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Four children charged in sexting

May 1, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Four pupils have been charged with misdemeanor counts of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile in a case in which a female eighth-grader allegedly sent inappropriate pictures of......

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May-02-13 9:35 AM

Parents are dropping the ball everywhere....regardless of religion, economic standing, etc., is disgraceful. I agree that parents need to be more diligent about making sure our children understand the responsibilities that come with cell phones and other social media outlets. These kids are in junior high?? That is scary.

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May-01-13 7:12 PM

What a shame. What a darn shame.

I agree with the person who called it plain stupid.

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May-01-13 6:57 PM

I'll say it. I am catholic by faith. I had children who went to a public school.

There are parents who still don't believe their little Johnny or Suzie would do such a thing.

Mom and Dad; get a life; get into your child's life before its too late.

These mistakes made by these children could have been avoided with some proper guidance and parent involvement.

I know parents who require all cell phones to be put in a basket EVERY night at 8:00pm.

Subject to inspection at anytime. Thinks that's tough; well it's not their children going to court in the morning for one thing, and their children still like living at home, getting fed, driving cars, and love their parents.

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May-01-13 3:56 PM

exhausted.........No, I am on this website posting comments which is my right to do!. and I am also a Catholic parent, I am not making fun and NEVER said the parent claimed their kids wouldn't do this AND, I am NOT a SHS parent or fan as you put it . Maybe you should re-read what I said. You would think the children and young adults of the valley would have listen and watched what has happened over the last months and taken heed as to what has happened. I am not making light of anything is just beyond me as to why it is happening? so get your facts straight! I will also keep posting on this WEBSITE

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May-01-13 3:33 PM

loosie2011.....apparently you have way too much time on your hands because you are ALWAYS on this webpage posting comments. I don't recall reading anything in this article that said the parents of these children claimed "my child would never do that". You must be one of many disgruntled SHS fans/parents. How sad is it that you are actually taking pleasure in hearing of a "scandal" that doesn't involve your school (for a change). You are sad and disgusting. And yes, before you fire back; I am a proud Catholic parent. Find a new hobby loosie2011.

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May-01-13 3:25 PM

I still get the intell first. Logic is the criticism this paper continues to receive over local coverage. Have you felt how thin this paper is compared to others?

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May-01-13 2:42 PM

Mark Law why do you have to bring up the rape case. Can you not just report this story. These kids need punished not mediation. If you set a precident for a crime maybe that will help and make these kids think about what they going to do is wrong

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May-01-13 2:24 PM

not palin...I meant plain. Although some might think she fits in all categories.

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May-01-13 2:23 PM

Now is not the time to make light of this situation. I can see many jokes or quips coming from this; but the insanity. stupidity, and palin ignorance of teenagers in the area needs to be addressed sooner than later.

No school, class, race, location is exempt from this. Parents need to get real, and I mean real quick.

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May-01-13 2:10 PM

How freaking stupid ! would of thought everyone in this town would have learned a lesson about online behavior! Guess those (catholic)parents didn't talk to their kids. Or could it be, "my child would never do that?"

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May-01-13 1:44 PM

Mark Law wrote the article majormatt. It is printed in both the Herald Star and the Intelligencer paper and online versions. There goes your logic on purchasing the Intell and not the HS.

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May-01-13 1:33 PM

Who wrote this article? Why in Gods name did you have to bring up the rape case? Are you trying to out do WTOV 9? You guys are sad no wonder why I get the paper version of the intell and not yours.

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May-01-13 1:14 PM

Now; if it is NOT time for the parents (los padres) in Steubenville to educate (educar) yourselves, then your children; with a touch of common sense (sentido), it will never be.

Wow, Come on. How could this be? City School/Catholic School......

I thought someone said not everyone in Steubenville has a problem.

Wow.....Sounds like everyone is losing it to me. Calling my kids and grandkids tonite.

Time to be blunt and straight forward. Clean up your act; and for heavens sake; quick putting your life on the social media world.

That Plain STUPID!

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