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Questions about Zimmerman verdict

August 4, 2013

To the editor: Right off the bat, let me be very clear about the right-wing lunatic fringe and its seemingly masochistic desires to be publicly flogged in print — I neither have the time nor......

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Aug-04-13 9:24 AM

I am in agreement with your letter and most of the verdicts. I personally feel that the Zimmerman trial would not have been so news worthy IF the police would have made an arrest as normal protocol. I do not believe he should have been charged with 2nd degree murder thus proving it was too high a bar to prove. I do feel he is liable for Martin's death and will leave it at that.

One thing I do want people to think about is whether Zimmerman would have followed/approached this young man if he did not have a gun. As a previous gun owner, I learned that there are things you will not walk away from if you are armed, and I also feel this was the case here.

Instead of PEOPLE (ALL RACES INTERJECTING RACE) making this a racial issue, focus on the law as it is written and carried out.

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Aug-04-13 9:54 AM

This is your best piece of satire yet! It really gave me a chuckle to read your rehash of all the lies that have been spread about St. Skittles.

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Aug-04-13 11:10 AM

A total waste of time, mine by reading it and you by writing it. bobby boy why would write such nonsense and prevarications?


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Aug-04-13 11:33 AM

In my entire life, I've never read an article that was so stupid and bias as this one.

Bob, with all due respect (a lot less respect after reading this garbage) what do you believe happened that night?

Please get online and answer the following question.

Was Trayvon justified in attacking Zimmerman?

Zimmerman had broken no laws that night. You also question the position of Zimmerman's weapon. I doubt that you have much experience with firearms, at least not enough to know that the particular holster Zimmerman was using has a tendency to change positions when carried like Zimmerman carried his. You also wonder why GZ didn't just shoot Martin in the shoulder. I'll answer that one. Any Time an armed citizen draws his weapon in self defense it MUST be in a situation whereby the armed citizen is in fear for their life. If you have to shoot, you shoot TO STOP THE THREAT, not to wound a person. You don't stop violent attackers by shooting them in the shoulder.

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Aug-04-13 12:50 PM

I feel sorry for bobby boy. Digesting al sharpton's crap lowers your IQ down to a single digit. commies like comrade bobby boy don't want you to defend your self.

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Aug-04-13 12:54 PM

Oh RPG comrade bobby is ignoring us. He can't take that his made up story is contradicted by the truth.


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Aug-04-13 4:59 PM

When Mr. Martin noticed Mr. Zimmerman watching him, why didn’t he call 911 and tell them? The police were on their way. The dispatcher would have realized they were both talking about each other. Also, When Mr. Martin reached the place where dog waste was deposited; he was 200 feet from his Father’s girlfriend’s house. Why didn’t he just run there? Mr. Zimmerman was still in his truck. He could have made it in less than 15 seconds and then tell His Dad or call 911. He could have avoided a confrontation.

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Aug-04-13 5:43 PM

I believe the jury said not guilty. Why is this discussion continuing ?

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Aug-04-13 9:22 PM

Atkinson is really getting obnoxious with his constamt spouting of the perpetual lies coming from Mullah Obama, his administration, and the rest of the Democrats. Obviously, Atkinson has been so brainwashed and indoctrinated that he wouldn't know the truth if it hit him over the head. He has become as obnoxious as his idol---Mullah Obama.

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Aug-04-13 9:33 PM

Look in the mirror lately activist? Seems you're comfortable taking on the role of kettle while calling the pot black.

Justsayin has a good point

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Aug-04-13 10:21 PM

Bob said "Right off the bat, let me be very clear about the right-wing lunatic fringe and its seemingly masochistic desires to be publicly flogged in print - I neither have the time nor inclination to become bogged down in those petty and personal displays of stupidity and ignorance."

Bob you then became bogged down with a petty personal display of stupidity and ignorance . Pot calling the kettle black? Bob you need stop reading far left sites or listing to Piers Morgan and Al Sharpton. those people have rotted your brain. Activist you nailed it with your assessment.

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Aug-05-13 7:31 AM

What is the big deal about Martin?? He's just another black kid that ended up dead while going to buy watermelon ice tea and skittles to make a drug called purple lean. Get over the fact the kid was innocent and just strolling along minding his business doing nothing. He was booted out of school for fighting and drugs so get the*****over this!! He was no different than anyone else that walks the streets of downtown Steubenvlle.

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Aug-05-13 10:45 AM

Mrrose, I mean Mr. Core, I thought you were banned from this site for vulgar comments?

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Aug-05-13 10:46 AM

Lindalea, excellent observation! Trayvon Martin would probably have ended up in jail or shot by another one of Obama's look alike sons anyway. He was well on his way there.

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Aug-05-13 1:52 PM

I have this to say to all of you racial intolerant bigots. Your ancestors came to America for a better life because they were persecuted in their home lands. That assessment tells me that YOUR DECENDENTS were considered poor white trash in their homelands and sought out America. Once here, learned how to hate and become racial intolerants, only to pass it down. You all need to get a clue or get left behind in todays world. By 2045 the perceived superior race in America will no longer be the case.

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Aug-05-13 3:44 PM

EB I'll bet if it wasn't for you jumping to conclusions you would not get any exercise. You don 't know any of us I'll bet and you are casting aspersions. You need to grown up and get over the fact that Zimmerman went free, and the FBI found there was NO racial component in him defending himself. You should give up on sharpton he causes more trouble for African Americans than he solves.

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Aug-05-13 5:09 PM

I'm wondering why Atkinson wasn't called as a witness, he seems to know more of what took place then the jurors. Must be nice to sit in Weirton and know exactly what transpired in Florida.

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Aug-05-13 5:22 PM

moteman, as stated (my opinion). GZ was overcharged and to me does not qualify as a hate crime. I only have issue with protocol that caused concern for equal justice. You can paint this full of color as I do understand you and the others with your intolerable bigotry. Its easy to point a blame on a topic, but never seem to provide a competent response or dialogue toward a solution. Most of you here bash/stereotype another race and you all are no better by sitting back and bashing government as long as you GOVERNMENT check is not effected. Many of you fall in the category of poor trash without education, but educated from cable television. GZ, OJ, Casey was found innocent, the criminal law has spoken, but not the civil law. Don't put color on that. Follow the proceedings as a lessons learned.

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Aug-06-13 12:53 AM

@EB The racist undertones throughout so many of your comments are clearly evident. Oftentimes with the majority of incidents race is not a determining factor yet somehow those like Sharpton make it about race. Sharpton and those like him only do this to keep themselves relevant thus continuing the cash flow so don't confuse their vocal outbursts with legitimate concern. Education is key to being successful in life, it is not "whitey's" fault most young black men choose the thug life instead of college. There are a variety of educational opportunities such as college, trade school, specialized training, etc.

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Aug-06-13 1:10 AM

@EB Protocol was followed in the Zimmerman case. The police investigated and determined he acted in self defense, end of story. The police are not going to arrest someone they determined is innocent of any criminal wrong doing. What is really bothering you about this case? Is it that the African American community was not able to bully the Florida criminal justice system or the DOJ into doing what they say? What bothers me is the amount of completely innocent white people who were attacked by idiot black thugs spewing "Justice for Trayvon". I'm also disgusted that in 2013 that many people would think looting Wal-Mart, causing millions of dollars in property damage, and rioting is an effective way to protest a court verdict. Don't you agree the people who committed those crimes are idiot thug criminals? Those are the kinds of people that cause law abiding citizens to lock their car doors, clutch their purse, watch them in the store, etc.

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Aug-06-13 7:19 AM

Rsimpson - your comments alone project racial overtones and stereotyping. I am satisified with the verict (NOT GUILTY of 2nd Degree Murder). Now the civil case (period). There is nothing racial about that, just liability like OJ (WHO AWAY WITH MURDER only to be held responsible for the deaths of those people. Would you want police to be judge/jury in a death for one of your relatives? I would hope not. I talk of the law need tweeking. The other social issues are just that. I do not condone the violence, ignorance, and other issues that occurred. Lets be clear on that. People protested based on the SYG Law AND that the parents of this child questions went unanswered. Naturally you go to the media when you don't get them. Hopefully you understand that. This just happened to be black parents who cared enough to do so. They wanted a trial, they got a trial and not lives with that verdict. Get off the race phobia.

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Aug-06-13 7:24 AM

Rsimpson - I will not know your feelings like you will not know mine because you nor I can walk in each others shoes race-wise, so there will never be a total understanding, but many (All races) do not realize that and will continue to spread poison (racial intolerance/stereotypes). For me the law itself is the issue and not race. Let me say one more time. GZ was over charged and the prosecution did not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. (NOT GUILTY). Now the law and it application is on trial..

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Aug-06-13 10:12 AM

EB you have no clue of what went on that night and the procedure that was followed by police. GZ was taken into custody ( not Arrested ) questioned and after the chief of police and the district attorney determined it was self defense GZ was released. Then the race hustlers ( sharpton and jackson ) got involved and got their hand picked State Attorney he was arrested. By the way the States Attorney is now under indictment for with holding evidence something she has been in trouble for several times. She may lose her license to practice law this time.

People can't help but profile anyone depending on the circumstances. I live in an all white neighborhood. If there was a rash of break ins and people were seeing several black teens in the area, and no reason for them to be there just who would you suspect of committing the break ins?

Call the police? YES! Protect my family, property ,and myself by making sure my guns are locked, loaded and assessable? YES!

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Aug-06-13 11:06 AM


The SYG law is warranted and needed. My husband and I bought a wall clock that holds a small 25 handgun inside for home protection. Thug criminals are running around the streets with illegal firearms, have shown they don't have an ounce of empathy. I'm not going to lay down and allow myself to become a victim when I have a gun to protect myself. Trayvon wasn't some unarmed kid, he presented himself as a criminal and went for Zimmerman's gun. @EB if you were Zimmerman would you have let Martin take your gun and shoot you? Zimmerman has been investigated by numerous agencies and found innocent, why can't you people respect the system? I'm not racist against any race but I am cautious and weary of street criminals whether they're white or black. I have reason not to trust thug criminals, watch the News, I'm not going to become a victim.

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Aug-06-13 12:51 PM

EB, I find your comments to be very racist. Your comment that we are just uneducated white trash is on the hysterical side of laughable. You want to discuss the faults of the races around here? I say there are bad apples in every barrel. However, white people aren't killing each other in record numbers to the point where the coroner has run over budget with 5 months left in the year.

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