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Stronger words to those involved

March 24, 2013

To the editor: As an Ohio ex-pat, I must comment on your recent rape trial....

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Mar-28-13 10:33 PM

After reading several articles and comments here I am amazed at the number of people who think the girl played a part in the rape. She got drunk and that is all she did. If she can't say no it is rape, plain and simple. If a woman has to say no to not be culpable, then a mentally deficient woman who is also mute could never be raped. Do you understand that? The onus is not on the person who is passed out. The onus is on the sick individual who decided it would be a good idea to rape the passed out woman. She made a bad decision to drink. End of story. She did not make a decision to get raped. Wise up folks. Teach your kids.

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Mar-27-13 12:50 PM

For anyone interested in believing that these kids were not doing things (kids will do what kids do) watch this short video..

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Mar-26-13 11:56 PM

Hey Beagle tell me using facts who covered-up or attempted to cover up this rape. If the Grand Jury provides evidence and convicts anyone I will support the punishment but right now I can't see your post as credible. And for all you people from other communities it would be in your best interest to understand this isn't just a Steubenville thing. Steubenville didn't create evil. Check all the nooks and crannies of your childrens room and don't be surprized at what you may find. Check the health department and see if you town has a major drug (******) problem. Do it Beagle because I am guessing that you are from Toronto.

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Mar-26-13 10:59 AM

I believe that the boys got off way too easy. First and foremost, disciplined, good natured young men would never do such a thing to a young woman. Where do they learn this awful behavior and the justification behind it? From the coach, parents, and TV shows, rap music, etc... As for the girl, in no way was this her fault.

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Mar-26-13 6:51 AM

@mike @alchemy @classof52 even in this little community there are terms for people of your stripe.. idiots would be one of the nicer ones. BTW I live in toronto oh... so that is out of the way . I just hope that you folks don't have something like this hit your family.. your comments at that time would be interesting.. RAPE is a serious crime. They should be regarded as SEXUAL OFFENDERS. Drinking is a right of passage for kids, sexual deviancy at the same time is due to wack job idiots like you pandering the seriousness of this crime... I am sure you also blame the bank tellers for the bank robberies? why not? they know its possible so therefor they are at fault also..... IDIOTS

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Mar-25-13 5:12 PM

Class of '52 seems to think that the victim had a day in the park. really out of touch, '52!

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Mar-25-13 5:09 PM

@Class of '52, Who said that ALL females are victims?? Nobody. Do you have trouble with reading comprehension?


How does the boys being found guilty give the message that females can do anything without any recourse for their actions?? All of the teenagers were drinking including the boys. so are you saying that they and everyone else should be charged for that?

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Mar-25-13 3:05 PM

@classof52, WOW. you're crazy!

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Mar-25-13 2:55 PM

GerriM Simple explanation for my comments - My message is that all females are not "victims" but should take responsibility for their own actions. Nobody forced the girl in Steubenville to drink. She chose to and therefore it is not totally the blame of these two boys for the things that happened that night but they will pay for their actions but she will not and if she chooses to sue may even profit from her actions. This is not right and sort of gives the message that females can do anything without any recourse for their actions. THAT is not a good message for young females.

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Mar-25-13 1:53 PM

Class of '52 continues to make no sense. Please stop talking oranges when we are talking apples. (IOW, take Logic 101). The 60 Mins. story has nothing to do with the Steubenville story.

Of course, I think that all people should be responsible for their actions. Class of '52 is so puerile in her thinking. BTW, do you know that the victim was surreptitiously given an intoxicant in her drink?? The victim did NOT hurt anyone else while the two boys did. You don't seem to comprehend that blatant difference, '52?!

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Mar-25-13 1:08 PM

and yes, i think they SHOULD have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives!! the victim, regardless of how much she can actually remember, has to live with this for the REST OF HER LIFE!! in my opinion they got off easy! WAY TOO EASY!!

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Mar-25-13 1:06 PM

@classof52: I don't care if I'VE had several drinks and took all my clothes off. If I'm passed or am even in and out of consciousness, I'm not asking for it. If I can't say no, that doesn't mean I'm saying yes.

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Mar-25-13 1:04 PM

@Mike831: I think you are missing the point that many are trying to make. it's not that there are not criminals in other cities, they ARE everywhere, it's that not just a crime was commited here in Steubenville, but that SO MANY tried to cover up and hide this crime. It's one thing to do what these boys did, but to have SO MANY commuinty members/leaders do what they could to cover up, and in some cases defend, the deplorable actions of these, now guilty, boys. This is what makes it a disgrace.

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Mar-25-13 10:07 AM

GerriM does not seem to realize that all people - even girls - should bear at least some responsibility for their actions. Hope you saw 60 minutes where one young man's life was almost destroyed on just the accusation of a girl who then got 1.5 million from school district because of accusing that boy of rape which she now admits was a lie. Girls, just because they are girls, should not be exempt from their actions and are sometimes even to blame for their own actions.

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Mar-25-13 5:21 AM

Mike831 - it's obvious you are part of the Stupidville problem. Quit acting stupid! You can't recognize that Rape is Rape and that anyone who participated or covered up the rape should be jailed and your wonderful city of Steubenville is the problem because it appears this is business as usual in the Big Red Football town.

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Mar-25-13 4:13 AM

Alchemy seems to again be making excuses for the rapists and raping. Alchemy, the sociopath.

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Mar-25-13 4:11 AM

Alchemy looked up "all these surveys" but he provides no links or proof of "all these surveys,"!?? BS.

Alchemy until you provide some evidence (links)for all of these surveys you mention your words are BS!

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Mar-25-13 4:05 AM

"She remembers little and is still on honor roll living a normal life while boys are locked up?" Class of '52

Excuse me?? There is something very strange about this comment. Are you a relative of one of the guilty parties? Class of '52 seems to think that the victim should not be back at her normal life. Bizarre thinking. Tighten up your morals.

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Mar-25-13 3:59 AM

Classic government worship from the era of completely unchecked media and government. ... However, judges in those days stood up for what the real situations were with some degree of foresight in spite of lynch mobs or SOLEY for which side appears to have the most votes. -- More BS from Alchemy who apparently is out of touch with history and the real world.

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Mar-25-13 3:54 AM

We don't know that Dr. Sam shepherd murdered his wife so stop the irrelevancies, Mike. Sounds like you have a problem accepting all the immorality that Steubenville has committed. Why is that? Not in touch with your conscience, Mike?

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Mar-25-13 12:43 AM

Jay Leno, 2 nights ago, available on Hulu, in a joke about spring break. said "a new survery said that 74% of college girls use drinking as an excuse for wild sexual behavior." I looked it up and found many surverys regarding such and even more that would have helped for understanding in this whole situation.

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Mar-24-13 7:41 PM

It all boils down to parents talking with their kids. If you have not, do so right now.

Lets hear from the Grand Jury.

Hopefully everyone; or most everyone will be satisfied with the results, and move on.

Steubenville residents should be proud of their community for the many accomplishments that have taken place over the years.

With this blemish on everyone's minds it appears the whole town is corrrupt; but it isn't. Just a few and maybe more, but let's give the system a chance; then we can judge again.

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Mar-24-13 1:08 PM

I think Reno put Mike's jock strap on too tight.

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Mar-24-13 12:41 PM

As the old song goes...."When will they ever learn...when will they everrrr learn?" Sounds like morals lacking all around in this town.

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Mar-24-13 12:27 PM

Unlike Bay Village....the adults and officials in Steubenville COVERED UP for rapists. No one covered up for Dr Sheppard...However, LIKE Dr. Sheppard, the convicted deviants ARE FELONS. I tried to keep it simple so simple minds like yours can understand this and process it.

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