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Motivate politicians to repair economy

April 28, 2013

To the editor: OK, now watch for the policy overreach that is going to follow the aftermath of the Boston bombings. You are going to see a call for more cameras in our cities and neighborhood....

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Apr-28-13 6:38 AM


I can't believe it, I agree with 99% of what you just wrote.

Did you know we have a Bureau of International Labor Affairs that have made numerous awards -- worth millions of dollars -- to the United Nations, the Solidarity Center and other similar groups, “whose stated objective is to help establish labor unions in foreign countries.

They recently awarded a Colombian labor organization $1.5 million to help workers improve their collective bargaining rights and $2.2 million to the Solidarity Center, an AFL-CIO organization, to strengthen unions in Haiti and Peru.

Also a $1.5 million grant to an international development company in 2011 to assist labor unions in Vietnam engage in collective bargaining.

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Apr-28-13 9:15 AM

Scalise doesn't sound like a Native American name. So I guess you will be going back to where your family came from. Why is it, all the European immigrants are considered hard workers who built thus country, but Latin American immigrants, who toil in the fields and food production factories are not? Sounds extremely prejudicial doesn't it?

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Apr-28-13 3:48 PM

First of all the European immigrants entered this coubtry under the directive of stringent immigration laws. They didn't sneak into the country suriptiously. Secondly I made no reference to anyones work ethic. But the legal standards for entering this country as an immigrant goes beyond the skills or labors one posesses. Every nation except America protects its borders vigorously, mahy employ deadly force. In a time where our government wants us to fear terrorism the leAST THEY CAN DO IS ACT LIKE THEY ARE PROTECTING US FROM FOREIGN INTRUSION OF OUR BORDERS. Because our most porous border is the southernmost border between us and Mexico we mustn't assume that the only transgressors to our border are Latin Americans. Anyone who would choose to enter this country illegally at any geographic location should be thwarted and because of the threat of terrorism must be considered a danger to our nation. And the bottom line is the moment you sneak into the country you are a criminal.

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Apr-28-13 9:34 PM

Prior to 1924. There were no immigration laws. Try again. Since the last 'terrorist ' were Eastern European evict all Russians? The last 3-4 generations at least. You might want to check the Canadian border as well.

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Apr-28-13 10:55 PM

1924 is irrelavent anyone who has come here in the last 90yrs had laws in place that they were required to obey to migrate here legally. Immigrants who are living here without legal documentation are criminals. We had what was supposed to be a one time amnesty and that didn't work. I have no problem patroling the Canadian border with the same dilligence as all other borders. Try again.

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Apr-29-13 6:33 PM


You are exactly 100% correct! I can't believe somebody else here gets it! It doesn't matter what party somebody says they are for both parties are corrupt and evil and are not out for the American good. Our country has become a police state and the drones will be flying everywhere. I could go on and on about how many freedoms we have lost and we will if we don't stand up like we did in 1776 but I would run out of words. Thanks for a great article!

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Apr-30-13 3:59 PM

Wvcoffe, actually it was In 1917, that U.S. Congress enacted the first widely restrictive immigration law. At the time a literacy test was required for all immigrants over 16 years old and they had to demonstrate basic reading comprehension. It also increased the tax paid by new immigrants upon arrival and allowed immigration officials to exercise more discretion in making decisions over whom to exclude. Now we have to speak their language, give them food stamps, a free phone, and we can't ask for identification so they can vote.

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Apr-30-13 11:24 PM

Debray it actually feels good to be on the same side as you. See I do have a conservative side.

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