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City Police patrolman fired

July 29, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Greg Moray, a City Police patrolman for the past 19 years, has been fired after an incident in Wintersville on May 31 surrounding an underage drinking party involving Moray’s son....

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Jul-29-13 6:16 PM

It's to bad really. Moray had the second best hair on the force (behind only Chief Mcafferty), and the BEST steroids on the force. This is a day that will live in infamy in the Steubenville Police Department. Almost as bad as the day a former police officer beat up half of CJs customers... He is dead now, RIP, but he was a standard bearer of the force for quite sometime... I forget his name but I will post it along with the story of him putting a beat down on Stanley Radcliffe...

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Jul-30-13 5:41 AM

Once again Steubenville shows it is just a place for underage drinking parties and rapes. Your city is really messed up and coverup is the name of the game here.

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Jul-30-13 6:49 AM

Hey (Gheppetto), I'm pretty sure you're referring to Rob Mamula. He's been in his share of headlines before his death.

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Jul-30-13 10:24 AM

TomSays, Really, do you not have anything better to do than stalk the paper for all that is bad in the world? And who is covering anything up? You, sir, need meds. Get a life and troll whatever utopia you are from.

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Jul-30-13 11:28 AM

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Jul-30-13 5:27 PM

must be a steubenville thing!!

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Jul-31-13 8:34 AM

Apple didn't fall far from the tree I guess; guy was an a s s when he was in school, and just got more arrogant as a cop. Agree - the hair was always perfect, though. hahahaah

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Jul-31-13 9:12 AM

This officer is not representative of the entire police force. This man, judging by past instances, is extremely arrogant and apparently thinks he is above the law. Thankfully Mayor Mucci rid the force of that type of negativity.

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Jul-31-13 10:40 AM

I am amused just that a mayor with 6 DUI charges is in charge of firing someone. Steubenville what a mess

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Jul-31-13 9:53 PM

Moray is hardly the only one in the SPD to take advantage of his job. How many of them have kids who are part of the drug problem in the area? That's something to talk about. I wonder how much of the drugs they confiscate get back out on the streets because either they or their children go out and sell it? There is something seriously wrong with Steubenville and I can't wait till someone crazy enough goes vigilante and takes matters into their own hands. And talk about people with blinders on who know everything that goes on in this town but chooses to ignore it. They just want to protect their friends. But who wants crooked cops as friends? Shady, fake ass people.

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Aug-01-13 8:15 AM

The town used to be such a nice place to live, work, raise a family. The headlines are so sad every single day.

No sign if returning. Society in general is screwed up and we seem to be leading the way.

Its time to move out of here. Got to know when to fold 'em.

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Aug-01-13 8:17 AM

Its almost August 12th. Will we expect another delay til after football season?

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Aug-01-13 10:01 AM

Tomsays - did you actually read the whole story? The Underage Drinking Party was in Wintersville not Steubenville. Where's the cover-up? The man was fired there's a story in the paper, it was in the News when the investigation started. Every time you comment on anything you try to make it a conspiracy or cover-up.

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Aug-02-13 7:55 AM

Oh I am sure the "UNION" will get his job back for him

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Aug-02-13 9:56 AM

I doubt that any Union would fight on behalf of someone with his past history. There's no conspiracy with this case, it has been covered in the Herald Star from the beginning and the officer is now fired.

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