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Juvenile charged in stabbing death

July 29, 2013

STEUBENVILLE —Jalontay Johnson, 16, of Steubenville, who has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of another teen on Thursday evening, was ordered Monday by Jefferson County Juvenile Judge......

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Jul-30-13 5:14 AM

Yes, half the force works days and sits behind the desk. I don't wanna hear "they put in their time" If riding the years out until you retire is the right think to do with all these murders going on, I think you better think twice. I would rather pay an on duty , out on the streets police officer more money, then one that pushes paper and sits all day.Major Matt,,what an ahole! I can sit behind my computer all*****day If I want, I didn't take the oath "protect and serve".

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Jul-30-13 2:25 AM

The police are doing the best they can. I personally have nothing but gratitude and admiration for police officers. When things like stabbings, shootings, and fights happen in bad neighborhoods they rush to the scene to diffuse the situation knowing they may be hurt or killed in the process. I'm sure the officers would rather be out on the patrol however the funds to do so may just not be there. With the amount of crime here, I think the police are doing an excellent job trying to keep a handle on it

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Jul-29-13 11:39 PM

Matt: I know two 19-year-olds that just got back from Afghanistan who've complained about safety less than you. In fact, they've complained not at all. If being a cop is so scary then find a different profession. Nobody forced you to be a police officer. Perhaps one of those two young Marines could have your position. By the way, you chose the wrong news day to make your post. One of your brothers was just fired for using his position as an officer in an attempt to get away with illegal activities.

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Jul-29-13 9:44 PM

You make is sound so easy. If it was that easy everyone would be a cop. Including YOU. But you choose to sit behind a keyboard and cap OUR You think they became a cop for the money or the funeral when they die protecting your $ss behind that keyboard. Boy what I would give to see you out there in the streets with a badge on. My money is you would crap your pants at the first site of trouble. Then you could use your uniform allowance to get them cleaned. What a wimp.

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Jul-29-13 5:26 PM

Its such a shame , two best friends out at night parting with drugs laced with a component that kills. No wonder this city is coming to its ends. PARENTS, take heed, talk to your kids about drugs, get off the drugs,get a job, take a responsible approach in your children's lives. Don't let a neighbor raise your children or your parents. Your parents raised their kids its your turn. If your think you are mature enough to lay down then you should be mature enough to raise the children you make. If not then give them up for adoption so other parents who want kids and can care for them can. I am tired of the killing, shootings, drugs, and gangs in OUR town. Time for the city policemen to get away from behind the desk during day shift and go out and patrol nights.Over half the force is working days and behind a desk. WHY DID YOU BECOME A POLICE OFFICER? was it to serve and protect? cause that is NOT what you are doing !!!!!

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