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Steubenville needs God’s blessing

March 24, 2013

To the editor: Steubenville is in the middle of a crisis, and the people responsible are doing absolutely nothing. It is time to clean up the town....

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Apr-01-13 11:41 AM


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Mar-30-13 2:03 PM

In a letter that Carlton posted in Seattle he said that he is an atheist. His comments were"My rejection of "God" and religions' Three Stooges (Moses, Jesus and Mohammad) did not come lightly.

And he wants God to bless Steubenville?

Did you "evolve" into an atheist and now "revolved" back to Christianity?

No credibility now.

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Mar-28-13 10:20 PM

Mike, sounds like you are one of those awful immoral children involved in this business. Perhaps you are one of the negligent parents. Whoever you are, you need a good slap down.

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Mar-27-13 4:40 PM

Better yet, go back to Seattle. Houston already has enough nuts here. From other forums, this writer has varying opinions from the girl was at fault to fire the entire town. Guess he woke up in another world this day as well.

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Mar-27-13 12:01 AM

I hope God doesn't use the same blessing that he uses for priests, ministers and televangelists that is where the real perverts reside.

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Mar-25-13 6:46 PM

Worst sheriff in the country? I'm guessing you've been in Houston for a long time. The things that have been said about Sheriff Abdalla lately are disgusting and about as far from the truth as you can get. Do you even know the man? I'm guessing no, becuase if you did then you would know what a good man he is. He has worked tirelessly and selflessly to solve murders, sexual abuse cases, and child abuse cases. He has done more for the people of Jefferson County, especially the children, than most people realize. And I'm willing to bet my life on the fact, that he does more good in one year for the community and people in it than most people do in a lifetime. I'm also willing to bet that the majority of people who are saying awful things about him, have at least one family member or friend who has been on the recieving end of Sheriff Abdalla's kindness.

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Mar-25-13 5:26 AM

Mike831 is just showing how stupid he is. You can't defend what happened with trying to point out problems in other places. Steubenville is the problem and the soon to be grand jury needs to clean out all the vermin involved in the rape and coverup. Thank you Mike DeWine - AG for going after all those involved in this horrible crime.

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Mar-25-13 3:48 AM

R. Carlton, Good words. Why have not the school authorities already taken action? Yes. A year of introspection instead of almighty football as usual is a good idea. Yes. Many heads should roll. Will the people of Steubenville awake from their moral slumber?

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Mar-25-13 3:42 AM

Mike, Hateful person for speaking truth?? I don't think so. Shame on you.

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Mar-24-13 4:52 PM

R.Carlton: WELL SAID AND TRUE TO THE POINT. People like Mike831 reflect the deparavity of many of the folks from "Bizzarroville." The school superintendent, McVey, is an old former jock who has nothing between his ears or legs.....he is simply controlled by the coaching staff. The whole program should be shut down for one full year for a season of contrition and introspection.......AND I concur, a clean slate firing is appropriate...THIS would be a great message to the national audience who views Steubenville as a town of adults who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to rape. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come with the Grand Jury.

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Mar-24-13 5:31 AM

Please stay in Houston, you're the disgrace, not the coach, not the police, not the sheriff, stay in Houston where there is no crime, you're a very hateful person, look in the mirror before you judge others.

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