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Motions filed for Ma'Lik Richmond

Attorney argues that sex offender classification is unconstitutional

July 27, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — An attorney representing Ma’Lik Richmond in his rape case in juvenile court is arguing a sex offender classification is unconstitutional because it subjects Richmond to double jeopardy....

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Jul-29-13 1:17 PM

As I see it the longer it goes on there is hope it will go away. AS TO THE ASPECT OF CHRISTANITY IT IS OK TO FORGIVE AND I HOPE I DO.However;these young men did commit a foul and horrible crime and should suffer the consequence of their actions and to be so judged.But;they have been trained to score at any cost because they are athletes and apparently GOOD ONES with no moral concern for others.Their punshiment is just and the persons that gave them the right to do as they want should also be punished. The system in its self is corrupt,good luck Steubenville your are going to need it.

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Jul-28-13 10:57 PM

I'll give a religious perspective on this. An eye for an eye. They raped a weaker person that could not fend for themselves. Throw them into a place where they can experience the same thing.

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Jul-28-13 8:41 PM

Hollowood: Would you feel better if the boys were thrown into the Ohio River with mill stones tied around their necks? After all, they did harm a child.

As for Richmond's attorney, his 15 minutes are up. It's time for this guy to move on. Richmond is where he needs to be. He's getting help. He's finishing his education. It's over.

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Jul-28-13 7:53 PM

Are there no Christians living and commenting on the comments I have read about this case? From what I've been told you have a wonderful University that abounds in Christian principles. Apparently none of those commenting here went to school there for if they did they failed to learn what it truly means to be a Christian.God Bless you All!

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Jul-27-13 9:09 PM

Now is the time for all guilty people to come to the jail to be locked up.

The people who permitted the party...jail time; the people who contributed to their delinquency...jail time; those who failed to report( including boys and girls at the party; jail time.

This thing is way out of control. The AG needs to pick up the pace; and get on with it.

I said a long time ago; this would end up like the 1919 Black Sox trial. We need the old judge who became the baseball commissioner back then to clean up Steubenville.

In 1920, Judge Landis was a leading candidate when American League and National League team owners, embarrassed by the Black Sox scandal and other instances of players throwing games, sought someone to rule over baseball. Landis was given full power to act in the sport's best interest, and used that power extensively over the next quarter-century. Landis was widely praised for cleaning up the game.

Come back to the Ville.

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Jul-27-13 4:29 PM

Those boys if anything should shut up, and take their slap on the wrist punishment. They should also be thankful that they did not get what they really deserve, 30 years in a real prison where they experience what it is like to be raped.

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Jul-27-13 4:27 PM

This type of behavior will never end until the day when there is real punishment for criminals. By real punishment, I'm talking public hangings for murderers, and stoning for rapists and child molesters. You cannot rehabilitate people like Mays or Richmond, they will try to do it again. Hopefully, this time the victim is conscience, and armed.

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Jul-27-13 5:35 AM

"Rape is Rape". Why don't Steubenville people understand that? "Double Jeopardy" my you know what. He should be serving 30 years in a state adult prison for what he did. Ma'Lik just another scumbag rapist from Steubenville who will rape again if given the opportunity.

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Jul-27-13 4:17 AM

Why don't you people in Steubenville wise up ? These boys should have been tried as adults, and this so called " investigation " has gone on far too long. Enough is enough already , bring the rest of the guilty parties to justice so all this BS will end. Then Steubenville can start covering up all the murders going on in town.

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