. So when a member of the black panthers threatens an old white person with a club, that person can legally draw and fire their weapon. Same is true for the black man or woman being harassed by the KKK.

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Aug-11-13 6:21 PM

tay - Don't know what news you read or watch, but that was not what I was referring too. You should read or listen a little better. Read the posts and you may understand.

RPG - You started out with a legitimate ?, until you mentioned Obama look a like. Bring your ignorance level up a bit. It seems you all had individuals band from here due to their rhetoric, but you use CODED words to advance your racially intolerant dialogue. Stopping CRIME if you can would be the MORAL thing to do period. Should it matter the race of the victim or criminal. Lets also be clear that I owned a weapon (legally) and carried it with the intent of protecting and not playing police. Put some common sense into this. SYG-CCW, ect., can be a good law when applied uniformly. I won't re hash that again. If you separate stereotyping from an issue, you may have some good points or counter points.

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Aug-11-13 4:00 PM

MR. Echobravo the man in Dillonvale that was attacked while cutting his grass is the incident I think you mean. That guy was arrested for one reason. The anti gun police we have in Jefferson County. The Sheriff's dept wanted to make an example of the guy to show how CCW was no good. It backfired as the grand jury failed to indite him. Then Mr. Echobravo it is evident when you can not keep up your racist thing is not working you are starting this go with God thing. Lame

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Aug-11-13 3:33 PM

EB, those are my comments, not Fox news. What about the SYG law(s) needing tweaking? As for your comments, God says that we should protect the innocent. Setting aside the issue of abortion that ends thousands of innocent lives every year, is SYG not enabling people to defend innocent life (their own, the life of a child, spouse)? SYG aside, if you were an armed citizen, would you feel obligated to use your weapon to stop an old lady from being robbed? Would you want to stop a group of Obama's look alike sons raping a young lady? I'm sure God would want you to protect someone unable to protect themselves. What about you?

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Aug-11-13 2:47 PM

Folks get off the FOX talking points and use your own. Go with God and address those talking points with him. Ignorance is bliss.

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Aug-11-13 2:34 PM

"UNLESS THERE ARE WITNESSES PRESENT and its clear what happened, the individual should be arrested like the gentleman in 2009 who was later acquitted. Its that simple. "

Arrested for...... WHAT? Based on what evidence?

That, and your claim twice that an innocent person must prove their innocence in a court of law demonstrates a lack of understanding of our legal and judicial systems.

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Aug-11-13 1:06 PM

Watch now I'll be labeled a racist because I've pointed out where our attention needs to be instead of allowing the continuation of the "woe is me" attitude.

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Aug-11-13 12:57 PM

In my opinion purposefully exploiting Trayvon Martin's death in the way those like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others have is disrespectful to not only Martin's family but the black community as a whole. Over 700 black people have been murdered by black people yet we hear very little if anything at all from these race hustlers on that issue. Seriously EB tell me why the death of just 1 black kid is more important to you than the deaths of over 700 black people since then? Don't tell me it isn't because you like the other race hustlers have not touched on this issue. The fact you are so consumed with the Zimmerman case shows you're more worried about crying racism than you are actually helping the good law abiding citizens who happen to live inside of ghetto communities ravaged with violence. The real victims here are the good law abiding black citizens who live in these communities because they are getting little to no help from anyone.

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Aug-11-13 12:07 PM

Again RPG and Rsimpson great rebuttals I love reading them.

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Aug-11-13 11:32 AM

EB, what you are doing is exactly why the black community is still consumed with violence. You are making such a big deal about this where 1 young man was shot to death however in Chicago over 700 black men and women with over 100 of those being innocent bystander children have been shot to death. If you are so intent on helping the black community why not help those in gun-banned Chicago where innocent children are being murdered with regularity? Looking at the big picture what happened in Florida is not even a newsworthy issue for the black community. Those like you, Sharpton, and Jackson though are intent on exploiting Trayvon's death to maintain your own relevance instead of actually helping the black community curb some of the important issues plaguing the black community.

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Aug-11-13 11:25 AM

@EB I don't know why you do not already know this but in this country when the police investigate a situation and determine no laws were broken no one is arrested. Can you please tell me why when it's a black perpetrator and a white victim the hate crime specification is rarely applied even though it is undisputed the crime was committed primarily because the victim is white? The point I'm making is young black men are 10x more likely than white and Hispanic young men combined to commit violent street crimes. The statistics don't come out of thin air, my friend. As far as the Zimmerman case goes, standard police procedure was followed, why would the police arrest someone they determined committed no crimes? Zimmerman was detained and questioned for hours afterward. You're acting like the police allowed Zimmerman to go home from the scene of the crime.

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Aug-11-13 11:15 AM

You talk law, but when you discuss law, you fail to discuss law. IYO, What tweaking does SYG need? What Christian principles need applied to self defense? Are you trying to say that turning the other cheek and allow yourself, or wife, or son, or daughter, to be beaten, raped, robbed, or killed?

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