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Obamacare was misrepresented

June 30, 2013

To the editor: The so-called Obamacare death panel was not a politically motivated scare tactic but a harsh and horrifying reality for seniors across America who are now being denied life-saving......

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Jun-30-13 6:57 AM

Why would you expect anything less than lies and deceit from a crooked Chicago mob?

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Jul-03-13 10:38 AM

Obama admin delays major requirement of health law!!!!!!

Is the worst president in history playing politics with your health care? Yes! He doesn't want large numbers of employees being laid off because of Obamacare before the mid-term elections. People with out health care will need to go another year without healthcare because Obama is playing politics with your health. Another year of waiting to see a doctor that is real nice. Only votes matter to him not your health.

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Jul-03-13 12:54 PM

Obamacare in general is a political "tool." The liberal agenda relies upon the failure of the US economy, and more people being dependent on government. The fastest and most direct way to ensure this would happen is to pass into law a program that will increase unemployment, weaken the middle class, and punish the successful wealthy people that create jobs.

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Jul-03-13 4:30 PM

This mid term will be the most important in years. Conservatives need to keep the house at the very least. If they can take the Senate Obama won't be able to do a thing. Like clinton, obummer will have to sign bills he really doesn't want to or really hurt the progressives for a long time.

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Jul-04-13 9:07 AM

Even thought I did not wan obummercare It was voted into law by both houses and signed by hussein. How can this tyrant just suspend the law to suit his political agenda? Did he forget about those 30 million people that were so desperately in need of health care? I some how think that is not legal. hussein is a muslim dictator that thinks he is above the law and the constitution.

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Jul-04-13 9:08 AM

Congress Inpeach Obummer.

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Jul-05-13 9:15 AM

Wow ohiodem I can't put my finger on it but you sound, but you sound like someone that has been on here before, Did you go by another name in the past?

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Jul-05-13 10:49 PM

Ohiodem, I take it you are part of the 22% of Americans that agree with obamacare. Obama is a Lying, communist, terrorist loving, Kenyan transplanted, radical, muslim sympathysing, radical bum. Obamacare is the kool aid he is peddling. However, the only death that results from this kool aid is our republic.

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Jul-06-13 6:48 AM

Thumbs up RPG! Gee how many names does that guy have?

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Jul-06-13 1:24 PM

calling people morons and clowns will get you banned lime it did your brother.

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Jul-06-13 2:17 PM

Ohiodem, I don't care where you think obumocare originated. Over 70% of Americans were against it. Intelligent people know it is a mistake, that it will never work. Even the idiot speaker of the house at the time had no idea what was in the bill because it was 1,000+ pages of BS, favors, exemptions for some, all designed to destroy America from within. Overall, what did the big eared Kenyan and his communist cadre accomplish? The welfare slobs that already had coverage got coverage? Young people that didn't need a high dollar policy now have to pay for one or get fined, oops, I mean taxed? You got to see a preview of what is to come with the little girl that was denied a set of lungs until the family took it to fox news.

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Jul-06-13 8:05 PM

Ohiodem, do you have children? What will obamacare do for you if you have a sick child that needs a transplant?

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Jul-07-13 8:23 PM

Ohiodem why are you so abrasive and call people name with whom you disagree? You remind me of a guy the named Tom.

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Jul-07-13 8:28 PM

I wonder why obummer wants to disable his shinning star of legislation before elections? One would think he would want it out there standing tall to gain votes. What is he afraid of.

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