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Letter shows distorted view

March 31, 2013

To the editor: I never thought I’d write a letter to the editor, but I’m so tired of people like Scott Carlton (“Steubenville needs God’s blessing,” March 24), disgracing an entire police departmen....

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Apr-02-13 9:21 PM

Someone in an other article said they heard the boys were on House Arrest for the past two weeks instead of detention center.

Is this true? Does anyone know? It only adds to a questionable system if it is true.

Someone knows, please post.

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Apr-02-13 4:16 PM

The evidence suggests that they did exactly what they were supposed to do, this from Judge Lipps and the State of Ohio. Tomsays is just another blowhard who has no idea what is going on. I thank all the men and women of the SPD, JCSO and the State of Ohio. This was a mess and you have all done an admirable job to date. Congratulations!!

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Apr-02-13 1:44 PM

If everyone would calm down hopefully the GJ will convene and place those who are or were aware of the rape in August, the rape in April and other possible illegal activity will be held accountable. No use continuing to attack each other, it serves no purpose other than to distort Steubenville's imagine already tarnished by the disgusting August rape. Just shut up, sit down and for the love of God QUIT SPEAKING to media sources. You only come off as crass and ignorant. Wait for the GJ!

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Apr-01-13 4:40 PM

A high number of people in this town seem to care very little for the facts. Even when the kid did the interview on ABC his story kept changing. What is wrong with you people. You really should keep you mouths shut until this is over.

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Apr-01-13 11:11 AM

Steubenville police and their deputy dawg counterpart county sheriff dept have a long history of total corruption over the years. OK, so your veteran hubbie is a good guy...jolly good for him. However, the facts in this and other cases reflect a corrupt law enforcement system where rape complaints are disuaded by the police and their prosecutors and coverups are in full bloom to protect their sport demi-gods. This will ALL be sorted out by the Grand Jury. Judge Cosgrove will be kicking some "butt" with a pair of steel toed justice boots.

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Apr-01-13 9:07 AM

The United States Justice Department declared a federal decree against the Steubenville Police Department due to corruption which lasted for years. The department had many negative news articles in the past including the Ohio Magazine for tourist with the headline, " Steubenville: "Where The Citizens Don't Fear The Criminals But The Police ".

The notorioue reputation fo the SPD ( Steubenville Police Department ) go back to the 1930's and an entity does NOT shed that spotlight in a few years.

Former Steubenville Chief Mavromatis was on live television when he verbally attacked " Outsiders " for their vioce again the department's questionable ethics.

I do beleive the department is much cleaner now than iy has been in geberations. However, when parents gop to the department to file a complaint of rape and the police turn themaway because, " The person who handles that is at home cleaning gutters , so come back later. " Sends a message of the same ole

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Mar-31-13 1:40 PM

To the blind defenders. Beware the Ides of April!

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Mar-31-13 10:04 AM

Tom what's the evidence? You keep babbling and spouting about evidence but have yet to see you produce any. Either "put up or shut up"!!!!!! You obviously did not read much of the news or see TV coverage that clearly showed the case was quickly & thoroughly investigated by the Police from Day one.

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Mar-31-13 7:15 AM

to tomsays,that is only your narrow minded opinion. I'll bet if you had a problem, the police would be the first people you would call for help. unfortunately, they have rigid rules and regulations they must follow, where you are free to downgrade them at your convenience. think about it brfore you make a bigger ass out of yourself than you already have!!

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Mar-31-13 5:46 AM

The Steubenville police did not do all they could to investigate the rape and find those who not only did the rape, but covered it up. You may feel your husband be a good man and officer, but the evidence about the Steubenville police actions suggests otherwise.

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