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Emotions high as juveniles are sentenced in rape case

March 17, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Everyone involved in the rape case against two Steubenville High School student-athletes said it should be used as a life lesson for parents and teenagers....

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Mar-19-13 2:24 AM

What happened to Steubenville, Ohio? I remember -- many many years ago -- it was a nice little city. Now, it's mud.

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Mar-18-13 10:09 PM

Shame, shame on you, Steubenville. I'm a native Ohioan, but haven't lived in (central) Ohio for 30 years. Nevertheless, this disgusting story has trailed all the way into the newspapers in my small town in Maine. I don't even tell anyone anymore I'm from Ohio. Too embarrassing and sad. You need to get your act together -- the entire town is responsible for this travesty, and don't think you're not.

Believe it or not, there are vast areas in this country in which the men are civilized, know how and how not to treat women.

Steubenville is obviously not in this league.

For starters, every single coach and school employee in your system that had anything to do with this cesspool-series of events should have been fired at the outset. Second, you need to look long and hard at Steubenville men. Someone's given these two young men the idea that women are pieces of meat to be carved on at will. They didn't get these notions out of thin air.

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Mar-18-13 5:08 PM

This is and should not be over. The entire football program, the players, the coaches, and the parents needs looking into. There seems to be two different sets of students: the students and THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS. And the quote from one player,..."coach will fix it," says volumes. Wise up Board Of Education. You need to do some serious housecleaning in your football staff.The message has been sent and the parents of these homes where these parties were held, need to be asked,"Where were you that these kids came to your house and left drunk,or asked where they got the alcohol in the first place. That friends is where this all started. So many more questions to be answered..... I hope those who think they are above the law will think twice before having another "back to school"party at the end of this summer!

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Mar-18-13 2:56 PM

At the time of this gang rape, the girl was intoxicated and unconscious.The victim had been intentionally drugged with a "date rape" intoxicant. She was photographed and video was taken of her in this condition, and there is evidence that she was hauled in a comatose state to multiple parties - and almost certainly raped by more members of the local high school football and wrestling team than just the two players who currently stand charged. ***********

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Mar-18-13 1:03 PM

@Freedom-by your standards then, if I am drunk and get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone, I shouldn't be held accountable - right? I shouldn't be sentenced to prison for taking a life? I shouldn't have to attend alcohol awareness classes? Because I was drunk and so I didn't know that I was committing a crime. Is that about right?

Just because "they were all drunk" does not mean she gave consent.

Don't Rape: Even if she said yes before Even if you really want to Even if she's wearing a miniskirt Even if she's acting like a whore Even if she's drunk Even if she's alone Even if she's your wife Even if she's your girlfriend Even if she's called a slut

We must change our culture from telling our little girls "don't get raped" to teaching our little boys "don't rape."

(And yes, I realize boys and men are raped as well. In this case we are talking about the rape of a 16yo girl which is why I am using the feminine pronoun.)

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Mar-18-13 10:55 AM

@ Freedom, according to your logic, any crime is fine as long as you are young and drunk? That is the most stupid excuse I've ever heard.

As for the case; the boys got off way too easy. Then again, inverted, flaming, crucifixion would be too easy a punnishment for those animals. Hopefully the people being investigated by the grand jury will get the severe punishment they deserve.

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Mar-18-13 10:48 AM

This court case reminds me of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State. This tragedy could have happened in a lot of USA locales. Grandgroucho is right. Our society is too permissive. Last weekend 15 teenagers died in car accidents in 3 diffeent towns in USA. This rape incident is a symptom of a segment of the almighty-buck-rules society we live in. Where was the parental responsibility, school board oversight of this school and its superintendent? Where did they get the alcohol? Who was at the party and were there chaperones? I hope Mike deWine answers these questions.

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Mar-18-13 8:57 AM

I say let's not look back, let's look forward! What about prosecuting the rape of the fourteen year old girl back in April? What about ridding the trash from our school coaching staff that was willing to abet obstruction of justice. What about prosecuting others we all know were involved in this rape? And how about laying down the law woth your out of control kids?

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Mar-18-13 8:57 AM

I say let's not look back, let's look forward! What about prosecuting the rape of the fourteen year old girl back in April? What about ridding the trash from our school coaching staff that was willing to abet obstruction of justice. What about prosecuting others we all know were involved in this rape? And how about laying down the law woth your out of control kids?

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Mar-18-13 7:20 AM

The superintendent said he would make a decision( is he really in charge) about the consequences for the coach apparently failing to inform authorities about a rape allegation. Well...This will not go away until the superintendent addresses this issue directly. Maybe he knew also and his protecting his own hide. Maybe he's afraid of the coach. Maybe he just doesn't care.

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Mar-18-13 6:47 AM

where did the alcahol come from, they were to young to buy it, i guarantee you there is a store owner who sold it to them or an adult who bought it for them out there shi##ing themselves right now, and the parents also need to be looked at, where in the*****are they knowing their kids are out all night, people won't like this , but this young victims parents need to look at themselves also, what were they thinking knowing their little girl wsn't home all night. sad for everyone, no one should be happy right now. what a mess.

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Mar-18-13 4:40 AM

Now we must wait for the grand jury to deal with the 16 who refused to testify. These scumbags deserve jail time for not supporting the victim or covering up what happened after the rape.

The alcohol party suppliers need to be especially punished. Three lives ruined because they did that wrong.

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Mar-18-13 1:50 AM

Freedom--being drunk does not excuse people from raping someone! Use your common sense.

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Mar-17-13 8:24 PM

I don't know the kids that are involved in this scandal ,but I feel sad for all of them. I really don't believe that serving time in an institution for rapists was the answer. these kids were all drunk and didn't even know that they were committing a crime. god help all of you gossipmongers and I hope your house isn't made of glass.

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Mar-17-13 8:11 PM

I am glad the judge did not shy away from making a just verdict in this case. This needs to be used as an example to not only high school athletes but also to all college athletes. What happened here has been happening for years and hopefully this is the beginning of the end. All schools need to change how they put all athletes from high school to college to the pros on pedestals. Everyone is responsible for their actions and there are no excuses for doing the wrong thing.

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Mar-17-13 8:05 PM

Attorney General DeWine should look at the football coach, students at the party, and the parents who hosted the parties. They need to be held accountable, too.

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Mar-17-13 6:49 PM

it was a just verdict. They both needed to do some time. Good to see the two boys stand up and apologize to the victim her family and the community. Also it was refreshing to see a parent (Ma'lik Richmond's) father acknowledge that he should have been a better parent. those who were also involved the one taking the video and the other to the side of camera need to be held accountable as well. For those who think a person who is not aware or making a choice do to their reckless choices I can only say that no one deserved what happened to her and look to your own children or freinds and ask yourself would u blame them for being raped if they were impaired,

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