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Davison speaks out about the past and the future

May 19, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Cathy Davison spent Tuesday night watching her son’s Little League game. “After the game was over, John ran over and hugged me because he was happy I could be at his game....

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May-19-13 8:16 AM

I'm disappointed..It almost looks as if everything said about the drugs, crime and corruption in the police departments was true. Maybe they don't want the city cleaned up because it some how hits their pockets? I thought Cathy Davison was doing a great job!

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May-19-13 8:23 AM

Well now you know how all of those employees who lost their jobs at your hands feel and yes (to quote you) "there is a natural anger when you lose your job".

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May-19-13 8:49 AM

Ms.Davison was fighting a losing battle. This city is dead,no industry,leadership,no ideas. Come on there is highway,a rail line,and the Ohio river and you can't find an industry to move here to create jobs? I blame city council,and your state reps.and senators. All they worry about is re-election,the "the good ole boys" club is alive and well in the 'ville'..R.I.P.

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May-19-13 9:13 AM

The city manager serves at the pleasure of city council; therefore, the layoffs and closed fire station is the result of them and not her. Her resignation will mean nothing for how this city is run. Her loss is the equivalent of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Until our city council us clean we can expect more of the same.

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May-19-13 11:02 AM

Personally I believe anyone who thinks restoring ANY building downtown is a good idea is playing with less than a full deck. So, perhaps her moving on is a good idea.

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May-19-13 1:08 PM

This is not a headline article and should have been in the society section. Soon to be available guidelines for industry and special interest involvement in public office and affairs on Gov4UOhio. Why does this matter? For the people and by the people must not be disregarded in favor of insider control. Disclosure of financial interests must be enforced to protect communities.

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May-19-13 4:31 PM

If we had a choice - get rid of the city council and Domenic Mucci or get rid of Davidson I would get rid of the council and Mucci any day of the week.

It is time for new blood and she was that.

I am sorry Angel12. Obviously you know someone who was laid off. There are way too many city employees in the first place.

Now look who we are left with to run the city. None other than Domenic Mucci. Give me a break! He is a clueless and has been arrested for drunk driving twice if not three times.

Its obvious whats going on here. The person looking to make changes gets ousted so the old guard can keep their game in place.

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May-20-13 5:35 PM

Some of the problem is that the rail, waterway, and highway are next to nothing. No land to develop until that mill is dealt with.

Use it or tear it down and develop the land.

Its a no brainer.

When the mall was built on the hill it killed downtown. So much for that development. Brilliant idea; with a dagger in the heart.

The golden goose died and all we have now is living in the past.

Time to thinking the same old way and move on.

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May-20-13 5:36 PM

Time to quit thinking the same old way


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May-20-13 10:02 PM

Thank You! for your service Cathy. I am disappointed you are leaving the manager’s job, but I can understand your decision with some of the frustration you have dealt with in the city. Please rest assured there are many us of who agree with your outlook on the city and are working hard to improve it where we can. Glad to hear you and your family will still be in the area. Again, Thank You!....and fellow “commenters”, a negative attitude…solves nothing.

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May-21-13 4:02 PM

Think everybody has pretty much figured out by now she was not the problem, she had ideas and tried to stand up to "them" but that doesn't work around here. They would rather watch the town go to he.. before giving up their power and money. Everything that they have allowed to happen to the town is horrid and they can't blame all the city problems on the loss of mills. Everyone with even half a brain knows better. Too bad they "aint got no shame" just power/$$$$ lust.

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May-24-13 9:42 PM

Cathy is a class act! Given the nature of Jefferson County politics and (lack of) ethics, finding a professional city manager will be close to impossible.

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