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Petition drive targets coach

March 26, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — An Internet website describing itself as the world’s largest petition platform, “empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see,” has posted an online petition......

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Mar-28-13 6:33 PM

MajorMatt: It appears that you are on the wrong side of the issue. Not too many people are in agreement with you nutty comments.

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Mar-27-13 9:01 PM

Hey flick you and beagle been smoking that meth together? Sorry to rattle your chains buy no I am not the coach. If I was I would have you doing grass drills till you puke. But then I am not the coach.

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Mar-27-13 10:45 AM

"Tomsays" is right on point. Hard to believe folk like "MajorMatt" (who may well be the coach himself)so blindly ignore felonious rape and support the cover up. Let's not forget ole "jockstrap" Mike McVey and his hiding under a rock during this whole crisis. This is very much akin to the Penn State Rape case except, here, it seems there may be more involved in the cover-up. I agree with the posters who support immediate suspension - not needed to wait for criminal prosecution when moral ethics have been violated. Also agree with proposal to suspend entire program for at least a season to show contrition and support for victims of sexual crimes.

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Mar-27-13 4:47 AM

Coach Sac should have been sacked last season by the BOE after it was found out that he knew about the rape, and failed to act on reporting it as required by law. In fact he let those players play for 8 games during the season. Hopefully now that he is about to go before a grand jury for inditement for this failure to act, he will do the right thing and resign, or the BOE will do the right thing and FIRE him. How the BOE and the good people of Steubenville, not MajorMatt or Mike 831 who don't seem to understand that "Rape is Rape", have allowed him to continue coaching after knowing what action he did and didn't take is beyond me. Sack the coach and do the right thing BOE.

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Mar-26-13 9:41 PM

Carlton...PLEASE stay in Houston. Give them the grief down there.

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Mar-26-13 9:07 PM

I'm a Big Red grad and I say with as much emphasis as I can that Reno has to go. He is an open wound that will not heal. As long as he's around, the town will continue to be ridiculed.

I disagree with another writer who says that the football program should be shut down for a year. That would blow the top off the town. We need to keep football, but we need to do it right. Get rid of Reno and bring in some bright young coach like Todd Filtz who can right the ship.

I'm not giving up on my town. I will support it just as I am trying to change it. There is a lot of good in Steubenville. Unfortunately, Reno Saccoccia is not a part of that.

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Mar-26-13 8:55 PM

This isn't going to end well for the coach or members of the school board. It's so sad to see people still try and say they did nothing wrong, must be something in the water.

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Mar-26-13 8:33 PM

Thanks Mike. Now I see why beagle is beagle. I will look past his biased ignorance and his failure to act as an adult. Meth must be getting to him!!!!

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Mar-26-13 7:42 PM

This article illustrates exactly what's wrong with Steubenville and the people who grew up there and stayed. Big fish in a small pond, huh? If this were a larger city, the entire High School Athletic Department would be arrested - just like @ Penn State. Stand up and take responsibility for your influence on the kids and community. You've disgraced the entire community.

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Mar-26-13 7:42 PM

We call on the school board to suspend Coach Saccoccia for his behavior. The fact that he has refused to take any real disciplinary steps towards the football players that either witnessed or in some way abetted the alleged rape is disturbing, and his treatment of the New York Times journalist who spoke to him about the case is frightening. His actions are indicative of someone who cares more about their win-loss record than about the young people they are supposed to be improving.

We also urge the school board to examine the actions of Superintendent Michael McVey and Principal Shawn Crosier. This sad case has all the tell tale signs of an attempted cover-up, and our hearts ache for the victim who has been subjected to undue scrutiny and blame.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail****, (SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)including victims who were assaulted in institutional settings,summer camps,athletic programs,Boy Sc

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Mar-26-13 7:10 PM

And I thought the only problem was a coach who knew about an alleged rape and did not report it, maybe a crime but certainly a decision that should prevent him from ever interacting with children again. It gets worse and worse- now the superintendent publicly supports the coach ,without a word of support for the victim. Is this who the community wants in charge of its school system? Where is his sense of justice? It's apparent that the coach runs the school but for God's sake stop these 2 from ever being in a position again to do harm

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Mar-26-13 4:17 PM

There are some good points made here, but if common sense and logic rule, the best thing IS to wait until the Grand Jury is presented with all the evidence---most of which none of us have seen or heard yet. But just as there are in fact good people in Toronto (Mike831). And also, this is NOT about football to the Steubenville community as a whole. Tony917--you apparently don't spend any time in Steubenville or you would see that the truth is exactly the opposite of what you said.

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Mar-26-13 3:17 PM

Tony - Very well said. It is indeed difficult to figure what makes these people tick...putting a childs sports game above moral decency. You are right - it is not necessary to have a criminal conviction...any normal code of conduct would call for at least an administrative suspension of suspected coaches and officials. Suspending the play for a season would be a great way for the community to show it is ready to begin with a fresh start.

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Mar-26-13 2:38 PM

Does this school district not have a code of conduct which is to be followed by both students and coaches? If not, why? And if so, why must the district wait until after the grand jury to act on this scumbag of a man? Coaches all throughout the country on EVERY level are removed for various reasons which have NOTHING to do with "breaking a law." It's called LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF THE STUDENT-ATHLETE.

The fact that one of the first posts on here throw out "jealousy" and Big Red's football success and such speaks VOLUMES!!! To the Steubenville community as a whole, this is all about football. How very sad. It's all about a GAME played by CHILDREN. How scary! Until this mindset changes, the community is without hope.

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Mar-26-13 1:20 PM

@flickd, you made my point, wait until after the grand jury hearing instead of assumptions, i never stood up for these young men, i waited for the judge to make a decision, now i'm going to wait for the grand jury, if adults did wrong , they need to be punished, but don't make accusations before the hearings, thats always been my point.

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Mar-26-13 1:13 PM

Gee, what a brillian mind! Lets see how cocky you are after the Grand Jury proceedings and indictments. Oh, yea...word is that Big Red can't even find opponents who want to play a team affiliated with such a heinous crime. Keep up the blind faith baby!

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Mar-26-13 12:49 PM

Actually, comments are based on pure fact, while your's based on biased ignorance. You represent the really sad issue in this case...the failure of adults to maturely and responsibly take action. The negligence exposed by many, many adults (including school officials and parents)is alarming. Perhaps only when more jail sentences are awarded will you all wake up.

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Mar-26-13 12:38 PM

beagle, you are entitled to your opinion so am I you are......... absurd and a nutshell as well as deviant

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Mar-26-13 11:46 AM

This petition is a good thing. This nutball coach even admitted on the 20/20 interrogation tape that he told students "not to volunteer any information." What kind of mis-guided deviant would give such advice. This coach while having a good record has a long history of not producing any college scholars. A coach (and Superintendent) job is to develop upstanding, morally responsible young men and women. Saccochia and McVey both have seemed to fail in this regard if all that is alleged is so. The Grand Jury may have some real surprises and shocks for Reno and McVey. In the interim, it would be best to suspend all suspects and cancel the football program for a year of introspection and respect for this victim and ALL victims of sexual abuse and intolerance.

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