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Juveniles remanded, threat probe continues

March 20, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — The attorney for one of two female juveniles charged Tuesday with intimidation of a witness said law enforcement authorities may have overreacted because of heightened interest in a......

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Mar-20-13 12:19 PM

The lawyer for the 15 yr. old said she is a good girl and has never been in trouble. Maybe that is because he is only 15 and just hadn't been caught yet; but, if she had never been in trouble before, why did the story say she was going back to juvenile detention. Sounds like she has been there before.

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Mar-20-13 12:42 PM

I think the attorneys need to be counselled. Defend your client and make sure their rights are not infriged upon; then admit your guilt, and accept the consequences for your actions.

Grand Standing, trying to prove that a good person at one time made a mistake and they should get away with it is hogwash.

Prisons are full of good people who made mistakes. They are also filled with bad people who made mistakes.

Kids will be kids; but when they error, accept it, take the punishment, and move on.

I am not saying the punishment has to always be the maximum; but lets get real.

Parents start policing your kids before the law does.

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Mar-20-13 12:59 PM

The girls went back to detention because there was a reasonable apprehension of harm to the person threatened. These are serious charges -- this isn't about breaking windows, spray-painting graffitti, or juvenile pranks -- these were about death threats and/or threats of bodily harm.

These girls are going to learn a harsh lesson, but it is one that needs to be taught.

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Mar-20-13 1:30 PM

A defense attorney is to DEFEND their clients and do their best to get OUT OF THE CHARGES. Whether you like it or not. Guilty or Not. I want some one fighting for me guilty or not . You would be bankrupt as an attorney. Thank goodness for this world you are not one.

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Mar-20-13 2:06 PM

major, if our children don't learn from their parents, then they must learn from consequences.

They get bailed out all the time.

Sometime a little punishment goes a long way.

Vandalized a little as a kid. My parents had no problem with me and the others sitting in a cell for a few hours.

Lesson learned.

We all like to "get out of the charges" as you say; and so did we back then, but our parents would not permit us to "get out of the charges"; but when you are guilty "getting out of the charges" is what has this town in the news, EVERYWHERE.

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Mar-20-13 2:52 PM

These girls threatened Jane Doe plain and simple and their lawyers are obviously not aware of the screen shots. Anyone who would like to see these text messages may click here.

16 year old defendant: *******busted*******andinternetstalkers****/2013/03/17/breaking-jane-doe-steubenville-now-receiving-threats-via-social-media/

15 year old defendant: *******radionewz****/2013/03/this-goes-out-to-steubenville-tard-rapist-lover-gorjesssss_/


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Mar-20-13 4:01 PM

Hey Steubenville. These are the teens in your community, when will you all say enough is enough?. Enjoy

(first two links are the girls currently residing in jail)






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Mar-20-13 4:01 PM

Totally worthless one can not post links on this website.

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Mar-20-13 4:10 PM

""First of all, I think we all need to calm down and reflect on what the kids really said. My client is a good student who has never been in trouble. She worked with me during the holidays serving food to people in need at a local church. She and I have worked together on church functions. We are seeing an unfortunate reaction to kids talking on social media," Carinci told reporters following a Tuesday morning detention hearing in Jefferson County Common Pleas Court."

Weird because this girl was calling Jane Doe all sorts of names that I can not repeat on this website. You should try reading the tweets, it will make your hair curl and realize why the judge decided to keep them in jail.

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Mar-20-13 7:04 PM

Attorney Carinci needs to go back to law school. An attorney should not also serve as a fact or character witness for any defendant. She should not be citing personal info of which she is aware. Also, "ASSAULT" is ANY threat which can put a reasonable person in apprehension of harm. Threatening homicide is such a threat. These two mixed nut defendants belong incarcerated. If Carinci thinks so highly of them, she can dine with them behind bars every nite. This whole mess gets crazier and crazier. STILL, THE LOOMING QUESTION IS: "WHY HAVEN'T THE COACHES AND SCHOOL STAFF WHO KNEW ABOUT THE INCIDENT BEEN SUMMARILY FIRED????"

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Mar-20-13 11:46 PM

@Beagle, I really think the scum coaches and some of the school borad will have charges file agaist them in April at some point. I wouldn't be shocked if Hanlin isn't also charged....It really makes me sick seeing people try to defend this scum. Whats wrong with the people in this town. The facts that have came out to this point are more than enough to fire him and members of the school borad.

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Mar-21-13 4:41 AM

Francesca Carinci is making an a of herself and her client. Dies she think the judge and the public are idiots? Her client stated clearly her intention and it was to beat the s out of the victim.

When lawyers make their clients look worse... It's just pathetic. Francesca Carinci seems like an atty that is suited for barnyard brawls and traffic tickets, not sensitive cases where her client is clearly at fault and in need of serious counseling.

What a disservice Carinci is doing for her client. Sad.

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Mar-21-13 5:15 AM

These two teenage girls need to be put away in the juvenile facility along with their two rapist friends and relative for a nice long stay. It appears that Steubenville teenagers, or is it Stupidville, as I see it called in many blog comments, is totally out of parental control. Don't they realize social media is forever on the web. Threatening a victim is a felony crime. The problems in Steubenville run deep beyond just the rape and coverup. Thank God our AG, Mike DeWine, is going after everyone involved in the Big Red Rape with a passion never seen before in ohio to clean out the vermin.

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Mar-21-13 6:04 AM

@tomsays, it seems you were born a jerk, you're now a jerk and you will die a jerk, you're pathetis, pitiful and i can't stand you, that being said, please have the balls to tell me what city you're from, i will dig dirt up on your town, but i wont condem the whole town like you do.i happen to be parents to 2 big red students and my kids are not out of control, before you start talking about my kids or all the good kids in steubenville, i ask, are you a parent and again, what city are you from.

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Mar-21-13 6:12 AM

I will continue to stand up for all the good kids in Steubenville, all the good people in Steubenville, Steubenville high School , the Big Red football program and city of Steubenville that has good, honorable hard working people, when people start talking about this community that i'm from and all the good kids at Big Red, i will always speak out. every town, every family has bad apples.

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Mar-21-13 6:27 AM

Mike831 - unfortunately Steubenville has more rotten apples then most because of the Big Red Football is everything mentality and the massive poverty after the steel mills closed just like Youngstown and Warren up north. You can't defend stupid!

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Mar-21-13 6:43 AM

@tomsays, you're right, you can't defend stupid, so don't try, there are 700 students at Big Red, to say the majority are rotten apples is appauling, REMEMBER, all the kids at this party weren't from Steubenville and not from BIG RED, maybe those from WV should stay on their side of the river and maybe their parents need some lessons in parenting also.

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Mar-21-13 6:47 AM

i don't think people like you tomsays care about the girl as much as the football program, did you know these kids seen very little action on the field, the only time they got in a game was at the end in a blowout, when people say star football players, they know nothing, they weren't stars , they hardly played any varsity football, i bet you didn't know that , did you tommy boy

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Mar-21-13 7:51 AM

Mike831, every time you write, “tell me its name and I’ll dig up dirt on your town too,” it shows you’re just not getting’ it, my man. No one doubts that every town has its share of teenage criminals. What appears rather unique about Steubenville is the degree and extent to which parents like yourself and its community leaders (including elected officials, law enforcement, school administrators, teachers and coaches) have risen in defense and even cover-up of these teens and their criminal behaviors – the community’s problem no longer is the offending teens; it’s the adults! And when so many of a community’s leaders and parents are morally corrupt, is it any wonder the teenagers who view them as role models are on a lifelong path to moral corruption themselves?

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Mar-21-13 7:54 AM

I’ve read several comments by Steubenville adults to the effect, “Our problem is not bad teenagers; our problem is teenage drinking!” Does Steubenville have any idea how ridiculous that sounds to rest of the civilized world? That’s like 1930s Germany saying, “Our problem is not the Nazis; our problem is too many Jews, too many bullets, and too much Zyklon-B poison gas lying around.” I read with some interest this morning about the Steubenville City School District’s action plan to make sure their students receive the education they need to make the right decisions. I expect those measures to be a total waste of time and money because the parents and community leaders of Steubenville appear to be far more in need of re-education than the students. How seriously can one expect such training to be effective for the teens when the adults providing the training are the ones who need it most?

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Mar-21-13 8:14 AM

There should be no greater embarrassment to a community and its leaders than a higher government authority having to step in to take over its criminal investigation and prosecution responsibilities, such is presently the situation with Steubenville and the Ohio Attorney General’s office. It’s like the early 1960s when the U.S. Department of Justice had to step in and seize criminal investigation and prosecution responsibilities away from States like Alabama and Mississippi to ensure murderers who lynched African-Americans and fire-bombed their churches were finally brought to justice.

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Mar-21-13 8:22 AM

first of all i never defended these young men that committed this crime, i have been defending the the majority of these kids in Steubenville that are good kids, when people start calling the kids at big red scumbags, they are talking about my children and that will*****me off big time. so i do get it, evedently you don't.

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Mar-21-13 8:33 AM

@*****b,So now you want to compare Steubenville to Nazi Germany and fire bombing african american churches in the south, do you know how ridiculous that sounds,

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Mar-21-13 9:00 AM

Is there something else going on in Steubenville? This case came to light largely because of misuse of social media. Now two Steubenittes threatened the victim with social media, for all to see.

Have you checked the water? Did you all eat paint chips growing up? Do you all suffer from fetal alcoholism?

"Stupidville" indeed.

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Mar-21-13 9:09 AM

No one compared Steubenville to Nazi Germany. The comparison was "defense of the Nazis by ignorant German citizens and leaders" to the "defense of poorly-reared teens by Steubenville's ignorant parents and leaders." Mike831, you might benefit from enrolling in an elementary remedial reading course.

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