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Assault continues on Second Amendment

March 30, 2013

To the editor: The assault on the Second Amendment continues, as the American left does its level best to subtly erode the right to bear arms, endlessly calling for “sensible” gun laws....

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Apr-01-13 8:21 PM

MrCore. You speak blasphemy. Don't you know these wackos blame Obama for everything.

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Apr-01-13 1:06 PM

LOL should have checked spelling and grammar there, before posting. Sorry.

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Apr-01-13 1:05 PM

Operation Fast and Furious was pstensibly a continuation of the Bush-era program Wide Receiver", wherein guns were to be sold to Mexican criminals and tracked to their cartels in an effort to suppress the gangs and violence. However, corrupt Mexican officials on that side of the border were not upholding their end, so th Bush admin abandoned the project. Obama's admin started forcing gun border-area dealers to sell to the criminals, without bothering to monitor them--as Bush had--and when the eapons started showing up in various murders and other crimes, they came down on the dealers, for selling them in first place. That's the Regime for you, though.

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Mar-31-13 8:02 PM

Wvcoffee, WRONG! Operation wide receiver happened under Bush. This was also the operation where the guns were equipped with GPS tracking devices and Mexican authorities were waiting to make arrests when the border was crossed. Operation Fast and furious which was conducted by the Obama admin, did not notify Mexican officials, and the guns were not equipped with tracking devices.

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Mar-31-13 4:49 PM

i have a club beside my bed and my keys. if an intruder comes, i will hit the red button on my key chain, which will start my horn honking. If that doesn't do the trick, i'll beat the intruder w my club. Unless he hass night vision, etc in which case, who cares what i have? i just don't get this. You don't need a weapon you can't even legally use to hunt. unless You have PLANS!~

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Mar-31-13 1:39 PM

RPG wrong again. It was a Bush program all along.

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Mar-30-13 10:17 PM

There is a difference between the programs run by their respective admin. Under Bush the Mexican government was informed, and was waiting to arrest the criminals. Under Obama, Obama was part of the crime, along with Holder and the purpose was to create violence and murder to justify strict gun laws up here.

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Mar-30-13 8:43 PM

Core, what do you think about Obama and Holder providing guns to the drug cartels to create murder and mayhem in our country along the border and south of the border?

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Mar-30-13 6:16 PM

When asked about the term militia, George Mason said that the term meant all citizens and not just those who serve in a military aspect. Upon reading our Founders' primary documents, it is quite clear that these great men intended for us all to have the ability to be armed. For the record, my AK-47 has taken fewer lives than Giffords-Kelly family pets. Collectively my twenty-some guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car.

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Mar-30-13 11:04 AM

Well said Moteman. I'd also like to add to that. How many illegal arms sales has the Obama admin and Eric Holder been responsible for? How many murders have those two contributed to?

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Mar-30-13 11:01 AM

Tomsays, you apparently have not read the 2nd amendment either because you lack understanding of the terminology. The "militia" mentioned in the constitution was not referring to the military. Any male of fighting age was considered a member of the militia. "Well regulated" meant well armed, well equipped, and well trained. So, basically, the second amendment translated to the language of today means that citizens should be allowed to be armed, should be armed, and well trained in the use of those arms, and that said freedom is non-negotiable, and shall never be up for debate. If adam lanza had walked into Sandy Hook with 5 gallons of gas and a road flare and done the same, would you still be mad?

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Mar-30-13 10:59 AM

Tom if anyone is drinking the Koolaid it is you and it is you who needs to get your head out of Piers Morgan's butt and listen up. The Supreme Court in two rulings in the last couple years affirmed it Was and individual Right and that the Second Amendment trumped State and Local laws. How many have to die for Obummer to stop using drones. Obummer has killed more children with his drone than any of my so called assault rifles.

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Mar-30-13 6:34 AM

Have you read the 2nd amendment? It's about arming a militia, not individuals owning guns. Quit drinking the NRA Koolaid my friend. How many more thousands have to die before we in act effective sensible gun control in this country?

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