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Writer’s argument misses the point

March 31, 2013

To the editor: In his Monday guest column, Scott Paul of the Alliance for American Manufacturing proposes that the American economy can be helped if only his organization be allowed to dip its hand......

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Mar-31-13 1:14 AM

Surprizing that the learned Prof. Z doesn't mention the benefit for America in saving and creating jobs. I do believe he is more of a globalist than econimist. See cutting the foreign trade deficit is good for America and Americans but is not welcomed by global corporations that make more money on foreign made products because they capitalize on slave wages overseas, save capital on destroying the ecology and stash their profits in offshore accounts. So while they want the American consumers to buy their foreign goods, corporations corporations pander to a new world order and trade agreements that have been detrimental to American labor and the American economy. Once again Zuric has demonstrated his economic slant toward globalization with a fascist slant.

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Apr-02-13 5:26 PM

Maverick, I have been called a lot of names over the years but never a fascist. I believe you should look up the definition of the term. If you believe that trade harms the country, I would suggest that you spend a day or two not trading with anyone. Don't buy anything that you cannot make yourself, like gasoline, food, electricity, internet service or any household or personal needs. I suspect you will not survive very long without the rest of the world aiding you in everything you do.

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Apr-10-13 7:31 AM

WOW! What a typical radical right wing response. I am not suggesting trade is bad for the country. TRADE DEFICITS r bad for the country and so is globalization because it leads to abuse of labor and the ecology. We don't need the rest of the world as you suggest. We r the largest consumers in the world. They needs us. The only reson we can't be self sufficient is because American corporations sold us out for larger profits. Ur form of capitalism failed just as communism failed for many of the same reasons. The rich capitalizing on the labor of the poor. Allowing corporation to ignore the rules with the help of politicians who suspended rules or refused to enforce them brought this economy to its knees and brought the enemy to the doors of the American taxpayers begging for our taxdollars. This bailout transformed capitalism into coporate socialism. Under true capitalism no one is too big to fail.But corporation depend on economic propagandists such as urself to keeppeople brainwashe

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